Ford Performance Rear Brake Kit Focus RS Focus ST 2013-2018

Ford Performance:


  • OE On The Focus RS
  • Features A Blue Finish
  • Includes Calipers,Pads & Hoses
  • For Use On 2013-2018 Focus ST
MSRP $525.00
You save 25%

Ford Performance Focus RS Rear Brake Kit for all 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Focus STs.

After adding more power to your 2013-2018 Focus ST, upgrading your brakes is a must. With this Ford Performance Focus RS Rear Brake Kit from CJ Pony Parts you are sure to get the stopping power you need! This rear brake kit comes as factory equipment on the 2016-2017 Focus RS.

Ford Performance Focus RS Rear Brake Kit M-2300-WR Benefits and Features:
- Original Equipment on the 2016-2017 Focus RS
- Improved Braking Performance
- Enhanced Inner Wheel Appearance
- RS Blue Finish

The 2016-2017 Focus RS is the Focus ST’s sportier big brother. So why wouldn’t you want upgraded parts from it? Finished in the beautiful RS blue, these rear calipers are straight from the RS and provide next level braking performance. The kit also includes rear brake rotors, RS brake brads, brake hoses and all the necessary hardware that is needed for installation.

Kit Includes:
- RS Rear Calipers
- Production ST Brake Rotors
- Production RS Brake Pads
- Brake Hoses
- All Necessary Hardware for Installation

When you purchase items from Ford Performance (formerly Ford Racing) at CJ Pony Parts, you know you're getting your items parts from a reliable, reputable dealer, since CJ Pony Parts is a Top 10 Ford Performance Dealer and has been for the last 10 years. When you buy your Ford Performance parts from CJ Pony Parts, you know you have a winning combination!

Order this Ford Performance M-2300-WR Focus RS Rear Brake Kit for your 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 Focus ST from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We recently upgraded the braking performance of our Focus ST by installing the Brembo front brakes off the Focus RS available from Ford Performance. Today we're going to finish off the Focus RS brake upgrades to our ST, buy installing the matching rear brakes also available from Ford Performance.

This Ford Performance rear brake kit is the OEM brakes found on the 2016 Focus RS, includes the rear calibers in the RS only nitrous blue color, a pair of brake hoses and a pair of brake rotors. Now I should mention as an upgrade for your 2013 through 2016 ST, this will be more cosmetic as you're getting the blue caliber, but it is the same caliber factory on the ST. however it does come with an RS specific pad with a much more aggressive compound than the stock ST pads.

For this installation, you'll need a lift or a jack and jack stands, 1/4 inch ratchet, 8mm socket, 3/8th ratchet, 13mm socket, E12 reverse torque socket, 9/16th wrench, 7/16th line wrench 7mm allen key, and a hammer.

I'm going to start by getting the car up in the air and remove the wheels. The first thing I'm going to do is remove this bracket here for the brake hose.

Line moved here. We're now just going to connect it from the hard line here. Make sure you have a pan of some sort because it will drip a little bit. Next, we're going to separate the clip here and remove the hose from this bracket. With that hose free, now we can move on to the caliber.

Before we unbolt the caliber, you want to remove the e-brake cable. Basically, you've got to pull back on this spring, push it up over the edge. Pull the cable back and out of the way. Again we're going to pop these little caps off. The guide pin bolts are underneath. With the bolts off in the back, now we just got to remove the spring from the front. Then we can remove the caliber and the pads as well.

All right with the caliber out of the way we can move on to two bolts, one here and one here to hold the caliber bracket on. Now if you have a low mileage car, the rotor might just come off. More than likely though, the you have to hit it a couple times with a hammer to get it loose. Now we can put our new rotor in place. Okay we're going to grab the new assembled loaded caliber and line it up and bolt it down.

With the caliber mounted, now we can move on to the brake hose. The first thing you want to do is pull the little plug out. Make sure you don't leave that in there. Then I'm going to thread this in. I want to make sure the bracket is on the back side of the standoff here, and we're going to make the connection on the other side first. Make sure the hose is down and is bracket tightly, and install the clip. With it mounted, now we can tighten it down.

With the hose connected on both sides, now we can secure it to the mouth. with everything mounted, our last step now is to hook up the factory emergency brake. You want to repeat the process on the other side and you're going to bleed your brakes because you disconnected the line, and your installation is finished.

The Focus RS rear brake upgrade from Ford Performance fits our ST nicely and works really well with the front brakes. Again, like I said with this, the caliber isn't really an upgrade, but the pads are and it's a brand new rotor so this is an excellent upgrade if you're looking to do pads and rotors or for a stock focus as well. Installation is pretty strati forward, taking around two hours, and be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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