Jeep Wrangler Track Bars

Jeep Wrangler Track Bars

Jeep Wrangler Track Bars

Jeep Wrangler Track Bars

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Are you thinking about leveling out or lifting your JK Jeep Wrangler several inches higher off of the ground? Do you fear that something is wrong with your axles? If you can relate to either scenario, it would be wise to browse through CJ’s collection of Jeep Wrangler Track Bars. Wrangler track bars play a key role in the overall operation of your compact’s suspension and steering systems, while ensuring that your axles are always in agreement with the rest of the vehicle. If you want the best track bars for Jeep Wranglers, CJ’S is the place to go!

If you own a JK or JL Jeep Wrangler, chances are that you are somebody that enjoys an off-roading excursion from time-to-time. Why not? Your compact is equipped with a rugged exterior and an even tougher suspension system, which allows you to brush aside contact and potential bumps in the road that many other vehicles could not.

Because Jeeps are so durable however, that means that certain parts of your 4x4, particularly the suspension components, will take a beating over the years. Because of their physical location beneath the compact, your axles will feel every bump, dip, or uneven driving surface, so that you and your passengers can enjoy a smooth ride in the face of the uneven terrain.

You might ask, how exactly do the axles remain perfectly-perpendicular and aligned with the body of the Jeep, despite the rapid changes of speed and direction? Well, that is where the Wrangler track bars earn their keep! Jeep Wrangler track bars are designed to keep your axles center at all times, even in the midst of heavy rock piles and other obstacles on the trail. Attached to your axle and parallel to the axle shafts, Wrangler track bars keep the vehicle’s steering stable, while allowing the suspension to go up and down when necessary.

If your axles are swaying side-to-side, chances are that the problem resides with a faulty Jeep Wrangler track bar. Without reliable Wrangler track bars, your compact could potentially drift heavily to one side or the other, while working against the rest of the compact’s body. Similarly, if your track bar is not working, your cabin would shift over-the-top of the axle whenever you turned the steering wheel.

A damaged or rusted-out track bar could create some major steering issues, and one bump in the wrong direction can cause immense damage to the vehicle’s chassis. The best way to avoid any long term issues is to swap out your factory rod for a replacement Wrangler track bar as soon as possible.

If you have recently leveled out or lifted your Jeep, it would behoove you to ensure that your Wrangler track bar is compatible for your new-look suspension system. If you have lifted your Jeep off of the ground, but elected to keep your factory Wrangler track bar in place, chances are that your stock equipment is not long enough to adequately support the changes needed. If you have or are planning to lift your compact higher off of the ground, it would be a good idea to purchase an adjustable track bar.

Whatever goals that you have in mind for your suspension system, CJ’s would love to help! CJ’s carries a large selection of track bars for Jeep Wranglers, which will serve you well for years to come! Be sure to note your Jeep’s year and specific dimensions before you purchase any Wrangler track bars from CJ’s.

Because we know that you love lifted Jeeps, CJ’s offers a diverse array of adjustable Wrangler track bars, which will perfectly-complement your vehicle’s suspension system. Many of the replacement Jeep track bars feature OE-style rubber bushings at the chassis mount, which will extend the life of the bar, while minimizing noise transfer. These adjustable Wrangler track bars will keep your compact centered and help restore tracking once you decide to alter your Jeep’s height. The Wrangler track bars from CJ’s can easily bolt-on to the vehicle, and will maximize your performance on the trail in no-time!

In addition to aftermarket Wrangler track bars, CJ’s offers track bar relocation brackets for both the front and the rear of the Jeep, as well as Frame Brace/Track Bar kits, which will help reduce any unwanted front-end movement. While you’re in the upgrading mindset, be sure to note CJ’s collection of Wrangler steering stabilizers, control arms, and more!