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Electronic Ignition

Have you grown tired of your Ford F-100’s stock ignition system? If so, a little modernization can go a long way towards helping your classic pickup perform much better on the roadway and the trail. If you are looking to put an extra pep in your truck’s step, it would be wise to browse through CJ’s assortment of Ford F-100 Electronic Ignition parts. In addition to F-100 electronic ignition systems, CJ’s carries everything that you need to add a modern touch to your pickup. If you want the best electronic ignition parts for Ford F-100s, look no further than CJ’s!

As great as it is to display your Ford F-100 at a showroom or at a summertime car event, there is nothing like getting your classic pickup back on the road once more. Once you have all of the proper OE components, you have the power at your disposal to rebuild your beloved F-100 to match its original condition. However, because they have not been in production since the early 1980s, it can be difficult to find the Concours Correct F-100 parts that you need for your specific rig.

Welding all of the reproduction body & sheet metal parts into place and refurbishing the interior are obviously two of the most important tasks, but your truck is not going anywhere unless you give the engine compartment the attention that it deserves! Your truck’s engine bay is home to many different collections of parts, including sections of the transmission and the brakes, as well as the ignition system. It may have been appropriate at the time, but your Ford F-100’s ignition system is rather outdated in the present day.

Rather than trucking along with what they have, many classic truck owners elect to make the switch to F-100 electronic ignition systems at some point or another! Straight from the assembly line, your truck’s ignition system features breaker points, which often require a great deal of TLC and adjustments over the years. In contrast, a Ford F-100 electronic ignition eliminates the need for breaker points, which simplifies the ignition process and is much easier to maintain than your original system.

While no breaker points are present, an F-100 electronic ignition system still goes through the process of stopping the electric current flow and providing that current to the spark plug through the distributor cap. However, unlike your factory system, an F100 electronic ignition uses only cobalt magnets and no other moving parts to create a spark. Going along with the theme of making things easier both for the driver and for the engine itself, Ford F-100 electronic ignition systems are easy to install in the distributor in the same location as the dearly departed breaker points.

The list of benefits that a new F100 electronic ignition system offers is seemingly endless. First and foremost, a Ford F100 electronic ignition will provide your classic pickup with a better-timed spark, which will not only essentially guarantee that your rig will start on the first attempt, but will also provide it with more horsepower. In addition to the increased horses, the enhanced timing system as a result of the F-100 electronic ignition will improve your vehicle’s fuel economy as well.

Find the Best F-100 Electronic Ignition Systems at CJ’s

When it comes to prolonging the life of your classic Ford F-100, your rig will only go as far as the ignition system, more specifically, the spark plugs, takes it. The heavy volume of electricity combined with the scorching hot temperatures under the hood puts plenty of wear and tear on the spark plugs as it is, and when you factor in the breaker points, your truck’s ignition system will require a fair amount of maintenance over the years. However, with a new Ford F100 electronic ignition, you will save yourself both time and effort and prolong the life of your spark plugs in one-fell-swoop.

Whether you are hoping to achieve some performance gains or if you simply do not wish to spend as much time working on your truck, you cannot go wrong with a new F100 electronic ignition system! Luckily for you, CJ’s is your one-stop-shop for the best F100 electronic ignition system parts around! The fine folks at Petronix have provided CJ’s with premium F-100 electronic ignition ignitors for both V6 and V8 engines, depending on what your pickup is sporting under the hood.

Petronix manufactures three different F-100 electronic ignition ignitors known as Ignitor, Ignitor II, and Ignitor III, and CJ’s is proud to offer all three models. All of the F100 electronic ignition ignitors from Petronix will increase burn time, improve combustion, give you more horsepower and improve mileage, but each model is different in terms of what it offers. Obviously, Ignitor III is the most menacing of the trio and will cater to those F-100 owners that demand serious power.

Regardless of which option that you select, however, you can rest easy knowing that your ignition system has never been simpler and more powerful! What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ’s for the best Ford F100 electronic ignition system parts on the market today!