Jeep Wrangler Control Arms

Jeep Wrangler Control Arms

Jeep Wrangler Control Arms

Jeep Wrangler Control Arms

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Control Arms

When was the last time that you checked on the condition of your JK Jeep Wrangler’s control arms? If it has been a while, you might want to give them a second look before you hit the trail again. Your Jeep is equipped with both upper and lower Wrangler Control Arms, that links the wheel assembly to the vehicle’s chassis. Your Jeep Wrangler control arms are key parts of the suspension system and play sizable roles in allowing your 4x4 to absorb contact on the trail. CJ’s is the place to go for the best Wrangler control arms around!

Though JK and JL Wranglers are constructed to be rigorous, off-roading machines, not all Jeep owners are completely satisfied with their 4x4s when they drive them off of the lot for the first time. In addition to tuning the exhaust system, many avid off-roading fans elect to lift their Jeep’s higher off of the ground. This can be accomplished by investing in either a new Wrangler leveling or lift kit .

By raising the height of your vehicle, you will achieve greater ground clearance, and be able to accommodate larger tires. However, once lift your Jeep further off of the ground, your work is just beginning. A lifted Jeep requires several adjustments to the caster and driveline angles, in order to maintain a safe and comfortable ride on both the highway and the trail.

Before your next off-roading excursion, it is important to check and see if your factory Wrangler control arms are compatible with your new ride height. Control arms are links between the chassis and the wheel assembly. They are present in every passenger vehicle, and are especially prominent in Jeeps. In order to accommodate all of your ambitions on the terrain, your Wrangler control arms are flexible enough to adjust to the driving surface and to any unusual steering patterns from the driver.

Your 4x4 is equipped with both upper and lower control arms. The upper and lower Jeep control arms collaborate in order to keep the axles and wheel hubs properly aligned with the rest of the vehicle. Though your JK Wrangler is not as old as other Jeeps, age is just a relative term when your suspension system is constantly being pushed to the limit on the trail. After one-too-many encounters with road debris, the factory bushings on your Wrangler control arms can wear out, which could cause a slew of problems.

If you are experiencing any vibration from your steering wheel or any unusual steering, the problem likely resides with a faulty Wrangler control arm. Rather than waiting for the bushings to become too loose, it is strongly recommended that you replace any impaired components with new Wrangler control arms and/or control arm accessories as soon as possible.

You may be aware that you need to replace your control arms, but finding the correct aftermarket upgrades can be a stressful process. Jeep Wrangler control arms come in a variety of different sizes and from a number of different brands, but it is imperative to only select the finest suspension parts out there. Luckily for you, CJ’s carries a large-selection of control arms for Jeep Wranglers, which will help your 4x4 conquer the terrain like never before! Be sure to note your vehicle's specific year and dimensions before you purchase any new Wrangler control arms from CJ’s.

If you are seeking quality replacements for your factory lower control arms, CJ’s has you covered! CJ’s offers lower control arm kits that will accommodate JK and JL builds with a 2” to 6” lift. The lower control arm kit includes a pair of replacement front and rear Wrangler lower control arms. The Jeep Wrangler control arms featured in the kits contain greasable polyurethane bushings on one end and the length is adjustable if you ever want to make any changes to your vehicle’s height. These kits replace all of your factory lower Jeep Wrangler control arms, and the contents can be easily installed!

In addition to Wrangler lower control arm kits, CJ’s sells short arm kits, which include eight SST TCT-equipped short arms. These kits can accommodate two and four-dour JK Wranglers, including Unlimited and Rubicon models. Like the lower control arm kits, the replacement control arms contained in this set can be attached with a simple bolt-on installation with no modifications required!

Once you have selected the correct control arms, why not continue making upgrades to your suspension system? While you’re on the site, be sure to check out CJ’s assortment of coil springs, steering stabilizers , and more!