cp-e Cold Air Intake Kit With DFlow Filter Focus ST 2013-2014

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cp-e Cold Air Intake Kit with a DFlow Filter for all 2013-2014 Focus STs.

One of the easiest ways to add power to any turbocharged vehicle is with an aftermarket cold air intake kit. This holds especially true with the 2013-2014 Ford Focus ST. That is why cp-e just released their all-new cold air intake kit with a DFlow filter as a direct replacement for the Focus ST's restrictive factory intake. The cp-e cold air intake allows the most air possible to your turbo for maximum power.

- 4" DFlow Air Filter (non-oiled)
- Full 3" Mandrel-Bent Intake Tubing
- CNC-Bent 18-Gauge Stainless Steel Intake Box
- Clear Plexiglass Air Box Cover
- Installs in the Stock Location
- Includes All Necessary Mounting Hardware

These cold air intake kits from cp-e are available with a Black, Race Red, or Tangerine Scream powder coated finish to match the exterior of your Focus ST for a custom look under the hood.

Each intake kit comes with a full 3” mandrel bent intake tube for increased air flow. Welded onto the tube are a CNC-lathed port for the PCV system, a CNC-milled MAP bung, and a laser cut support bracket. The intake tube attaches to a massive air box through a 5-ply silicone elbow and a CNC-lathed aluminum bellmouth. This velocity stack bellmouth smoothly compresses the air from 4” to 3”, providing a minimal amount of energy loss which leads to higher air speeds through the intake tube.

The included 4” DFlow air filter in these specific kits is designed by cp-e to provide the most free flowing air flow possible. With a dry, non-oiled filter, maintenance is easy and care-free.

The air box used in cp-e's cold air intake kits are laser cut and CNC-bent from 18-gauge stainless steel for long lasting durability. Stainless steel is a great choice for this application both for its resistance to corrosion and its thermal properties that allow the interior of the box to stay cool even when the box itself heats up. The air box utilizes both stock fresh air ducts, and also sucks up cool fresh air from the wheel well. The air box is topped off by a clear plexiglass cover to seal the DFlow air filter from the heat. This clear cover also provides a unique view and easy access to the air filter for cleaning. Lastly, the air box easily mounts in the factory location with the laser cut brackets and CNC-lathed mounting feet.

Order one of cp-e's Cold Air Intake Kits with a DFlow Filter for your 2013-2014 Focus ST from CJ Pony Parts today!

Note: This item is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

One of the first modifications many Focus ST owners do is a nice cold air kit. A good aftermarket cold air kit is going to provide a much better sound than the factory symposer. Beating the factory original, it's going of add some horsepower as well. One of the hottest kits right now is this new kit here from cp-e, which includes the pipe, this custom air box, and everything needed for installation.

Today we're going to show you how to install it using this 2014 Focus ST. The kits available in your choice of a synthetic oiled filter or a dry filter. For our application we went with the synthetic oiled filter. The kit includes the filter, the custom air box with a Plexiglas lid, a three inch mandrel bent inlet tube, and all the necessary hardware for installation.

We'll be installing the black kit on our Blue ST, this kit is also available in the Race Red, or Tangerine Scream. For this installation we need a 3/8" ratchet, 1/4" ratchet, 15 mm Socket, 12 mm deep socket, 10 mm socket, 8 mm socket, 7 mm socket, short 3/8" extension, short 1/4" extension, 3/16" allen key, 5/64" allen key, 1" or an adjustable wrench, 10 mm wrench, phillips head screwdriver, an a flashlight.

Because the area you're working, the fact that we're moving a lot of sensors, the first thing we're going to do is disconnect the battery.

To make it a lot easier to get the cold air kit installed we're going to remove the cowl, to do so we're going to start by taking off the wipers. We want to make a small mark when you take the wiper off, that way when we put I back on we make sure it gets aligned properly.

We're going to remove the wiper arm, pull it up, you want to shimmy it back and forth, that will make it loose and then it will pop off.

Once the wipers are off we need the covers off both sides. Once the covers are off you can access the lower mounting bolts. You want to clearance the washer hose, so pull this out of the way here, and pull up on the back. Then we can lift the cowl up.

Disconnect your symposer tube from underneath, and put the cowl aside.

We're going to remove the engine cover now to give us a little bit more room to work.

Remove the vacuum line, just pinch the top and bottom, put that out of the way. Disconnect the map sensor. Now you can remove the top tube, start with the hose clamps.

I'm going to remove the top bolt here, which actually brackets the top inlet tube to the engine. Once the inlet tube is out the way, now we can work on the factory air boxes. This whole thing is actually going to come out as one assembly. You start up front here, simply pull up on this rubber flap.

Once we remove the box then we'll remove the lower air duct as well. Now we're going to move over to work on the tube that comes off of your turbo. We're going to remove the bolt here and the stud here to remove the bracket.

This part is going to be harder to see this. There is going to be a hose clamp down here at the bottom. We want to grab a 7 mm for this one, reach down and loosen it up, then we can take off the turbo tube.

The last part of this assembly is remove the PCV line.

CPE includes a new hose for your PCV because it's going to have to be longer. You won't need the fitting that goes in the engine side though, just want to spin and twist to remove that.

You want to install the fitting to the new hose by kind of following the curve, you don't want to be an S, you want to kind of complete the C.

We're going to tighten down with this applied hose clamp.

You're tightening down on plastic, so don't over tighten, just get it so it's snug.

You want to remove a few things from your factory air box, starting with this foot right here, which we're going to transfer to our new intake.

Before you put it aside, you want to remove the map sensor from your factory air box.

Now we're ready to start prepping the cp-e air box for installation. You want to grab that rubber foot you removed off of the factory one, it's going to slide right in here.

The other mounting bracket is included, put that in place, grab this applied bolt and washer. The other supplied aluminum foot is going to go at the bottom of the box here. Now you want to install the sensor on the new CPE tube using the supplied hardware.

Next step in assembling the air box is going to be installing the filter. You want to start by grabbing the bell mouth. It's going to go into the filter from the top. Basically want to get it flush. Then tighten down the hose clamp.

Now we'll put the filter in the air box, the other end of the bell mouth coming out the side here, then screw it in using the supply hardware. You don't want to tighten down all the way, get it tight enough to hold it in place, so you can get the other screws started. Once you have them all lined up you can go back and tighten them all down.

We want to take the short air duct from the factory box, sort of lay it in here, it's not going to snap in place, but it'll be help in once it goes back in the car.

Now we're going to install the silicone coupler to the turbo. The smaller end is going to go down on the turbo. You want to put the hose clamp on first, make sure you leave the clamp in a place where you can actually get to it to tighten it up.

Now we're going to install the inlet pipe itself. Again you want to make sure you put the hose clamp on first, put it in some kind of way where you can reach it.

We're going to get the hose clamp in place. You don't want to tighten it yet, just tighten it up a little bit so it doesn't move around. Now we're going to install the PCV hose.

We want to carefully re-route the wire for the MAP sensor because we moved it, it's a little further of a stretch than it was before.

Next put the box into place, again using the factory locations. We're going to put both hose clamps on the 60 degree tube, start by putting on the inlet tube itself. We're going to twist it onto our box. You'll need the tube as far on the filter as possible before tightening it down.

Now we're going to bolt the inlet tube to the engine. Now that everything is seated we can go back and tighten down the fitting, the clamp on the turbo.

We're going to install the other factory inlet tube.

We're going to install the stud for our engine cover. Make sure you get it in the right location. Don't forget to reconnect this vacuum line here, then we put the engine cover on and reinstall our cowl.

The last step is to install the supplied Plexiglas cover.

Your installation is finished.

Our cp-e cold air kit sounds great. You can really, really hear the turbo blowout valve now through the intake.

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