2002 Mustang Specs and Features

2002 Mustang Specs and Features

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

2002 may be remembered as the least interesting year of the New Edge Generation. SVT Cobras were pulled out of production, and the few that had already been made were shipped off to Australia. No particularly interesting special editions were made in 2002, and there were no major equipment changes. In many ways, it was just a long continuation of the 2001 year.

2002 Ford Mustang Specs
Engine HP Torque
3.8L V6 190 hp 220 lb-ft
4.6L V8 260 hp 302 lb-ft
Retail Prices
Model Price Adj. for Inflation
Standard Coupe $17,475 $24,482
Deluxe Coupe $18,080 $25,329
Premium Coupe $19,195 $26,891
Deluxe Convertible $23,000 $32,222
Premium Convertible $25,585 $35,844
GT Deluxe Coupe $23,220 $32,530
GT Premium Coupe $24,390 $34,170
GT Deluxe Convertible $27,475 $38,492
GT Premium Convertible $28,645 $40,131
Production Numbers and Curb Weight
Model Quantity Curb Weight
V6 Coupe 67,090 3,069 pounds
V6 Convertible 24,747 3,211 pounds
GT Coupe 33,093 3,237 pounds
GT Convertible 17,717 3,400 pounds
Color Codes
Color Code Quantity
Zinc Yellow B7 8,684
Torch Red D3 12,941
Laser Red E9 16,611
True Blue L2 11,896
Sonic Blue SN 2,896
Tropic Green SU 3,445
Electric Green SW 636
Mineral Gray TK 26,898
Satin Silver TL 20,681
Black UA 21,554
Oxford white Z1 16,162
Interior Trim Colors
Color and Material V6 Code GT Code
Medium Graphite Cloth 92 U2
Medium Parchment Cloth 9H UH
Dark Charcoal Cloth 9W UW
Medium Graphite Leather T2 X2
Oxford White Leather TZ XZ
Medium Parchment Leather TH XH
Dark Charcoal Leather TW XW
Length 183.2 inches
Width 73.1 inches
Height 53.1 inches
Wheelbase 101.3 inches
Front Headroom 38.1 inches
Front Legroom 42.6 inches
Rear Headroom 35.5 inches
Rear Legroom 29.9 inches

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What Didn’t Change for the 2002 Mustang

The 2002 Mustang featured the same engine and transmission options as the 2001 Mustang. The V6 was still an overhead valve configuration and the GT was a single overhead cam engine configuration. The two manual transmissions that were available were the T5 and the TR-3650, and the automatic transmission was the 4R70W.

2001 Mustang Transmission Ratios
TransmissionFirst GearSecond GearThird GearFourth GearFifth GearReverseTorque Capacity
T5 3.34 1.93 1.29 1.00 0.67 3.15 260 lb-ft
TR-3650 3.38 1.99 1.32 1.00 0.67 3.38 360 lb-ft
4R70W 2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70 N/A 2.23 700 lb-ft

What Changed for the 2002 Mustang

Whereas the Premium and Deluxe packages were introduced mid-year for the 2001 Mustang, 2002 Mustangs had them at launch. These packages are still used today (with the Deluxe being rebranded as the "Base") as a convenient way of packaging options that customers frequently selected. Different options became available with the different trims as well.

Deluxe vs Premium Trim Packages
FeatureV6 DeluxeV6 PremiumGT DeluxeGT Premium
4-wheel ABS Optional Standard Standard Standard
Traction Control Optional Standard Standard Standard
Leather Seating Surfaces Optional Optional, Standard on Convertible Optional Standard
Power Driver's Seat Standard Standard Standard Standard
Mach 460 Six-disc CD Player Optional Standard Optional Standard
Mach 1000 six-disc CD Player N/A Optional N/A Optional
Front Floor Mats Standard Standard Standard Standard
Interior Upgrade Package Optional Optional Optional Optional
Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Optional, Standard on Convertible Standard Standard Standard
Speed Control Standard Standard Standard Standard
Pony Package Optional Optional N/A N/A
Sport Appearance Group Optional Standard N/A N/A

2002 Mustang Colors

Sonic Blue and Torch Red were both offered for the first time in 2002, and are often regarded as some of the best Mustang colors, but customers actually preferred the more subdued Mineral Gray. In terms of color popularity, black, red, and white have dominated the top three positions (in that order) since the very first Mustang, but for 2002 customers overwhelming selected Mineral Gray.

It’s easy to see why; Mineral Gray is a great color that manages to avoid the “boring commuter” look that so many grays fall into. It’s a color that can be subdued by leaving it to factory specs, or that can be made to look very loud with just a few exterior upgrades. In particular, when it’s offset with black accents the gold undertone in Mineral Gray gains a little extra “pop” that Mustang enthusiasts are still drawn to today.

Sonic Blue is a solid blue, bold enough to not count as a neutral but subdued enough to appeal to a wide range of Mustang lovers, and Torch Red is the kind of bright red that people love to see on a fast car.

A bright red Mustang with a hood scoop
2002 Torch Red Mustang

Eliminating the Competition

In 2002, both the Firebird and the Camaro fell out of production, leaving the Mustang mostly uncontended for the highly coveted title of most popular pony car in the United States. Even with that huge advantage though, Mustang sales fell dramatically in 2002. While it’s normal to see a bit of a drop after the allure of a new style wears off, it’s also possible that customers were disappointed by the lack of a performance option. A slowing economy didn't help matters either.

2001 saw the SVT Cobra, Bullitt, and the purely aesthetic Spring Feature Edition. It was a tough year to follow, and 2002 really didn’t even try. Fortunately, Ford had a trick up its sleeve and soon the 2003 Terminator Cobra would arrive in all of its glory, reminding people exactly what a “performance edition” was supposed to look like.

Mods for 2002 Mustang

New Edge Body modifications are easy to make look great. There’s a reason that the styling for this generation included so many non-functional aerodynamic enhancements and that’s because they just look right. Upgrading these can boost performance in addition to providing a customized Mustang for a unique look.

Between 2002 and now there have been significant improvements to engine design and subsequently power. By swapping your New Edge engine to a Coyote engine you’d be increasing the power substantially, and buying many more years with your Mustang (as long as you upgrade your transmission to match).

Popular, and often overlooked modifications, include adding new seats or upgrading the steering wheel or shifter. The interior components of a Mustang accrue wear and tear quickly, and replacing them gives your car a “like new” feel that also allows for individual taste to shine.

A Respite Between Excitement

Ultimately, though the 2002 Mustang isn’t itself anything to write home about, it does provide a brief rest in the middle of two very exciting years. It’s fortunate that Ford decided to pull the Cobra for this year, even though it makes 2002 dull in hindsight, because that year of development and work made way for the Terminator. The two new colors that were introduced were perfection, and the trim packages allowed for a degree of customization that we still expect, and love, today.

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