Emblem Locations

1964-1968 Mustangs


Have you ever walked through a Mustang show, looked at a nicely restored ride, and noticed that something didn't seem right with its appearance - more specifically the emblems? It's an annoying observation. The emblems are either too high, too low, too right, too left, backwards, or just plain crooked. Whenever we see this, we have to wonder why the owner/restorer didn't go the extra mile to ascertain correct emblem positioning. And whenever we study stock, original, unmolested examples, we have to wonder what Ford was thinking when the cars were assembled. Some examples are worse than others. Here is a guide from Mustang Monthly that will let you get the emblems on your Mustang perfect.
64-66 Emblems 64-66 Emblems
View the Mustang Monthly 1964-1966 Emblem Location Guide

67-68 Emblems 67-68 Emblems
View the Mustang Monthly 1967-1968 Emblem Location Guide

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