What Is the Bronco Woody?

What Is the Bronco Woody?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

A woody (or, as it is sometimes spelled, woodie) is one of the most nostalgia-inducing styles of vehicles. Just the sight of one can send your mind reeling back to the beaches of California in the ‘50s, even if you were born in the ‘80s. Although this style died off around the ‘60s, woodies periodically pop here and there. In fact, there are some vehicles that especially deserved the woody treatment that never received it. Case in point: The classic Ford Bronco.

This isn’t an official Ford vehicle, but rather a custom conversion built by Ohio’s aptly named Classic Ford Broncos company. Starting as an otherwise stock 1974 Bronco, this conversion (which is officially named “Woody,” to little surprise) has been given the full resto-mod treatment. Seeing how it looks, it’s absolutely mind-boggling that there was never an official woody Bronco ever produced by Ford.

Close up on Woodie Bronco Trim

Classic Look, Modern Performance

This vehicle has a variety of modern amenities. It has a fuel-injected Blue Print 302 V8 crate engine and a 4R70W 4-speed transmission. Additionally, it has a Borgeson Power Steering system and 2 wheel power disc brakes. Finally, the Woody is also given a 3.5-inch lift and is sporting 31” BFGoodrich tires.

All in all, it’s given some modern upgrades, but nothing way over the top. While the appearance of this classic Bronco conversion is important, it doesn’t sacrifice any of its functionality. These upgrades allow this Bronco to traverse plenty of difficult trails.

This Bronco is also modernized on the inside. It’s given an AC system (which is important), a Kicker Audio sound system, and leather and tweed upholstered seats. Despite these interior upgrades, however, the outside boasts arguably the most important part of this entire conversion: The wood.

Woodie Style Bronco Doors and Cab

A Style You Can't Knock

The Woody really does live up to its name. With the exception of the hood and small cutouts around the fenders and brake lights, this Bronco’s body is completely covered in wood. The wood used on this conversion is what’s called marine grade wood. Given that the outside of this Bronco will have to deal with the elements, wood that can withstand the open ocean is a perfect choice.

Plenty of woodies that you will see on the roads today will have fake wood paneling in lieu of actual wood. That’s a big part of the charm of this custom Bronco woody: Termites actually want to eat it.

While the wood is certainly striking on the exterior, it is quite handsome on the interior as well. With the leather seats, the wood-clad interior makes the inside of this classic Bronco look like a rustic cabin, or possibly a vintage yacht.

Unfortunately, these wooden panels will complicate this Bronco’s ability to go doorless. While Classic Ford Broncos doesn’t explicitly state the status of the doors and whether or not they are removable, they are ostensibly much heavier than the standard doors on the classic Broncos.

Woodie Bronco's Wooden Interior

Another issue for prospective buyers is that this particular conversion has already been sold. Classic Ford Broncos only makes a limited amount of restored Broncos every year, and the Woody, in particular, appears to have been a one-off project.

Even though this specific style of classic Bronco isn’t necessarily that accessible, it’s still great to know that modern woodies are still being made in some form. If anything, it’s an inspiring project, as it really does look like it was made for the Bronco in the first place.

If you are considering doing a Bronco restoration, why not rewrite history and make a custom woody of your own? Just be sure to strap period-correct surfboards on the roof. A woody wouldn’t look right with a small fiberglass board hanging off the side. The right board for a Bronco Woody would be a wooden longboard that is nearly the length of an old-growth sequoia, ready to ride waves all the way from San Diego to the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

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Image Credit: Barrett Jackson

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