Easy Mustang S550 Mods Any Owner Can Do

Easy Mustang S550 Mods Any Owner Can Do

Last Updated April 18, 2024 | Bill Tumas

If you're the proud owner of an S550 Mustang and looking to improve its performance, appearance, or driving feel, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of easy Mustang S550 mods that require only one tool or less to install.

Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or a beginner, these Mustang S550 mods are simple enough for anyone to complete. With just a weekend and some simple tools, you can upgrade your S550's look and performance. Personalize your ride with our top five S550 Mustang mods that any owner can do.

Top 5 Easy Mustang S550 Mods

1. LED Rear Marker Lights

The factory marker lights on your S550 Mustang only have bulbs in the center, meaning they aren’t very bright. Thankfully, multi-bulb marker lights are an easy replacement option. Not only are these aftermarket marker lights brighter, but they're available with different lens colors so you can personalize your lighting setup.

These S550 rear marker lights come in three lens color options: red, clear, and smoked. Red is the factory lens color and is a good choice if you just want to brighten up the classic look. Clear and smoked styles are better if you're building towards a different style.

Installing new marker lights is easy and will only cost around $50 per light. You won't need any tools for the install, but a pair of needle-nose pliers will make the process easier.

2. LED Backup Lights

This is a similar upgrade to the marker lights. By replacing your factory reverse lights with LEDs, you’ll be much more visible to the cars around you when backing up. This improved visibility to other drivers will make daily driving much safer.

LED backup lights also help improve your own visibility. They’re designed to illuminate the area below your backup camera, giving you much more confidence when backing out of tight spaces in the dark.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, Diode Dynamics’ S550 LED backup lights are designed specifically for 2015-2023 Mustangs and are popular with enthusiasts.

Installing LED backup lights is easy and costs less than $30! You won't need any tools for the install, just the product and some elbow grease. Simply twist to release the wiring harness, unplug the factory bulb, and install your new LEDs.

3. Oil Separator

Adding an S550 oil separator is a great way to keep oil vapors from accumulating in the intake manifold. It also prevents carbon buildup, reduces the chance of engine knock and ignition failure, and improves engine efficiency by preventing buildup.

Installing an oil separator also couldn’t be easier. Simply unhook the clips from the factory tube and install the catch can in its place. It’s a worthwhile investment of less than $200 that could prevent costly repairs and maintenance down the road.

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4. GT350 Shift Knob

The next recommendation for a quick and easy S550 mod is installing a GT350 shifter knob.

Out of the box, this shifter knob won’t work on a normal Mustang, but if you get one from CJ Pony Parts, we modify them so they’ll work with GT, V6, or EcoBoost models.

For less than $200, adding a new shift knob will benefit a part of your Mustang you use every day by improving the feel of your shifts. It also looks great.

No tools are required for this install. All you’ll need is the product and some Loctite for extra grip. Simply unscrew the factory knob and tighten down the new replacement.

5. Clutch Spring

Many S550 owners aren't satisfied with the clutch engagement feel on their Mustang. This mostly has to do with the factory clutch spring. The stock spring is very tight, making it harder to shift quickly.

Thankfully, this is a very easy fix with an aftermarket clutch spring assist. Replacing the spring will loosen up your clutch and make it much more fun to drive.

Best of all, it only costs around $100 and takes about 20 minutes to install. The only tool you’ll need is a pair of needle nose vice grips to hold down tension on the factory spring while you remove it.

Simply reach down under the dash and find the factory spring. Engage the clutch and clamp the spring with the vice grip to release enough tension to remove it.

Improve Your Mustang S550 Modding Skills

Adding these simple but effective Mustang S550 mods will make your pony car more fun to drive than ever before. If you've already done these modifications or are looking to take your upgrades even further, check out our best S550 mods our our S550 mods under $500 guide for the next steps in your modding journey. For any future mods make sure you sign up for our newsletter for great deals on our huge selection of aftermarket parts.

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