What Is the Stallion Edition Mustang?

What Is the Stallion Edition Mustang?

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The Mustang Stallion had two separate incarnations. The original Stallion Edition Mustang was released in 1967 and was designed to be an upscale version that appealed to a more affluent market. This year also marked the debut of the Cougar, a pony car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company’s Mercury division that was a cross between a Mustang and a Ford Thunderbird. The Stallion Edition Mustang, which was a hybrid of the Mustang and Cougar, was equipped with Mercury-style taillights and vinyl trim.

Stallion Mustang

Only eight 1967 Stallion Edition Mustangs were actually produced as part of a special promotion offered by a car dealer in Toronto, Ontario. Four of the vehicles featured 289 Hi-Po engines, while the other four were equipped with a 390 CID engine. Buyers also had the choice of a four-speed manual or C-6 automatic transmission. Other features included a limited-slip rear axle, power steering, power disc brakes, a fold-down rear seat with woven seat covers, and deluxe seat belts. Each vehicle also was adorned with special Stallion emblems.

The Return of the Stallion Edition Mustang in 1976

The Stallion experienced a resurrection of sorts a decade later, this time in the form of a sports package developed for the second-generation Mustang known as the Mustang II. The package replaced the Special Paint Mustang that was available with the 1975 Mustang II and featured a black grille, black window moldings, black lower quarter panels and bumpers, and specially styled steel wheels. A special Stallion decal was affixed to the vehicle. This Stallion Edition Mustang was not available after the 1976 model year.

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What Is the Stallion Edition Mustang?

Originally released in 1967 was the Mustang Stallion. The Stallion edition was designed to be an upscale version of the Mustang that could appeal to the more affluent market. In total, only eight Stallion Mustangs were produced. The Stallion was brought back for the second-generation Mustang but then not available after the 1976 model year.