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Rack and Pinion vs Steering BoxesRack and Pinion vs Steering Boxes

Steering gear boxes and rack and pinion systems both convert your steering wheel’s motion into turns, but how they do it is different. The type of steering box also affects how it works. Here are the pros and cons of these systems.

Glasspack MufflersGlasspack Mufflers

Glasspack mufflers are a polarizing topic. Whether you love them or hate them, here’s what you should know about this popular exhaust modification. There are some serious pros (and cons) to these mufflers.

What Are Coilovers? What Are Coilovers?

Coilovers are one of the most recommended suspension modifications, and for most people, they’re a great choice. Here are the pros and cons, as well as how to know whether coilovers are right for you.

What Is a Big Brake Kit?What Is a Big Brake Kit?

From sporty Mustangs to hefty off-roaders, most vehicles can benefit from a big brake kit. These kits offer a one-stop-solution to increasing braking performance. Here’s what’s included and what to know about big brake kits.

Car Warning Light Symbols and MeaningsCar Warning Light Symbols and Meanings

There are a lot of warning lights on your dashboard, it can be hard to know what all of them mean. Find out what each car light symbol means in our guide so you know what to do next.

10 Tips to Make Your Engine Last Longer10 Tips to Make Your Engine Last Longer

Properly maintaining your engine will help it run longer and prevent potential engine damage. Engine maintenance includes things like checking your cooling system, changing the oil, and inspecting for leaks. These are some of the most important things you can do to protect your engine.

What Is a Neutral Safety Switch?What Is a Neutral Safety Switch?

In automatic transmission cars, the neutral safety switch prevents the car from starting in any gear other than park or neutral. This important safety feature has been around for a long time. Though the neutral safety switch is an important safety feature, it can be annoying if it starts to go bad. There are some easy ways to see if your neutral safety switch needs to be replaced.

 What Is a MacPherson Strut? What Is a MacPherson Strut?

Many modern cars use a MacPherson strut suspension system. Though this design was first implemented in the 1950s, it's still in use today. This is partially due to its simple and effective design, which is easy to work on and modify.

Touching Up Car PaintTouching Up Car Paint

At some point, everyone damages their car’s paint. Whether it’s an errant rock or a rogue shopping cart, it’s likely you’ll end up with a scratch that needs touch-up paint eventually. Here’s everything to know about selecting and applying touch-up paint. While touch-up paint may never look perfect, with a little extra effort it can look great.

Types of Car JacksTypes of Car Jacks

You’ll need a car jack if you want to do underbody vehicle maintenance or change a flat tire. Although most cars come with a scissor jack, there are several types of jacks available. Some jacks are better suited for garage use, while others have a more portable design.

How to Find Your Chevy C10 CommunityHow to Find Your Chevy C10 Community

Whether you’ve just bought your first Chevy C10 or have been a proud owner for decades, there are plenty of ways to get involved in a C10 community. Social media and forums are a great way to get involved from the comfort of your home. C10 clubs, events, and shows allow you to meet other classic truck enthusiasts from your local community.

What Is Restomod?What Is Restomod?

A restomod build is the best of both worlds. It combines the classic styling of an old-school vehicle with modern automotive technology. Popular restomod ideas include disc brake conversions, suspension system upgrades, and switching to electronic fuel injection.

How to Find Your Mustang CommunityHow to Find Your Mustang Community

Start your journey into the Mustang enthusiast community. From online groups and social media to car shows and racing events, there’s something for every owner.

What Traction Control Is and How to Turn It OffWhat Traction Control Is and How to Turn It Off

On slippery roads, traction control can help you avoid a nasty accident. But if you’re interested in drag racing, drifting, or off-roading, you may need to disable traction control. Understanding how traction control works can help you determine when you should and shouldn’t have it on.

What Is Turbo Flutter?What Is Turbo Flutter?

Though many enthusiasts claim to love the sound of turbo flutter, compressor surge isn’t good for your car. Thankfully, there are multiple ways of preserving your turbocharger while keeping your turbo sounds in place.

How to Use Your Wrangler's Drain HolesHow to Use Your Wrangler's Drain Holes

The Jeep Wrangler is an SUV full of little surprises. One of these hidden features are the drain plugs located underneath the Wrangler's carpet. Even though everyone knows how drain plugs work, they can prove to be a useful part of your vehicle to understand.

Camber, Caster, and ToeCamber, Caster, and Toe

The three angles that matter for proper wheel adjustment are caster, camber, and toe. Whether you're planning to lower your Mustang or just want to make sure you'll have enough traction to get around a tight curve, you may need to adjust your caster and camber angles. The most common way to get the adjustability you'll need is a set of caster camber plates.

What Do Steering Stabilizers Do?What Do Steering Stabilizers Do?

A steering stabilizer isn't the be all end all solution to your suspension problems, but it is a great way to make your vehicle handle better. If you experience frequent bump steer from a lift kit or oversized tires, then a steering stabilizer might be for you.

What Are Fender Flares?What Are Fender Flares?

Fender flares are a great way to accesorize your truck or SUV's appearance. While they are an important part of your vehicle's styling, they serve some functional purposes as well.

Transmission vs TransaxleTransmission vs Transaxle

Transmissions and transaxles both transmit power from your engine to your wheels. Transmissions are usually found in RWD vehicles, while transaxles are used in FWD cars. A transaxle is a combination of a transmission, axle, and differential.

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