Blowfish Racing Manual Shifter Support Bracket 2015-2021

Blowfish Racing:
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  • Realigns The 1-2 Shift Gates
  • Prevent Gear Change Grinding
  • Prevents High RPM Lockouts
  • Made In The USA
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Blowfish Racing Manual Shifter Support Bracket for all 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Mustangs.

Although Ford has made a few changes to the shifter and the manual transmission when compared to the previous generation, the new 2015-2021 Mustang suffers from the same short comings that its outgoing predecessor suffered from. Blowfish Racing has stepped up once again to transform your 2015-2021 V6, EcoBoost, or GT Mustang into a world class performer with help from their all-new manual shifter support bracket!

Features and Benefits:
- Ford Blue Powder-Coated Finish
- Includes all the Necessary Mounting Hardware
- Installs Easily, with Basic Hand Tools
- Will Drastically Improves Shift Accuracy
- Realigns the 1-2 Shift Gates to Prevent Gear Change Grinding
- Prevents Annoying High RPM Lockouts
- Helps Prolong Synchro Life
- Integrated NHRA Legal Driveshaft Safety Loop

*Will work with ALL manual transmission V6, EcoBoost, and GT 2015-2017 Mustangs.
*Include step-by-step instructions and additional brackets for a universal installation.

Please Note: This shifter support bracket will work with any of the aftermarket shifters that do not replace the shifter box which includes Steeda Tri Ax and Ford Racing but won’t work with Barton and MGW due to the replacement of the shifter box.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Bill: We are here with Steve from Blowfish Racing. If you have an 11 through 14 with a manual transmission, you're probably familiar with the Blowfish bracket, the best product on the market for curing many of the common problems with the MT82 transmission, and now it's also available for the 2015.

Steve: Yep. We have the new bracket that's going to be able to work with the 2015s. It will work with the EcoBoost four, the six, and the V8, and it'll do the same job as the 11 to 14 version did, only we've included some of the changes that we're making in the Rev 2 that will include an isolated mount so to get rid of the vibration issues.

Bill: Yeah. Tell us more about that bracket. That's the first thing you look at. You see that it's way different than the one I'm used to looking at.

Steve: Right. Certain shifters have had issues with noise being generated through this bracket and so what we've done is the clamp that goes around the shifter box is now isolated. That takes that vibration that gets transferred from the transmission through into the shifter and gets rid of it, just knocks it right out.

Bill: Okay, and the installation on this product pretty much similar to the old one if you've done a Blowfish bracket in the past, the 15's kind of similar.

Steve: It's very similar, yep.

Bill: Okay. Let's get one installed and see how it works.

Steve: Let's do it.

Bill: For this installation, you need a lift or a Jack and Jack stands, 3/8 ratchet, 10 millimeter shallow socket, 15 millimeter socket, two 12-inch extensions, a universal swivel, and a 15 millimeter ratcheting wrench.

If you ever worked on an 11 through 14, this is pretty familiar, it looks kind of the same as it did underneath there but the transmission is a little further back, which is why there's a need for a new bracket. What's going to be the first step of the installation?

Steve: First we're going to want to remove the factory rear bracket.

Bill: Okay, the rubber mount installed in the center of it.

Steve: Rubber mount, right.

Bill: Okay.

Steve: While Ford made some notable improvements with their new shifter, it still does lack the precision and feel that you would come to expect from an aftermarket shifting.

Bill: Once you unbolt it, I guess now we can remove it.

Steve: Yep.

Bill: Seriously. Look how soft and flexible that is. Wow.

Steve: We'll start the Blowfish install by putting the upper bracket in. The rubber isolation mounts need to face rearward and it's going to be a tight fit so just worm it around and it will go in.

Bill: Basically put it up from the underside, flip it up over the driveshaft.

Steve: Yep, and try to get the ...

Bill: Shifter bucket out of the way if you can.

Steve:... bracket. Yep

Bill: There you go. There definitely is less room than it was in the 11 through 14.

Steve: Definitely.

Bill: There we go.

Steve: Just get it behind and then let it sit. Next, we're going to loosen up the three bolts just so we do with the older model.

Bill: Quarter inch like before?

Steve: Quarter inch out. Yep.

Bill: Okay.

Steve: Then we're going to take the lower bracket and place it on the bolts.

Bill: Okay. Then just tighten it down.

Steve: Then tighten them back down.

Next, we're going to take the and lift the shifter up and bring the upper bracket over to where it mates up with the lower bracket. Then we're going to start bolting it in.

Bill: Okay. You don't worry about the bracket, the mount for the bucket just yet.

Steve: Just yet, right.

Bill: Okay. You install the bolts from the inside out.

Steve: Yeah. That allows the most clearance for driveshafts.

Bill: Like previous models, no clearance issues with aftermarket driveshafts.

Steve: Nope. They all fit.

This is a preproduction unit. The production units are going to be using carriage bolts to attach the upper and lower brackets. It'll make it a one-tool job, make it a lot easier to fit things in.

We'll leave these bolts loose for now so that we can get the bracket together and set the distance from the floorboard.

Bill: Okay. Now we put the bracket on the back of the transmission. The shifter bucket itself.

Steve: Yep, the lower clamp will go up behind and engage with the grommets.

Bill: Okay.

Steve: We're going to put the lower clamp up against the bottom of the shifter box mount and then engage the grommets that are on the upper bracket.

Bill: Okay. You're basically going to put it on and then slide it forward.

Steve: Yep.

Bill: Okay.

Steve: To make it a little easier to get the lower clamp installed, take a little grease around the pins and that will ease it ...

Bill: Okay, make them slide a little bit easier.

Steve: Yeah. Next, we're going to take the upper clamp half and place it on top and then bolt them together.

Bill: Okay.

Steve: Next, the last step is all we need to do is raise the upper clamp up and tighten it down. The one difference between the 2011 and 14 to the 15 model is that the way the shifter goes into the body, you don't have to lower it back down again. You just push it right up against the top and then cinch them down.

Bill: Okay, so where the 11 through 14, that gap was very important. On here just push it up and tighten it down.

Steve: Yep.

Bill: Easy enough.

Steve: Tada.

Bill: All right. Once we're all tightened down, your installation is finished.

Steve: That's it.

Bill: Go take it for a ride.

Just like in the previous models, before you even move, you can feel a difference. When you put the car in gear, it just has a much more solid feel. The factory shifter in the 15 is definitely improved from 11 through 14. This actually takes it up even a notch over that. Now let's take it for a ride and see how it drives.

There is no noise from the shifter at all. I'm at 3500 to 4 grand where sometimes you might get some resonance. No noise whatsoever. The shifts are nice and tight and it goes into gear just like it should.

We did the video on the other 11 through 14 version of the Blowfish and a lot of people hit me up online and asked me is it really that much of a difference. I said it before and I'll say it again with the 15, it is. It really makes a difference, it gives the car such a much better feel for the transmission. If you have an MT82 in your Mustang, this is a part you should definitely have.

Unfortunately it's cold out and we're on stock Pirellis. Any kind of hardcore power shifting isn't going to happen. We'll give it a couple of quick shifts and see how it does. Yeah, it feels great.

I was a big fan of this bracket on the 11 through 14 and Steve, man, you did it again. On the 15, it works great as well. No noise whatsoever, slight increase in vibration through the shifter but it's a direct mount, that's to be expected. This thing works great, fairly easy to install. Anybody with a 15 with a manual transmission, this is definitely the solution. Thanks again. We appreciate.

Steve: Thanks for having me.

Bill: Have a good day.

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