Jeep Wrangler Exhaust Accessories

Jeep Wrangler Exhaust Accessories

Jeep Wrangler Exhaust Accessories

Jeep Wrangler Exhaust Accessories

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Exhaust Accessories

Are you not satisfied with your JK Wrangler’s factory exhaust system? Do you feel as though your 4x4 can accomplish even more on the trail? If you can relate to either scenario above, it would be wise to browse through CJ’s ever-growing selection of Jeep Wrangler Exhaust Accessories. CJ’s, strives to help you find not only the best Wrangler exhaust accessories, but everything that you need to tune your exhaust system to your liking. If you are searching for the best exhaust accessories for JK Jeep Wranglers, look no further than CJ’s.

When it comes to off-roading vehicles that are built for the trail, the JK Jeep Wrangler stands alone at the top of the food chain! Throughout its decade-long run, JK Wranglers have been overwhelmingly popular within the off-roading community, and for good reason. With its imposing exterior and ultra-capable suspension system, JK Wranglers can easily engage in extensive rock climbing, desert racing, and any sort of off-roading excursion that you can imagine.

As rugged and powerful as your JK is from the moment it rolls off of the lot for the first time, do you ever feel as though your 4x4 can accomplish even more on the trail? Similar to how you are free to alter the suspension system with a new lift kit, the Wrangler’s exhaust system leaves the factory with plenty of room for improvement. If you are hoping to tune up your exhaust system, without breaking the bank, why not invest in new Wrangler exhaust accessories?

Jeep Wrangler exhaust accessories consist of exhaust hardware, exhaust wrap, replacement Y-pipes, and all of the slight modifications that you need to increase your exhaust system’s performance. Though they all bring something different to the table, your Wrangler exhaust accessories collaborate in order to push harmful gas out of your 4x4 in a timelier manner. You may not be able to see their handiwork as it is taking place, but a new set of Wrangler exhaust accessories can give the exhaust system a much-needed boost, while enhancing your performance on the trail!

Your exhaust is arguably the hardest-worked system of the entire vehicle, and its components are constantly exposed to both heat and potentially-harmful gasses. After many years of serving you well, it is common for factory Wrangler exhaust accessories to tire out. Driving around with impaired or damaged Jeep Wrangler exhaust accessories can cause a slew of expensive repairs, while drastically hindering your engine’s performance, as well as your fuel economy. The best way to maintain your engine’s capabilities and to keep your vehicle free of carbon monoxide is to swap out any damaged components for quality Wrangler exhaust accessories as soon as possible.

If you elect to raise your JK Wrangler several inches off of the ground, the suspension is not the only system that will require changes. In addition to the wheel well, it is important to ensure that you have the correct Wrangler exhaust accessories that will coincide with the new ride height.

Whatever performance-oriented goals that you have in mind for your Jeep, CJ’s would love to help! CJ’s offers a nice selection of exhaust accessories for Jeep Wranglers that can take your already-capable off-roading machine to the next level. Be sure to note your vehicle’s specific year before you purchase any Wrangler exhaust accessories from CJ’s.

Speaking of years, Jeep moved the exhaust forward on the 2012 Wrangler. In order to compensate for the changes made, CJ’s offers Wrangler Exhaust Spacer Kits that will accommodate 2012-2017 JKs with 3.6L V6 engines. The Wrangler Exhaust Spacer Kits from CJ’s will push the Y-pipe further back, which will save the drive shaft from increased wear and tear. These all-inclusive kits contain the spacers, bolts, and washers that you need if you are hoping to lift your JK 2.5” or more.

If you are looking to shield your Wrangler from excessive heat, CJ’s offers Wrangler exhaust header wrap solutions that will work with 2007-2011 JKs. CJ’s sells Jeep Wrangler Header Wrap/Spark Plug Boot Wrap Kits that not only can withstand extreme temperatures under the hood, but are resistant to solvents, oils, fuel, acids, and chemical spills. These kits include two 25” rolls of DEI titanium exhaust wrap, eight 9” stainless steel positive locking ties, four 14” stainless steel positive locking ties, and six 8” DIE titanium spark plug boots. Please note that this kit will only work with factory or aftermarket shorty headers, but NOT long tube headers.

Once you have selected the correct Wrangler exhaust accessories for your specific 4x4, why not stock up on new lighting parts? While you’re on the site, be sure to check out CJ’s collection of Wrangler LED lights, off-roading lights, and more!