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1983 Mustang Alternators

Alternators & Generators

Nothing beats putting your key into the ignition of your Mustang and hearing the engine roar to life. A pony car was meant to be driven, and your 1983 Mustang is happiest out on the road or track. But the worst sound is when you try to start your car and you hear the dreaded 'click click click' of the solenoid, or worse, nothing at all. If your alternator isn’t charging your battery, your car won’t start – it’s as simple as that. But even if your alternator is able to charge your battery enough to get your car started, that doesn’t mean that it’s working 100%. On any older car, especially a performance car like your ‘Stang, it is wise to take a close look at the state of your alternator. That’s where CJ Pony Parts comes in.

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1983 Alternators & Generators

Get the Power You Want

Your alternator is like a reverse electric motor. It takes the spinning force provided by your engine’s crankshaft via a pulley and belt to create electricity to start your car and charge the battery. The friction in an alternator creates a large amount of heat, and over time, this can damage the bearings and windings inside. That horrible ‘screech’ that you sometimes hear from an old alternator? That’s the sign that yours is on its last legs.

You don’t have to wait for your alternator to die, though. A qualified mechanic can do a load test on your alternator and determine if it is putting out the correct amount of power. If it isn’t, think about replacing it before it leaves you stranded.

At CJ Pony Parts, we carry many different alternators for your 1983 Mustang. Plus, our catalog is easy to search, and provides you with the photos, pricing and part details that you need to make your choice. And because we know that Mustang enthusiasts want to keep their underhood area looking sharp, we offer many different alternator finishes.

All the Accessories You Need

If your alternator needs replacing, there’s a good chance that your serpentine belts and accessory drives need attention, too. All of these spinning parts get worn over time, and can affect how well your various pumps function.

Here at CJ Pony Parts, we’re happy to offer all of these accessories and more, and most of them with fast and free shipping. That means that you can order the exact parts you need and get them delivered quickly. So browse our online selection today, replace your faulty alternator, and get back to a fully charged 1983 Mustang that is firing on all cylinders and ready to go at a moment’s notice!

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