All About the 2001 Mustang

All About the 2001 Mustang

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2001 was an exciting year for Mustangs. The SVT Cobra was back after taking a year off, and also the first Bullitt special edition package was offered. In addition to offering two special editions, Ford added trim packages mid-year that are still in use today. “Premium” and “Deluxe” packages combined some of the comfort features that people ordered most frequently into easy to navigate bundles.

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2001 Ford Mustang Specs
Engine HP Torque
3.8L V6 193 hp 225 lb-ft
4.6L V8 260 hp 302 lb-ft
4.6L V8 (Bullitt) 265 hp 305 lb-ft
4.6L V8 (SVT Cobra) 320 hp 317 lb-ft
Retail Prices
Model Price Adj. for Inflation
Base Coupe $17,095 $24,328
Coupe Deluxe $17,660 $25,132
Coupe Premium $18,890 $26,883
Convertible Deluxe $22,510 $32,034
GT Coupe Deluxe $22,730 $32,347
GT Coupe Premium $23,880 $33,984
GT Convertible Deluxe $26,985 $38,403
GT Convertible Premium $28,135 $40,040
Bullitt Coupe $26,605 $36,328
Cobra Coupe $28,605 $40,708
Cobra Convertible $32,605 $46,401
Production Numbers and Curb Weight
Model Quantity Curb Weight
Base Coupe 75,321 3,069 lbs.
Base Convertible 30,399 3,211 lbs.
GT Coupe 26,929 3,237 lbs
GT Convertible 18,336 3,400 lbs.
Bullitt 5,582 3,241 lbs.
Cobra Coupe 3,384 3,430 lbs.
Cobra Convertible 3,367 3,560 lbs.
Color Codes and Production Numbers
Color Code Number Produced
Zinc Yellow B7 10,706
Laser Red E9 23,740
Performance Red ES 9,775
True Blue L2 15,361
Highland Green PY 3,041
Tropic Green SU 7,913
Electric Green SW 2,793
Mineral Gray TK 17,068
Black UA 24,360
Silver YN 23,119
Oxford White Z1 17,689
Interior Trim Colors
Color and Material V6 Code GT Code
Medium Graphite Cloth 92 U2
Medium Parchment Cloth 9H UH
Dark Charcoal Cloth 9W UW
Medium Graphite Leather T2 X2
Oxford White Leather TZ XZ
Medium Parchment Leather TH XH
Dark Charcoal Leather TW XW
Width 73.1 inches
Length 183.2 inches
Height 53.1 inches
Wheelbase 101.3 inches
Front Headroom 38.1 inches
Front Legroom 42.6 inches
Rear Headroom 35.5 inches
Rear Legroom 29.9 inches


Out of all the Mustangs made in 2001, the least changed in terms of performance was the V6 Mustang. Equipped with the same engine and same transmission as it had been for several years, it’s virtually identical to the 2000 and 1999 Mustang.

Though the displacement for the GT, Bullitt, and Cobra was the same, the Cobra featured a DOHC configuration that improved its performance. The Bullitt Mustang was a SOHC style engine but also had improved compression, featuring a 9.4:1 ratio as opposed to the GT’s 9.0:1. The Cobra had a 9.9:1 Compression ratio.

Dark Highland Green Mustang goes airborne over a hill
2001 Bullitt


The 4R70W four-speed automatic transmission was available as an option for both the base model and the GT Mustang, but the Bullitt and Cobra were only available as manuals. The V6 Mustang featured the T5 manual transmission for yet another year while as the GT, Cobra, and Bullitt all used the TR-3650 after February 2001 instead.

Since the TR-3650 was introduced in the middle of a year, Mustangs manufactured before this date were made with a T-45 Transmission and a 10.5” clutch. Like many other transmissions manufactured during this same period, the weakness of the TR-3650 transmission is that it’s equipped with a 10-spline input shaft. Upgrading this to a 26-spline input shaft is an easy way to improve the torque rating.

One potential problem that’s unique to the TR-3650 is having wear issues with the synchro rings. Some Mustang owners have observed that this weakness seems more pronounced in transmissions that have used synthetic transmission fluid, but the evidence on this is purely anecdotal and difficult to substantiate. Regardless, replacing the synchro rings is a good decision if you plan to keep the original transmission. Many owners simply upgraded either way.

2001 Mustang Transmission Ratios
TransmissionFirst GearSecond GearThird GearFourth GearFifth GearReverseTorque Capacity
T5 Transmission 3.34 1.93 1.29 1.00 0.67 3.15 260 lb-ft
TR-3650 3.38 1.99 1.32 1.00 0.67 3.38 360 lb-ft
4R70W 2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70 N/A 2.23 700 lb-ft

Changes for 2001 Mustang

Deluxe and Premium options were added regardless of engine selection so that comfort features like upgraded sound systems and leather seats weren’t restricted to the GT model. A V6 coupe could be purchased as a base model, a Deluxe, or a Premium, whereas convertibles were only available as Deluxe and Premium options.

Adding the Deluxe package meant that you’d get a rear spoiler, power driver’s seat and floor mats. Premium included alloy bright wheels, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an upgraded stereo system.

2001 Mustang Colors

Three new colors were offered for the 2001 Mustang: True Blue, Mineral Gray, and Dark Highland Green.

Dark Highland Green was offered exclusively for the 2001 Bullitt. True Blue was available for the Bullitt, the Cobra, or the GT. Though Dark Highland Green is the most popular shade for Bullitts, there are many who prefer to the uniqueness of the True Blue Bullitt.

Mineral Gray would go on to become one of the most popular colors for Mustangs, and the most popular color for 2002 Mustangs, bypassing black, red, and white for the first time. It’s not hard to see why, Mineral Gray is a great color, with a warmer undertone than many modern grays or silvers.

Dark metallic blue Mustang GT
2001 True Blue GT

2001 Special Edition Mustangs

2001 Bullitt

The Bullitt Mustang featured a ¾” lowering suspension package as well as premium Tokico shocks. Brembo brakes with a bright red caliper offered a stark contrast to the Dark Highland Green body. This was the first of the special edition Bullitt Mustangs that paid homage to the original from the classic Steve McQueen movie from the ‘60s.

You could purchase the Bullitt Mustang in one of three colors: Black, True Blue, and Dark Highland Green. Of the three colors, Dark Highland Green was by far the most popular. 3,041 Bullitts were produced in Dark Highland Green, 1,819 in Black, and 722 in True Blue.

The Bullitt package is unique in that it’s both an aesthetic package and a performance one, which makes it incredibly popular and collectible. Since then it has been offered in 2008 and again in 2019.

2001 Cobra

The Cobra for 2001 was able to deliver the promised horsepower of the 1999 Cobra without a recall. By using an aluminum block with revised cylinder heads, the performance was improved without sacrificing weight, but new problems plagued these Cobras. Some reported piston dinging and other problems related to increasing the power of an aluminum block without increasing the durability of it. These were the last Cobras offered before the Terminator Cobra and the pitfalls of this year were what led to that success.

This year the Cobra was offered in eight colors: Zinc Yellow, Laser Red, Performance Red, True Blue, Mineral Grey, Ebony, Silver, and Crystal White. Considering how limited Cobra color selection had been in years past, this was an impressive offering.

Bright yellow Mustang convertible with black roof
2001 Zinc Yellow Cobra

2001 SVT Cobra Coupe Production Numbers
ColorDark Charcoal InteriorMedium Parchment InteriorTotal
Crystal White 227 146 373
Ebony 827 152 979
Performance Red 226 0 226
Laser Red 330 226 556
Zinc Yellow 347 0 347
True Blue 229 87 316
Silver 556 0 556
Mineral Gray 459 55 514
2001 SVT Cobra Convertible Production
ColorCharcoal with Black RoofCharcoal with White RoofParchment with Black RoofParchment with Parchment RoofTotal
Crystal White 125 32 6 180 343
Ebony 759 0 52 131 942
Performance Red 130 0 0 0 130
Laser Red 238 0 13 297 548
Zinc Yellow 316 0 0 0 316
True Blue 163 0 12 117 292
Silver 431 0 0 0 431
Mineral Grey 356 0 26 0 382

Popular Mods for 2001 Mustangs

Cold air intakes or improved aftermarket headers can increase the horsepower of any of the 2001 Mustangs by increasing its ability to breathe, one of the few things that the SN95s seem to struggle with consistently.

Improving the appearance and performance of your Mustang can occur simultaneously if you replace the decorative hood and side scoops with ones that actually work functionally. A functional hood scoop is another way to improve the airflow of your Mustang easily.

An interior upgrade is practically a must. At this point, these Mustangs are almost twenty years old, and desperately in need of new steering wheels and seats. At the very least, a new set of seat covers will prevent you from having to wonder too much about the origin of any unfortunate stains.

2001 Mustangs

2001 saw an improvement to the manual transmissions offered as well as the arrival of two new special editions. For the third year of the New Edge sub-generation, people were still very excited about the improvements that were being made to the Mustang.

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these Mustangs, CJ’s has all the 2001 Mustang parts you’ll need to maintain, improve, and personalize your vehicle so that it lasts for years to come.

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