Pony Emblem Rear Decklid V6/EcoBoost/GT 2015-2021

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Rear Decklid Pony Emblem for all 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 V6, EcoBoost and GT Mustangs.

Give the rear end of your 2015-2021 V6, EcoBoost or GT Mustang a more unique look with this Rear Decklid Pony Emblem from CJ Pony Parts! This rear decklid emblem is a direct fit replacement that installs easily and replaces the chrome pony emblem with a paint matched emblem for your S550.

- Officially Licensed by Ford
- Constructed from Durable ABS Plastic
- Replaces OEM Emblem
- Tabs fit OEM Locations on Rear Tail Light Panel
- Includes 3M Adhesive Tape
- Easy Installation with no Additional Modifications
- Sold Individually

*The Rear Decklid Pony Emblem will not cover up all of the mounting holes if you are replacing the round 50 Years Decklid Emblem.

This pony emblem has been constructed from a durable ABS plastic for a strong build quality that will last your Mustang for many miles. The emblem will replace the OEM rear decklid emblem without the need for any additional modifications. Installation of the emblem is made easy with tabs that match up with the OEM locations and the use of 3M adhesive to adhere the emblem to the tail light panel. This emblem is sold individually and is an officially licensed Ford product.

Available Colors:
- Grabber Blue (CI)
- Lightning Blue (N6)
- White Platinum Metallic (UG)
- Deep Impact Blue (J4)
- Ingot Silver (UX)
- Magnetic Metallic (J7)
- Oxford White (YZ)
- Competition Orange (CY)
- Race Red (PQ)
- Ruby Red Metallic (RR)
- Triple Yellow (H3)

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

For the most part, Mustang owners love to customize their Mustangs. Some take it to extremes with crazy body kits and dips and wraps and costume paint, other people look for a more subtle modification. Thinking of giving a nice costume subtle touch to your 2015 and up Mustang, check out these costume painted badges. Today we are going to install these on our 2015 Mustang GT. These custom Ford licensed emblems are going to be direct replacements for the factory emblems on your 2015 through 2017 Mustang. Currently all the 2015 through 2017 colors are available with the exception of guard, lightening blue and grabber blue which are all coming soon. These are available several different ways. You can order just the individual badges themselves or we also have complete forms for your car. Shown here we have the EcoBoost running pony for the back, but the GT is also available and they are interchangeable.

Even though we have a black mustang, we decided to go with a race red because we kind of have a black and red theme going with the car. We think the race red is really going to pop against the black paint. In our case we actually went with the EcoBoost for the trunk panel as well because not a really big fan of the GT and I personally think the running horse looks a lot better.

For this installation, you'll need a clip removable tool or a small flat head screw driver, plastic pry bar, small pick, and a heat gun.

We'll start up front with the horse removable from the grill. Now, if you have a GT EcoBoost or a V6, the actually installations are different. The GT and the V6, we can remove this cover and actually reach this horse from behind. The case if you have an EcoBoost, you are going to have to remove your bumper cover because the grills that are in the way will not allow you to get to the horse. I'm going to begin installation by removing the upper grill cover which is held on by push pin clips. Go ahead and move that. In our case, our horse has been off our car before but if it hasn't, the easiest way to remove it is just to break these tabs off. What you are going to do, there's a little metal retainer on each one of these through the grill. You use your finger actually and just break the tabs off or a small screw driver and you can try to release the retainers but like I said, for the most part it's easier just to break these off and the horse will come right off.

Now to get to it, there's 2 ways you can do it here. If you have larger hands, you might just want to remove these 2 nuts and get the latch out of the way. This plastic is kind of flexible if you can just get your hand down in there. Like I said, break off the 4 tabs and the horse will come right off. There's no double stick, nothing holding on except those 4 retainers. Now, we are going to take a little bit of rubbing alcohol and clean this whole area off in here. The installation is actually a lot easier, it does not use the original Ford style retainers, it just uses double stick tape and as you can see, there's plenty of surface for that tape to adhere to but it gives you the alignment tabs so the horse fits in properly. There you can see the alignment tabs, so simply just pull up on the double stick tape. In the tabs, we press it down.

With the new grill emblem in place now we just reinstall the cover. Simply line it up with all the holes and reinstall with the original hardware.

There's a couple of different ways you do the 5.0 badges. I know a lot of people use the fishing line method. I've tried it, I've never had any luck, I guess it's just me. If you want to try it that way, you can look it up but obviously it does work for some people. In my case, I use a plastic pry bar. Heat up the emblem first, get the glue a little bit softer, we'll put some tape around it to make sure we don't damage the paint but this is the easiest way I've found to do this.

Again, the tape isn't really required, I'd just rather put a little bit of tape on here to protect the paint. I'm going to use the heat gun. Put a little heat in the emblem and glue. If you don't have a heat gun a hair dryer will work as well. Remind you if you have a heat gun, if you have it on a higher setting, the plastic itself is also going to get warm, so be careful. I'll start down here on the corner. With the emblem off we are going to remove our tape. I'm going to use some adhesive remover from 3M now to clean the area a little bit more. Goof Off, anything like that will work fine as well.

With the area cleaned off I can remove the double stick tape from our new badge. Again, this also has the alignment tabs and press it on.

The next part is going to be the trunk emblem. Now, I said the GT, the running horse, the V6, all the emblems are interchangeable, so if you want to put the running horse instead of the GT on your car, like we are going to do, you can do it because all the alignment holes are exactly the same. Now, on this part, there are 2 ways to get this GT emblem off. We're going to do it, we'll call it the correct way, the long way. You go underneath here, you remove the bolts on both sides, remove the entire trunk panel and then break off the plastic ribs from the back side of the emblem and take it off. A lot of you probably don't want to go through that much trouble. There's kind of an easier way to do it if you don't mind breaking the factory emblem, which you are replacing anyway, you do it with a small pry bar.

The emblem is held on by plastic rivets, so it will actually break off very easily. We are going to put a little piece of tape on here to protect it but notice as soon as I put this in, and see how much flex this thing has already. Get the pry underneath it...Use the thicker end actually. You just break it off. The tabs broke off that are visible, just go through and basically push them through to go into the trunk area. We are going to clean the surface before we install our new emblem.

Clean the surface off. Just like before we are going to remove the double stick. Line up the tabs. Your installation is finished.

The race red emblems really tie in nice to the other red touches on our 2015 GT. I should have mentioned with the 5.0 badge, it does come with the black dot for the 5.0. they do clear red as well if you want to go all one color but, in my opinion though I like the way the black looks better. As far as installation goes, it's pretty straight forward. Honestly, all 4 emblems will probably take you less than hour or 2, be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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