B&M Transmission Pan Cast Aluminum Black Deep For 6R80 Automatic Transmission F-150 2009-2017



  • Constructed Of T6 Aluminum
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Additional Fluid Capacity
  • Made In The USA
MSRP $459.00
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B&M Black Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission Pan for all 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 F-150s with a 6R80 Automatic Transmission.

If you’re looking to increase the fluid capacity and heat dissipation from the transmission in your 2009-2017 F-150 with a 6R80 Automatic Transmission this B&M 70394 Black Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission Pan is the perfect fit for you. This deep aluminum transmission pan will increase your fluid capacity to 3.25 quarts.

Constructed of A356.0-T6 cast aluminum, this deep transmission pan is extremely strong and durable. To promote corrosion and rust resistance a black anodized finish is applied after fabrication. The extended fins on your new deep transmission pan significantly increase the heat dissipation to prolong the life of the transmission and related components. The pan is topped off with an engraved B&M logo to add some style to the performance you’re putting under your F-150 hood.

Features and Benefits:
- Constructed of A356.0-T6 aluminum
- Black anodized finish
- Additional fluid capacity
- Fill plug
- Magnetic drain plug
- Larger pan with increased depth
- Temperature sensor fitting
- Increased fluid capacity of 3.25 quarts
- Includes all hardware and installation instructions
- Made in the USA

- Color/Finish: Black Anodized
- Material: A356.0-T6 Aluminum
- Filler Plug Included: No
- Drain Plug Included: Yes
- Drain Plug Type: Magnetic
- Temp Sensor Port: Yes
- Bolt/Studs Included: Yes
- Bolt Count: 21
- Additional Fluid Capacity (qts): 3.25
- Fits Trans Model: 6R80
- Gasket Included: Yes

Often times, upgrading your vehicle also means that you have to upgrade other components to be able to handle the extra power. One of the components most frequently requiring an upgrade is the driveline parts, and one of the leaders in providing those parts is B&M Racing. CJ Pony Parts has many parts from B&M Racing, giving you lots of ways to get your vehicle ready to perform.

Order this B&M 70394 Black Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission Pan for your 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017 F-150 with a 6R80 Automatic Transmission today from CJ Pony Parts.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Freddy: Hey, Freddy with CJ Off-Road. Keeping the transmission cool and lubricated is always important, so today we're going to be installing this B&M Deep Dish Transmission Pan on our 2016 F-150. I have Jeremy from B&M. What can you tell me about this transmission pan?

Jeremy: Thanks for having me Freddy. Yeah this is our new pan. It fits the 2009 and up F-150s. The 6R80 transmission. Gives you a little bit more of a fluid capacity. Has cooling fins here to keep it cool if you're out towing or just playing around off-road, whatever you're doing. It's got a very convenient drain plug right here, so if you need to change the fluid, no mess, just pop that out. Fluid runs out, also have an accessory port here if you want get a transmission temperature gauge.

Freddy: Awesome. Let's get to the installation. Tools you'll need for this installation: A lift or a jack and jack stands; 8 mm socket; an extension; 3/16" hex key; 3/8" hex key; 3/8" ratchet; a torque wrench; 8 mm wrench; 19 mm wrench; some rubber hose to fill the transmission; and 10-1/2 quarts of Mercon LV Fluid.

All right we've got the truck up in the air. What's the first thing we should do?

Jeremy: Well Freddy, we're going to start by taking off this fiber skid plate. There's two bolts up here and then there's one on each side. Drop that and we'll be ready for the tranny pan.

Freddy: All right. Easy enough. There's four bolts on here and they're all 8 mm. Okay, so we're about ready to drop the transmission pan. Now there's no drain plug on the factory one so it's probably going to make a mess when we remove all the bolts, so we have this big piece of cardboard we're going to put on the ground and a drain pan, just to catch all the fluid that comes out because most likely it's going to make a mess.

Jeremy: Okay, now that we've got the skid plate off, we're going to take off all these bolts around the tranny pan. You'll need a 8 mm socket. We're going to start up here at the front and just slowly let the pan come down, so the fluids going to come out, like you said earlier, this is going to be a messy job. That's why we put a drain plug in the replacement tranny pan that's going to go on there. Makes things a lot easier.

As we're removing these, you don't have to worry about putting them someplace special or dropping them into your pan, because our new tranny pan is going to come with new supplied hardware, so you are not going to reuse these.

Freddy: All right, as you can see a lot of fluid's coming out. Just keep removing the bolts, but try to keep the draining controlled so you can easily catch it. You definitely don't want three quarts of ATF all over your driveway or garage.

For the majority of the bolts on this transmission pan, you can use an 8 mm socket, but for the four in the very back of the pan, they're kind of hard to see, you're probably going to need a 8 mm racketing wrench. It's just not a good area for a socket to get into.

Jeremy: You might want to do this after the vehicle's cooled off a little bit because it's right over the exhaust. You don't want to be wrenching over a hot exhaust.

Freddy: Exactly. Okay, we're removing the final bolt now and this is the part where if you're not careful, it can get extremely messy, because once this bolt is out, the pan is free and there's still quite a bit of fluid in the pan.

Jeremy: Now we're back here at the bench. We've got the old pan off. We've got the new one here. We've got a magnet in the factory pan that we're going to transfer over to our B&M pan, but we do have to bolt it in since this is aluminum, it's not going to be magnetic. Let's get that one off. Let's get that wiped up and use our supplied hardware and we will bolt it in.

Freddy: All right, we've got the magnet nice and clean.

Jeremy: We're going to put some Loctite here on our bolt threads. Make sure it doesn't go anywhere. Put the washer in place. Take your bolt with the lock washer, run it down finger tight and then take a 5/32" hex, go ahead and tighten it down.

Freddy: While we're at the table we're going to install the drain plug and the accessory pipe plug while we're here, just going to make it a little easier than doing it while it's on the truck. Sine we're not using a transmission temperature sensor, we're going to be installing this pipe plug. If you wanted to run a transmission sensor, you can. You just wouldn't be installing this plug.

You need to reinstall the transmission filter first and make sure it's in place. You kind of need to hold it, otherwise it will fall out. Then we can install the pan. We've got two bolts in, which will keep the gasket nice and in place, now we can install the other bolts. These four bolts in the back of the transmission pan are pretty tricky to get to. If you don't want to drop the exhaust, to get to the bolt provided with B&M you're probably going to need one of these hex keys with a ball end on it, so you can tighten them at an angle, or you can use the factory hardware with an 8 mmm wrench, or you can drop this pipe and then get to them that way.

We're going to go around and tighten up the rest of the bolts on the pan, then in a criss-cross pattern we'll torque them to 98" pounds. Okay, we got them all snug, now we're going to torque them to 98" pounds, or about 8.1 ft pounds. We're finally at the point where we can fill this. In order to fill the transmission we have to remove the factory dipstick, which is right here. It's a 19 mm socket. Just thread it out, set it aside.

Now there's a couple different ways you can fill this. You can use a hand pump. We're going to go the old school way. We're going to put some hose into the port where the dipstick came out of. Then we're going to run this hose up and out of the wheel well and gravity feed the fluid into it. We have the hose in the port and it's running up to the top of the tire out of the wheel well and then we're going to gravity feed it with fluid. We have a little nozzle on our ATF bottle. We'll just gravity feed it with the hose. This might take a little time, but it's the old school method and you don't need any special tools for this.

Okay, that's one quart. Now we're just going to add about two more and then we'll keep periodically checking the level. Okay, so we've added all of our fluid. To properly check and fill this, the truck needs to be on, in park, at operating temperature and you need the fluid to be right here on the dipstick. Now this is with it at operating temperature, in park, and on. Once you get it about here, you should be good to go.

All right, so we added our 10-1/2 quarts to the transmission. Got it filled up pretty good. Now the last thing we have to do is reinstall the splash guard. Our installation's finished.

Jeremy: Okay Freddy, so we got the B&M tranny pan installed. Besides being messy, a lot of that going on, a lot of fluids everywhere, what do you think?

Freddy: Like you said, I'm pretty much covered in ATF right now. I can definitely see the benefit of the pan. It's got the drain plug on it, which will make future servicing so much easier. I really can't believe there isn't a drain plug on it. I can see how the cooling fins are definitely going to help in the extra capacity. You know we do some tongue with this thing, so the cooling effect will really help out with that. Once you get the hang of it, installation's really not that bad. Should only take about 2-1/2 hours. Really the most tedious part is probably adding the fluid and just keep on checking it. You will need 10-1/2 quarts, but other than that, installation's not too bad and before you know it, you'll be heading off-road.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following F-150 years:

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