What Is An Adjustable Panhard Bar

What Is An Adjustable Panhard Bar

Last Updated August 12, 2019 | Drew Goodman
"performance capabilities on the roadway and on the track"

For numerous late-model Ford Mustang owners, lower means better. In an effort to further distinguish their rides, many S197 owners elect to lower their cars closer to the ground. Why not? Lowering your Mustang will give your pony car a more aggressive stance compared to the appearance from the factory while opening the door to more performance capabilities on the roadway and on the track.

Prior to adjusting your Mustang however, it is essential to purchase several suspension mods, in order to not upset the balance on your newly-lowered vehicle. In addition to locating the correct set of lowering springs, it would be wise to invest in a new adjustable panhard bar. Adding an adjustable panhard bar is an important suspension mod for any late-model owner who has decided to lower their Mustang, particularly those that engage in performance driving of any kind.

As its name implies, an adjustable panhard bar is indeed adjustable. They’re meant to be able to make changes once you lower your Mustang. If you decide to lower your muscle car, your factory Mustang panhard bar is fixed in length and will shift. As a result, your rear axle will slide to the driver’s side of the vehicle, kicking your tires out more on one side than the other. When a Mustang is lowered, the rear end of the car will slightly shift to one side which can negatively affect your suspension system and potentially your drivetrain. The side-to-side movement of the rear axle is a result of the newly-introduced suspension geometry of the vehicle and can impact your overall handling and drivetrain performance.

There could be many adverse effects if your car is lowered and the panhard bar remains unadjusted. So, in order to combat this common issue, adjustable panhard bars can be changed to a shorter length, thus compensating for any suspension-related changes to your rear axle.

2013 GT500 Lowered

In order to help your modified pony car regain its equilibrium, the adjustable panhard bar properly re-centers the rear axle square with the driveshaft and transmission, so that you can enjoy the same suspension balance in your lowered Mustang as the factory 4x4 stance. Adjustable Panhard bars are built to withstand any major modifications that could change the side-to-side geometry of your rear axle, while preventing any unwanted flex and twist from the rear end while you are cornering.

Because all pony cars leave the factory with a certain ride height, stock Mustang panhard bars remain fixed and are not forced to deal with any alterations to the chassis. However, since everybody knows that late-model Mustang owners are chomping at the bit to make appearance and performance modifications to their muscle cars, the bulk of aftermarket panhard bars are adjustable.

If you are searching for high-performance, adjustable panhard bars that will help you enjoy all of the thrills of driving a lowered Mustang, look no further than CJ Pony Parts!

What Is An Adjustable Panhard Bar

Before you lower your Ford Mustang to achieve that aggressive stance that you know and love, you are going to need to make several suspension modifications. Though some owners skip this step, adjustable panhard bars are essential towards keeping your rear axle centered when lowering your Mustang. Purchasing a new adjustable panhard bar is a small price to pay to ensure that your late-model Mustang’s rear axle will remain stable, in spite of all your high-performance modifications down the road!

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