Ford Steering Wheel Boss 302 Alcantara 2010-2012

Ford: CR3Z-3600-AA
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Product Description

Ford Boss 302 Alcantara Steering Wheel for 2010-2012 Mustangs.

Add some Boss 302 style to your V6 or GT Mustang with this Ford OEM 2012 Boss 302 Alcantara steering wheel! This steering wheel will fit all 2010+ Mustangs. It is wrapped in a soft Alcantara suede with aluminum spokes.

The factory cruise control buttons are on the left, audio control buttons are on the right. Unfortunately this does not have a button for Sync, but you can easily swap controls from your existing steering wheel.

*Must reuse your original air bag.

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We’ve recently updated the interior of a 2011 Mustang GT by installing the Alcantara suede shift boot and parking brake boot off the GT 500. Today we’re going to finish off that look by installing this Boss 302 Alcantara steering wheel.

This steering wheel’s going to use the factory airbag and is a direct replacement for the factory wheel on all 2010 through 2014 Mustangs. In the case of our 2011, it does have the SYNC system. We’re going to remove the buttons that are included and swap them out for the correct ones. For this installation, you need a half-inch ratchet, 15/16 socket, quarter-inch ratchet, short extension, 8-millimeter deep socket, small pick, and Loctite.

Since the installation is going to require the removal of the factory airbag, your very first step’s going to be to disconnect your battery. Once you have the battery disconnected, we’re going to work on removing our factory airbag. There’re two plastic covers on each side of the steering wheel. You’re going to remove those covers. There’s a bolt underneath. Remove both bolts, then you can remove the airbag.

I’m going to use a small pick to carefully remove the cover. Now I’ll remove both bolts. They’re pretty far in there, so a small magnet will help you get the bolts out. We’ll give a little shimmy to the airbag and pull it out. There’s a large bolt here in the center. We’re going to remove that next so we can remove our steering wheel from our column. Next, we’ll disconnect the steering wheel controls harness, like that. We’re going to remove our wheel.

You can see the stock GT wheel next to the Alcantara Boss 302. The main difference here is going to be the controls. Our car has SYNC, so it has additional controls on this side of the steering wheel, versus standard controls on this Boss 302 wheel. We’re going to switch these two modules.

The controls are clipped in, so we want to get a pick and go underneath, and just carefully lift up. As it pops off, just disconnect the harness. We’ll do the same thing with our new wheel. To change the wiring harness, you’ve just got to change this module out. Pop it in place, and we’re ready to install.

Put our new steering wheel on the same way we took the old one off. We’ll plug it in. Put a dab of Loctite on the steering wheel bolt. Reconnect the airbag. Plugs are color-coated, so you know which one you’re going to. Back into place, and reinstall the bolts. We’ll connect our battery, and our installation’s finished.

We’ll try out our controls and make sure they work properly. Volume’s good. Search is good. Source is working properly. Try our SYNC and make sure that’s working properly.

Speaker 2: SYNC. Please say a command.

Everything works as it’s supposed to. The Alcantara steering wheel gives our 2011 GT an almost exotic feel. It’s a perfect match for the shift boot and parking brake boot that we already installed. Installation should only take you around 15 minutes. You’ll be back on the road in no time.