Everything About the 1999 Mustang

Everything About the 1999 Mustang

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1999 was the year the Ford Mustang received its mid-generation facelift, referred to as the “New Edge” generation. This look was characterized by sharper lines and more pronounced styling. Though many of the features this generation is most well known for are non-functional, like the hood scoops and side scoops, it’s still an attractive look that renewed customer interest in the Mustang and improved sales dramatically.

The actual performance upgrades that also made an appearance this year definitely helped with reception, and overall the response to the new look was overwhelmingly positive.

1999 Ford Mustang Specs
Engine HP Torque
3.8L V6 190 hp 220 lb-ft
4.6L V8 260 hp 302 lb-ft
4.6L V8 (SVT Cobra) 320 hp 317 lb-ft
Retail Prices
Model Price Adj. for Inflation
Base Coupe $16,470 $24,916
Base Convertible $21,165 $32,019
GT Coupe $20,965 $31,716
GT Convertible $24,965 $37,767
Cobra Coupe $27,470 $41,557
Cobra Convertible $31,470 $47,608
Production Numbers and Curb Weight
Model Quantity Curb Weight
Base Coupe 73,180 3,069 pounds
Base Convertible 19,299 3,211 pounds
GT Coupe 19,634 3,237 pounds
GT Convertible 13,699 3,400 pounds
Cobra Coupe 4,040 3,380 pounds
Cobra Convertible 4,055 3,580 pounds
Color Codes and Number Produced
Color Code Quantity
Chrome Yellow BZ 6,811
Rio Red E8 13,956
Laser Red E9 18,249
Performance Red ES 1,472
Dark Green Satin FU 8,761
Atlantic Blue K6 9,639
Bright Atlantic Blue K7 9,639
Electric Green SW 6,372
Black UA 24,923
Silver YN 15,969
Crystal White ZR 18,907
Interior Trim Colors
Color Base Code GT Code
Medium Graphite Cloth 92 U2
Medium Parchment Cloth 9H UH
Dark Charcoal Cloth 9W UW
Medium Graphite Leather T2 X2
Oxford White Leather TZ XZ
Medium Parchment Leather TH XH
Dark Charcoal Leather TW XW
Length 183.1 inches
Width 73.1 inches
Height 53.1 inches
Wheelbase 101.3 inches
Front Headroom 38.1 inches
Front Legroom 42.6 inches
Rear Headroom 35.5 inches
Rear Legroom 29.9 inches

1999 Mustang Performance

There were few changes for the engines of the 1999 Mustang. The V6 still used an overhead valve configuration, the GT still used a single overhead cam, and the Cobra used a dual overhead cam. But the performance of the V6 was in fact improved by the addition of a split-port induction system. Also new for the 1999 year was a thicker gasket that was added after there were reports that the intake manifold cracked even at low speeds. For both the V6 and the GT there were improvements made to the cylinder heads and piston coatings.

The suspension was the most notable upgrade for the 1999 year in terms of performance. The Cobra received an independent rear suspension, a first for the Mustang, but even the V6 and GT had substantial suspension upgrades. Longer lower control arms, new spindles, anti-roll bars, and upgraded shocks and struts meant that the Mustang had a much smoother ride than what had been available in previous years.

Though there were no new transmissions introduced for the 1999 year, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t a few minor changes. BorgWarner was bought out by Tremec during this time period and took over production of their manual transmissions. This move coincided with a few improvements that were made to the T45 transmission to counteract some of the customer complaints from previous years. Because the dates of the improvements and Tremec’s takeover happened simultaneously, it’s not unusual to hear people claim that the Tremec transmissions are higher quality.

The 1999 transmission improvements included a better 3-4 shift fork and an electric sensor for the speedometer. The transmission was also mounted further back than it had been in previous years.

The manual V6 Mustang continued to use the T5 transmission and there were no major changes from previous years. The 4R70W was the only automatic transmission available and you could get it on the base model or on the GT, but not the Cobra which was only available with a manual transmission.

1999 Mustang Transmission Specs
TransmissionFirst GearSecond GearThird GearFourth GearFifth GearReverseTorque Capacity
4R70W 2.84 1.55 1.00 .70 N/A 2.23 700 lb-ft
T5 3.35 1.93 1.29 1.00 .68 3.15 260 lb-ft
T-45 3.37 1.99 1.33 1.00 .67 3.22 375 lb-ft

New Edge Appearance

In 1999 almost every aspect of the Mustang’s appearance changed. Angular creases replaced the soft lines of the previous models of SN95 Mustang, and larger wheel arches and sharper contours helped to create a look that fell under Ford's “New Edge" design language. The headlights really drive home the change. Narrow rectangular lights replaced the ‘98s bubble-like headlights.

All of the Mustangs made this year, even those that didn’t get the upgraded 35th-anniversary appearance package, got a special fender badge to celebrate the occasion.

The only two new colors introduced this year were Electric Green and Performance Red, but Performance Red was restricted to 35th-Anniversary Edition Mustang. Electric Green is one of our favorite Mustang greens of all time, and it remained popular for the next five years.

A bright green Mustang convertible, top down
Electric Green was a new color for 1999

Special Editions

SVT Cobra

1999 was the first year that saw a Mustang using independent rear suspension; this configuration wouldn't become standard for the entire Mustang line-up until 2015. IRS used a combination of steel and aluminum arms, creating a suspension unit that weighed 80 pounds. Despite the additional weight, most enthusiasts agreed that the improved suspension made the Cobra a much more pleasant car to drive.

Unfortunately, 1999 was also the first of several challenging years for the SVT Cobra. Due to horsepower numbers not matching the advertised values, Ford ended up recalling all ’99 SVT Cobras in order to improve the exhaust and intake manifolds to ensure that customers got the horsepower that they were promised.

Though this sounds like a huge pitfall, the truth was that the values were off by such a small amount that most people didn’t even notice the difference, and the proactive recall assured people that the Special Vehicles Team would stand by their product.

Because of this recall, 2000 wouldn’t have an SVT Cobra offered.

If you Would like to know more about the challenges the SVT cobra went through, check out our article on the worst Mustangs of all time.

A diagram shows how independent rear suspension would work
1999 Cobras came with Independent Rear Suspension

1999 SVT Cobra Coupe Quantities
ColorDark Charcoal LeatherMedium Parchment LeatherTotal
Ultra White 472 322 794
Ebony 1,204 412 1,619
Rio Red 734 478 1,219
Electric Green 185 223 408
1999 SVT Cobra Convertible Quantities
Color/RoofDark Charcoal LeatherMedium Parchment Leather
Ultra White with Black Roof 278 2
Ultra White with White Roof 63 38
Ultra White with Medium Parchment Roof 0 349
Ebony with Black Roof 1,287 134
Ebony with White Roof 8 0
Ebony with Medium Parchment Roof 9 317
Rio Red with Black Roof 598 134
Rio Red with White Roof 16 0
Rio Red with Medium Parchment Roof 0 608
Electric Green with Black Roof 89 11
Electric Green with White Roof 10 0
Electric Green with Medium Parchment Roof 0 208

35th Anniversary Edition

Only available as an addition for GTs, this limited-edition package offered a body-colored hood scoop with a special hood stripe extending from it. It also included a host of other aerodynamic improvements including a rear spoiler, side scoops, and sculpted rocker panels. 17” five-spoke wheels finished off the exterior improvements. On the interior, the vehicles were all black leather with silver inserts, an aluminum shift knob, silver door trim insert, and silver and black floor mats.

In total, 2,318 GT Coupes and 2,310 GT Convertibles were equipped with the 35th-Anniversary package.

Ford loves making Mustang anniversary editions, and most of them are really great, but this still stands out as one of our favorites. There would also be a 40th-anniversary edition Mustang in the New Edge generation. Neither offers any “under the hood” improvements, but they do offer a great range of appearance and comfort upgrades.

Bright red Mustang convertible with black top
A Performance Red Convertible

Mods for 1999 Mustangs

New Edge Mustangs are some of the most popular for modifications, whether it’s something as radical as doing a Coyote swap, or as simple as installing a new spoiler. While the stock 1999 Mustang can look a little generic, it’s incredible how it lends itself to customization.

In particular, the 1999 Mustang engine lends itself to a lot of customization since it has compatibility with many modern parts while still having substantial room for improvement.

A great place to start personalizing the New Edge Mustang’s exterior is simply to make some of the aerodynamics functional by installing a new hood scoop or rocker moldings.

If you do choose to start doing serious mods to a V6 1999 Mustang, then it would be beneficial to upgrade your transmission since the torque capacity of the 1999 T5 is very close to the stock torque.

Finally, a good tuner can make sure that you’re getting the most out of all of your modifications.

A white 1999 Mustang with twin turbos, decals, and other modifications
Twin turbos, decals, and more!

First Year of New Edge

Overall, the New Edge redesign was an overwhelming success and rekindled enthusiasts’ passion for America’s favorite pony car. Though there were some missteps with the SVT Cobra this year, it ultimately paved the way for the Terminator Cobra and showed everyone that the SVT team was willing to stand behind their products.

As this year of Mustang ages, they’re becoming more popular with modders and tuners who recognize the potential in these Mustangs and want to customize them and improve their performance even more. Thanks to part compatibility, it’s much easier to substantially improve the engine of New Edge Mustangs, making them popular candidates for Coyote Swaps. CJ’s has all the 1999 Mustang parts you’ll need to restore, improve, or personalize your car.

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