Mustang Accessory Color Themes

Mustang Accessory Color Themes

Last Updated November 28, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

One of the easiest ways to give your Mustang’s modifications a more polished look is to select a color scheme. By coordinating the parts you buy, you can create a look that makes a statement.

Blackout Mustangs are a great example of this. It’s also one of the easiest looks to achieve since most Mustang accessories are available in black. But there are still a lot of options for people who prefer a more colorful pony.

Colors like red, blue, and gold have more options, but there are still plenty of parts for people who prefer a touch of pink, green, or orange. Interior pieces, like shift knobs and car seat covers, typically come in a wider variety of colors.

You can opt to just personalize your Mustang’s interior, or select matching exterior modifications. There’s also no reason your Mustang’s interior and exterior need to match. Some people prefer an understated exterior and a custom cabin that suits their taste. Others prefer to select only one or two colorful accessories and keep the rest of their look clean.

There’s no right or wrong way to build your Mustang. Thanks to the wide selection of Mustang accessories, you’ll have no difficulty creating your dream car.

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Pink Mustang Accessories

A car emblem, featuring a pink breast cancer ribbon with a silver Mustang

Pink Mustang accessories come in a variety of shades and styles. Mustangs actually have a long history with pink. Early special editions like the Playmate Pink Mustang have given way to more modern takes, like the Warriors in Pink Mustang. There are several ways to add a splash of pink to your Mustang’s interior or exterior.

Green Mustang Accessories

The Cobra emblem in a green decal

Back in the ‘60s, it wasn’t uncommon for the Mustang to come in several green colors. Many of these green shades have become favorites, and are forever associated with the classic car culture of the era. Whether you have a green Mustang or not, there’s no reason you can’t add a touch of this color to your Mustang now.

Purple Mustang Accessories

A deep purple shift knob for a six speed manual

Purple has long been associated with Mopar, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t purple Mustang accessories. As an accent color, purple can add a touch of uniqueness to a silver or white Mustang and help it stand out.

Orange Mustang Accessories

A bright orange GT logo

If you’re looking to add a splash of brightness, orange is a great choice. Obviously, it’s important to keep your Mustang’s exterior color in mind. Green and orange can be a challenging combo to pull off, but with the right pairing orange can be a great choice for Mustang accessories. Orange couples particularly well with white and yellow Mustangs, but can also add contrast to a blue Mustang.

Yellow Mustang Accessories

Running horse emblem in bright yellow

Yellow Mustang enthusiasts maintain that it’s one of the best, and most unique, shades for a Mustang. Adding a few yellow accessories can emphasize this shade, especially on the interior. A touch of yellow can also provide a perfect contrast on darker exteriors like Kona Blue or black.

Gold Mustang Accessories

A red S197 Mustang with two gold stripes running lengthwise

Through the years, many performance-oriented Mustangs have come with gold accents. While the most notable of these is the GT350H, gold has always been a popular accessory color. Exterior vinyl decals in gold can give a bold and eye-catching look. Or, you could replace the chrome badges with gold ones for a more subtle upgrade. Gold Mustang accessories go great with many paint colors and are an easy look to pull off.

Blue Mustang Accessories

A light blue running horse Mustang emblem

Blue is the most popular color in the world, so it makes sense that there are a lot of blue Mustang accessories available. Whether you prefer a calming blue or a more energizing shade, there are a ton of options to choose from.

Many people also get blue Le Mans Mustang stripes, since that’s what the original Shelby GT350 came with. Though blue stripes are most often paired with a white or silver exterior paint shade, lighter blue accents look great on a darker Mustang as well.

Red Mustang Accessories

A white Fox Body Mustang with a red mid-body stripe

Red is without a doubt one of the most popular colors for Mustangs. Over the years, there have been many great shades of Mustang red. Whether you prefer a bright, apple red or a moodier shade, you have a lot of options.

Red Mustang accessories can either help carry your Mustang’s red through to the interior or provide a perfect contrast. Almost any color will pair nicely with red, and a few red accessories can make your Mustang a little edgy.

A couple red accessories on a blacked out Mustang creates a sharp look that’s at home on the track or highway.

Make Your Mustang Unique

One of the top reasons people opt for a Mustang is the customizability of it. Exhaust and engine mods are often at the top of most people’s “to-do” list, but adding fun and colorful accessories make your Mustang more “yours.” You can do something as simple as add a license plate cover or as complicated as personalizing your interior lighting. There’s no shortage of ways to give your Mustang a unique style.

Some enthusiasts even opt to change out their Mustang accessories throughout the year. If your favorite football and baseball teams don’t share the same color logo, swapping out for the seasons can be a fun way to show your pride. Holidays offer another opportunity to add some festive flair.

Selecting a color palette for your Mustang is fun and easy. Unlike with more serious mods, there are no wrong selections and no real way to seriously mess up. Have fun with it and let your unique personality shine.

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