Corsa Axle-Back Sport Exhaust System 3" Stainless Steel With Black Tips GT500 2013-2014 With Ford Rear Lower Valance For Quad Tip Exhaust GT/Boss 302 2013-2014

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Corsa 3" Stainless Steel and Black Tips Sport Axle-Back Exhaust System With Ford Rear Lower Valance for Quad Tip Exhaust for all 2013-2014 GT/Boss 302 Mustangs.

Are you trying to achieve the look of a 2013-14 GT500 and get a louder and throatier exhaust note for your 2013-14 GT/Boss 302? The addition of a Corsa axle-back exhaust system will boost horsepower and make a serious improvement in the sound department. Corsa's Sport system features a dual rear exit 3" axle-back with quad 4" stealthy black Pro Series exhaust tips. The kit is uniquely designed to provide the best performance possible while giving you the aggressive sound you crave. When coupled with the OEM Ford factory rear lower valance for the 2013-2014 GT500, you can get the look and the sound you desire.

The valance is a direct replacement for the 2013-2014 GT500 but can be installed on your 2013-2014 Mustang so you can install quad exhaust. Ford's GT500 valance can be installed directly onto 2013 Boss 302s and 2013-2014 California Specials without modification. However, the 2013-2014 V6 and GT factory rear bumper covers will need to be modified to accept the GT500 valance. V6 and GT Mustangs have markings on the backside of the bumper cover to show where to cut for this installation.

Features and Benefits:
- Unique styling of the 13-14 GT500
- Packaged together in one kit from CJ Pony Parts
- Stainless Steel Construction
- Easy Installation
- OEM fit and finish 

Only the finest 304 stainless steel is used to construct Corsa's high performance exhaust systems. High quality metal ensures the look and sound of your exhaust won't change over the life of your vehicle. The extraordinarily durable exhaust sheds 6 pounds from the stock axle-back. The Corsa axle-back is 50-state emissions legal. Quickly install Corsa's axle-back with easy bolt-on installation. All hardware and detailed, full-color instructions are included. Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Berea, Ohio.

*2013-2014 V6 and GT Mustangs require cutting for installation of the quad tip rear lower valance.

Order the Corsa Stainless Steel 4" Black Quad Tip Sport Axle-Back Exhaust System w/ Ford Rear Lower Valance for Quad Tip Exhaust for your 13-14 Mustang GT/Boss 302 from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

If you're a Mustang enthusiast, it's pretty much impossible not to be a fan of the 2013 GT 500. With it's massive power, huge brakes, and electronic suspension, it's one of the best performance Mustangs ever made. One of the most physical striking features of the GT 500 is the quad tip exhaust. Ever since that showed up, a lot of GT owners asked if they could add that system to their 2013 through 2014 GT. Well today we're going to show you how to do that using parts from Ford and Corsa Performance Exhaust.

This is the factory Ford piece found on the lower valance of the GT 500 for 2013 through 2014 allowing the use of the quad tips. This actually can be installed on your Mustang GT. It will require a little bit of cutting, but it's really no big deal to do so. You can actually install the system with a stock GT 500 exhaust. We're going to take it up a notch though, and go with the Corsa performance. We're going with the Corsa Performance Sports Series, which falls right between their extreme, which is their loudest system, and the touring which is slightly quieter. All the Corsa systems use reflective sound canceling, which is a patented technology that gives you a real aggressive tone at wide open throttle, but for normal cruising they offer no drone at all.

The Corsa Performance Exhaust is absolutely gorgeous to look at. It's full 304 stainless steel construction with 3" pipes going through a set of their sport mufflers, and you get a set of their pro series 4" polished stainless steel tips. These will install using the factory hangers on your '13 through '14 GT 500, or any '13 through '14 GT using the conversion valance. Believe it or not, there are still 2013 Mustangs with stock exhaust. We're going to give you a sound clip before we begin the installation. It's not bad, but it's a stock exhaust. Let's get it started with our install.

For this installation we're going to need jack and jack stands or lift, 1/2" wrench or impact gun, 13mm socket, 15mm socket, 3/8" ratchet, 11mm socket, drill, 5/32" drill bit, panel removal tool, small flat head screw driver, right angle Phillip's screw driver, a marker other than black, air saw, file, and safety glasses.

Like I said before, you will have to cut the bumper for the installation, which isn't as big a deal as it sounds because Ford actually makes it easy to know where to cut, which we'll get to soon. To do that, we do have to remove the bumper. The first step is to remove this rear trim panel, and then remove the taillights. Start with our panel removal with these 2 threaded inserts. Simply turn them counter-clockwise to remove. There's 2 plastic pushpins further down we can remove next. Once you get them, you simply lift up to pop to free. Disconnect your trunk light and put it aside. The taillights are held in by these 3 nuts. Have those off, disconnect the taillight at the harness, push that through, and remove the taillight.

These taillights are quite expensive, so be careful when you're handling them. The next step is to go under the wheel wells and behind the rear wheels, remove these 3 screws from each side. If you don't have a right angle screw driver, you can remove the wheel to get to them. Moving to the sides underneath the car, there's 2 clips underneath each side next to the muffler and the wheel well. These are going to be a little different, you twist the center of it off, pull down, and the clip will pop out. Now there are 4 more clips across the back, 2 tucked up in here on each of these arms, and then 2 more right in the center. Again, let's lift this centerpiece out and pull it out. These can be a little harder to remove, but don't worry about breaking them because you don't use them with the new Shelby cover, it comes with its own.

Before you can remove the bumper cover, make sure you disconnect this harness from the marker lights. We're going to pull that through. To remove the bumper cover, we'll start with the sides. Carefully just pull outward. The clips will release. Do the same thing on the other side, and you'll want to pull the cover straight out. This is the part of the installation that might cause you to freak out, it's time to cut the bumper. Like I said, Ford makes easy for you though. If you look, there's an embossed line right here that goes all the way across to the other side. This is actually right where you're going to cut out to install a Shelby rear valance. While it is scary to cut your bumper, at least you know where you're cutting and it's hard to screw it up.

What you're going to be doing is grab a marker of some sort other then black, and just draw right over that line so you have something a little bit easier to see than that little indentation. Now it's time to cut. Again, take your time here. Be careful. As long as you follow that line, you'll be fine. Now we're going to go back through and carefully de-burr it and clean it up. I'm going to start removing these clips now so I can remove the factory rear insert. Just push the piece into the center and slowly slide it down. To remove the reflectors, simply squeeze these together and push them through. Now there's 9 additional clip holes we have to cut out. 1, 2 here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 across the center. Then 2 more on the other side on the exhaust cutout. Once again we'll grab our marker and we'll outline where we're cutting out.

Now we've got to cut these out for the clips. They're small so you really can't get your air saw in there. The easiest thing to do is to grab a drill, basically just drill a bunch of small holes straight across, and use the drill to open it up. The plastic is soft, so get the drill seated and push in, it'll grip, and drill your first hole. Once we have everything cut out, we're going to get a real small dremel bit, just go back through and clean up the holes a little bit. You want to do the same thing for all 9 holes, just get them cleaned up and de-burred. They don't have to be perfect, but they have to be open enough for the clip to slide through. Now that the modifications are finished to the bumper cover, before we re-install it, we're going to swap out the mufflers.

We'll start by releasing the clamp located right here. Now we'll move our front and disconnect the mid pipe so we can remove the muffler. Slide off our rear clamp first. Now we'll put our new Corsa muffler up into place. Now we can re-install the over axle pipe. You want to hang the new clamp supplied by Corsa, but leave it loose for now. We're actually going to adjust it and tighten it up once our bumper cover's re-installed. Now we're going to re-install the bumper cover. Make sure you don't forget to fish the harness through to plug in the lights. Once you have the bumper covered installed, don't forget to re-plug in the harness we removed earlier. I'll re-install the screws on each side. Now I'll put the GT 500 valves up into place and line up all the clips.

Now I'll put the reflectors on, slide the tab in first, and lock it in. Now I'll take the 2 straps, re-install the factory clips. This corner here, there is no hardware included with the valance, so either get a Christmas tree clip from your local hardware store or auto parts store, or you can put a small nut and bolt in. While you're underneath the car, re-install the 4 factory lower bumper cover clips. Once you have the valance and bumper tightened down, go back through and tighten up the exhaust. Fish the harness through to re-install our taillights. Taillights are on, you're going to re-install your rear trim panel, and your installation's finished. It looks absolutely killer, let's see how it sounds.

It's a real nice aggressive sound, definite overwhelming, and the best part, you know with course it's going to have that aggressive tone, but on the highway you're not going to get any drone at all. It's pretty obvious why this is so popular, because the quad tip conversion looks absolutely killer on the back of our 2013 GT. The worst part of the installation is the cutting. You do have to cut the bumper, but you follow the line that's already there from Ford and it really isn't too bad. Our Corsa mufflers fit beautifully and sound even better. The whole thing will probably take you around 2 hours, you should be back on the road in no time.

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