Roush Front Fascia Corner Pockets Mustang EcoBoost/GT 2018-2023

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Roush Front Fascia Corner Pockets for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 EcoBoost and GT Mustangs.

If you want a custom touch to the front-end of your 2018-2023 GT or EcoBoost Mustang, then these Roush Front Fascia Corner Pockets (422084) may be just what you're looking for! Snag your new corner pockets today from CJ Pony Parts!

Features and Benefits:
- Adds an aggressive touch to your pony's front end
- Constructed from injection-molded TPO with OEM-style black stipple finish
- Lightweight, impact-resistant, durable and flexible
- Designed with Ford's OEM CAD data to ensure an exact, precise fit
- Includes templates, instructions and hardware for install
- Made in the USA

Please Note: These corner pockets will NOT fit the Mach-1 or any Shelby model Mustangs.

It's hard to find upgrade pieces for your brand-new Mustang, so that's why Roush has stepped-up to the plate with these Front Fascia Corner Pockets! They're constructed using superior Thermal Plastic Olefin (TPO) so they're lightweight, flexible and durable enough to withstand daily driving. The corners are finished with a black OEM-style stippled texture so they'll look like a factory-option but still give you a high-end look and feel. Go ahead and pick up your new corner pockets today from CJ's!

Tech Tip: Installation will require you to modify the factory Ford bumper cover (please reference instructions for further details).

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Roush always offers a unique style for their Mustangs, and the 2018 is no different. We've already installed their hood vents on our 2018 Orange Fury GT, and today we're going to add their front corner pockets.

While nobody can argue the performance, the one area of the 2018 Mustang that is definitely polarizing is the front bumper. Now some people like myself, love the way it looks with the angles to it. I think it's very aggressive looking. A lot of people really don't like it. Now the one area in particular people talk about is right below the marker lights. What Roush did is design these corner pockets to fit in that area, and provide a very unique looking Mustang. These are made of a TPO plastic and will fit your 2018 GT or EcoBoost. For this installation, you'll need a lift or a jack and jack stands, quarter inch ratchet, 5.5 mm socket, 7 mm socket, 8 mm socket, 10 mm socket, 10 mm wrench, center punch, drill, 1/8" drill bit, 1/4" drill bit, 3/8 drill bit, and safety glasses.

To begin the installation, you have to remove your front bumper cover to get access to mount the pockets properly. So we're going to start over here in the fender wells to get all these clips off. Now you do not have to remove the wheel. We only did that, so you can get a better view of what we're doing. Okay, the first thing I'm going to do is remove these two clips here. Now these, you simply push in the middle and using your fingers in there just pop them right out. If you can't, just use a small flathead screwdriver. Okay, we'll remove these clips down here to pop up the center.

Okay, with those clips now we can pull back this splash shield, and we can remove the hardware right up here that holds the fender to the front bumper. Just push down this bracket to remove the Christmas tree clip in the center. Now your bumper is free. While we're here, you want to reach back, follow this harness right here to disconnect the marker and fog lights, and repeat the process on the other side. Okay, now underneath the car we have to remove the closeout panel to get the bumper off. There's going to be a bunch of screws in the back here, and then two clips as well. All right, moving up top to get the bumper cover off up here, we're going to start by removing the radiator cover, again, held on by a bunch of clips. Now we have to remove these screws. There's two little 5 1/2 on the end, and the rest are all 8 mm. Okay, now with a little bit of help, we can pull the bumper cover off.

Once we remove the bumper cover, you want to remove the fog and marker light assemblies. Remove these three screws. Okay, we're going to begin the installation now. What we're going to do is, we have to drill a hole in the factory piece over here. So we're going to grab the supplied template. We're going to seat it in there. It will fit tight if you cut it out properly. If not, just tape it on. Then you can punch a hole right up here. We're going to drill that out. Now we're going to start by drilling a pilot hole. If you look, it should be pretty much centered in the honeycomb. Then drill it out to 1/4", and repeat the process on the other side.

All right, we're going to cut out the templates now. These are going to be for the slots. They're going to go in here. Basically they're going to hold the corner pocket in place. They're going to line up ... You line this up with the curve. Make sure the dotted line runs with the curve to the bottom. All right, now what we're going to do is we're going to drill basically 15 1/8" holes. Then we're going to oval them out for the slots. So we're going to start by marking them all with a punch. Okay, now we're going to carefully drill the holes.

The next part might feel a little awkward, but what you're going to do, you're going to take the drill bit and basically use it to carefully ream out these holes. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. You just got to make sure that the slot from the pocket fits in the hole. Now you want to grab the corner pocket, and just at the opening. Make sure that again, these tabs fit into the slots you just cut out. If they don't, you can open them up just a little bit more. See, it's going to look like that when it's installed.

Okay, now we're working on the inside of the bumper. We're gonna grab these templates that you're going to want to have to cut out. This gets lined up right over here. Fit this so it matches the curve. Make sure everything else sits flush. Mark the hole right in the middle. We're going to start by drilling an 1/8" pilot hole there. Then enlarge it to 3/8". Then repeat the process on the other side. Okay, now you want to grab your corner pocket and this mounting bracket. The bracket is going to fit like this, with this going towards the back and towards the outside. Now with the supplied hardware, and screw it on. Get all three of them started before you try to tighten anything down. Again, just get these snug. They do provide a torque spec of two newton-meters. Basically, you don't want to strip them, just get them snug.

Part of the mounting hardware for the corner pocket is some double stick tape, which goes along this edge here. We'll just get a little bit of rubbing alcohol, just clean that surface off before we install the tape. We're going to pull back the white side of the tape. Leave the red tab on there. Just inside the edge, right down here. All right, now we're going to clean this area here where the tape is going to go, and this area here, we're going to clean up with some soapy water.

The next step of the installation is to install this blackout graphic. What this is going to do, when you install your corner pocket, it's going to basically cover up to here, and then go in there. You can barely see just a little hint of orange right in this area if you look carefully with the marker light installed. What this is going to do is basically fit right to there like this, and it will blackout that area, to mark sure you don't see any of the orange between the black panel here and our marker light. I'm going to spray some soapy water to put this on. Get it right up to where the curve starts. Don't go past that point, and just work the graphic on. You might want a little bit of heat. Again, the only part that really matters though is going to be this edge. As long as this is a good solid seal here, just make sure the rest of the sticker is adhered.

Again, don't worry about wrinkles like this. It's this edge right here is the only spot you will see of this graphic, so just make sure this right here is nice and smooth, and clean. The rest of this won't matter. All right, so I'm making sure you want to have this tab visible, so you can remove it. This stud here aligns with that hole. Then the three slots go over here. Nicely slide it in. Hold it in place, and then pull this tab to remove the tape. Okay, the bracket back here is threaded nuts. What you're going to do is line up the supplied bolt with the nut and thread it on. Again, just get it snug. With the alignment stud over here, you're going to grab this offset washer. Put that on there against the body. Grab the supplied nut. Basically you're just going to cut it onto the plastic. Now again, just get it snug. Don't over-tighten it.

With the pocket installed, grab the marker light. Put it back in place and reinstall the factory hardware. Then repeat the process on the other side. All right, with our corner pockets installed, now we can reinstall our front bumper cover. Now we're reinstall the cover with all the original push clips. Now we're underneath, we'll reinstall all the pushpins and screws. With that in place, don't forget to reinstall your fog light. Your installation is finished.

The Roush corner pockets really add a unique look to the front of our 2018 GT. Now these will fit your GT or EcoBoost, and can be installed as you see, just by themselves. Now in our case though, we do have some other Roush components coming we're going to install, that will really this whole front end together. As far as the installation goes, you do have to take the bumper off. It's a little time consuming, but I'd say probably two to three hours, be back on the road in no time.

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