Door Beltline Weatherstrip Set 1967-1968

CJ's Part Number:
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  • Premium Quality Rubber
  • Four Weather-stripping Pieces
  • Properly Seals Window
  • OEM Style Replacement

Set of Door Beltline Weatherstrip for all 1967-1968 Mustangs.

Make sure the doors on your 1967-1968 Mustang are protected from water with this set of door beltline weatherstrip, available today from CJ Pony Parts! Also known as "cat whiskers," this weatherstrip runs along the tip of your Mustang's door and quarter window edge. It will help prevent water from running down inside your door by wiping it off of your windows as you roll them down.

Features and Benefits:
- Premium Quality Rubber
- Four Weatherstripping Pieces
- Properly Seals to Keep Out Contaminants

This set of four (4) door beltline weatherstrip pieces will cover the inside and outside of your front doors.

For many Mustangs, CJ Pony Parts has any piece of individual weatherstrip you need, plus full weatherstrip kits, so you can completely replace every piece, keeping water outside where it belongs!

Order a Set of Door Beltline Weatherstrip for your 1967 or 1968 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Do you need to replace weatherstripping? It pretty much comes with the territory of owning a classic Mustang. Rubber seals over time are going to dry out, crack, and eventually, they're going to disintegrate. The Beltline Weatherstrip on your classic Mustang's doors is probably one of the worst. Once the Beltline starts to go, water gets in your doors, which can lead to rust issues down the road. It also looks bad. It can be very uncomfortable when cruising if you like to put your arm up on you door. Today, we're going to show you how to replace the Beltline Weatherstrip on this '67 Mustang convertible.

This is the four-piece Beltline kit for the '67 through '68 coupe, convertible, or fastback. This is the outer Beltline, which is available separately. This includes the inner as well. It's also sometimes known as cat whiskers. We also offer eight-piece kits, which include the quarter window weatherstrip for both the coupes and convertibles.

For this installation, you'll need a Phillips head screwdriver, a 3/8-inch ratchet, 3/8-inch socket, door panel removal tool, plastic pry bar, flashlight, a punch, and a small hammer. This is typical to Beltline found in a classic Mustang. As you can see, it's completely dried out. This piece is missing. It's cracked. It's definitely time for replacement.

To be able to remove the factory beltline, you have to make sure the window drops down a little bit further, so you can get it off the door. To do that, we'll pull the door panel off and remove the window stop. We're going to start with the Phillips head screw holding the door handle on. Now remove the window crank the same way. Now we're going to remove our armrest. The two bolts in the bottom of the armrest hold it to the door.

Our last step before we can remove the panel is to take the remote for our mirror off. The bezel is simply going to unscrew. Then you want to grab a door panel removal tool, remove the clips holding the door panel to your door. Carefully peel back the water shield so you can access the inside of the door. Then you want to reinstall the cranks and put the window all the way up. No need to screw it back on, just slide it over the regulator.

This is the window stop we're going to want to remove so we can get the window down far enough to remove the original beltline and prepare for installation of the new. Now you can see, when you roll our window back down, it's going to go below the beltline, allowing us to remove it.

To remove the Beltline from the car, we're going to start on the outside. The first thing we'll do is remove this Phillips head screw from the end. Once you remove the screw from the end, everything else will be held on by clips. If the car has got a nice paint job, you'll probably want to put tape along the edge to make sure you don't damage it. We recommend using a plastic pry bar to remove this, but anything you can fit from a screwdriver to a small pry bar will work fine.

In our case, some of this weatherstripping is so dried, it's simply just cracking and falling apart. Now we're going to remove the inner beltline the in the same fashion. Before we install the new beltline, we want to make sure that any of the pieces that are sticking up from the removal of the old tabs, we're going to grab a punch and a small hammer and just flatten them out as much as you can. That'll make sure your beltline fits flush against the door.Now we're ready to install our outer Beltline Weatherstrip. They are side specific. You are going to have the flat on one side and this curve on the other. The curve is going to go to the outside back of the door, so make sure you grab the correct side. To install it, we're just going to line it up with our holes, press the tabs in.

Now we're ready to install the inner beltline. Again, they're side specific. Make sure this curve is at the back. Also, make sure the chrome side is towards the top. If you recall, we removed the screw when we took our factory beltline off. In the case of our aftermarket, if it's tight enough, the screw's not required. If this were to stick out at all, you can drill a hole and reinstall the screw.

Now we're going to put our window up for the first time, so we can reinstall the stop. The first time up, the glass is going to be really tight against the weatherstripping. It's perfectly normal. You can see how our stripping is now nice and tight against our glass.

We're going to reinstall the window stop next. We're going to put a little bit of lubricant on the bottom, to make it easier to go back into the base. Now we're going to reassemble our door.

Our new weatherstripping looks great. It's going to stop water from getting in our doors, as well as it's going to protect our Mustang. Installation, figure about an hour per side. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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