JLT Oil Separator Passenger Side Kit GT 2011-2015/Boss 302 2012-2013

CJ's Part Number: OILSEP4-V
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Product Description

JLT Passenger Side Oil Separator Kit for all 2011-2015 GT and 2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustangs.

JLT Performance's newest product to keep oil out of your intake is the oil separator. During the process of venting crankcase pressure back through your intake track, large amounts of oil, in the form of vapors, can coat your blower rotors, intercooler fins and even dilute your gas, lowering its octane level.

Milled from solid billet aluminum with a black or clear anodized finish, this is a rock solid piece. It has a knurled tank base for easy removal to drain the spent oil and an O-ring seal to prevent any leaks. JLT took this unit a step further and added a Ford Motorcraft metal mesh PCV Pre Filter element. This element collects the last bit of oil droplets and drains back into the tank when the engine is shut down. JLT has also included a factory PCV hose for an easy plug and play installation.

*Will NOT fit superchargers.
*The tank holds 2 oz. of fluid, while that may not sound like a lot, you shouldn't see that much oil in your PCV system. Drain it every oil change and you will never come close to filling it.
*Most of the oil will come from the passenger side, so if only getting one oil separator, this is the one to get!

Installation Instructions


Difficulty: Easy

Mustang Applications

This product will fit the following Ford Mustang years:

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Just do it!
This is one of the 1st mods any coyote engine owner should purchase as this little device catches a lot of oil. In just 1,000 miles I've dumped my can 3 times which accumulated almost a half quart of oil, I don't want that going through my intake! This took no more then 15 seconds to install and requires no technical skill, just do it!
Larry August 11, 2014
Easy to install and it looks great
John June 10, 2014
Driver side JLT
What these units do is keeps the engine from sucking in oil and gas vapor directly into your intake causing a drop in Octane and sludge build up. The short version of the PCV job is to take air in from the cold air intake and run it into the drivers side PCV it then circulates around and exits the engine on the passanger side. From there it goes directly into the manifold to be re burned as an emissions requirement. Sounds fine unit is starts sucking oil into the manifold! This picture/diagram is the drivers side one that is why the air going into the engine is filtered right before it goes in. The JLT unit for the passanger side (and the only one you REALLY need) is the opposite. The vapor/oil is strained through the filter FIRST then the claen air with vapor goes into the intake maniolf to be burned off. The filter catches the oil and lets it slowly drain into the canister to be removed later. Let me tell you these things work!!! I catch 1/8 inch worth in 500 miles which goes back into the engine!
Mark August 12, 2013
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