Best Axle-Back Exhausts for 2015-2022 Mustangs

Best Axle-Back Exhausts for 2015-2022 Mustangs

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Alison Smith

Axle-back exhausts are a great way to give your S550 Mustang better sound without spending a lot of money or time. They’re usually easy to install but still offer a louder exhaust note and better airflow.

If you’re having trouble deciding which axle-back to go with, we’ve got a few suggestions. Here are some of the best axle-backs for 2015-2022 Mustangs, divided by category.


Volume is often one of the deciding factors when choosing a new axle-back exhaust. Most S550 owners want something loud and disruptive, but in the best way possible.

One of the most aggressive kits for ‘15-‘17 GTs is MBRP’s Black Series axle-back exhaust. The black powder-coated finish looks great but sounds even better.

AWE’s loudest option for ‘15-‘17 GTs is the Track Edition axle-back exhaust. The straight-through design gives the exhaust a raw, race-inspired sound.

For ‘18-‘22 GTs without Active Exhaust, the ACCELATEC Race Series muffler delete axle-back enhances flow and volume. Plus, the polished tips look great on any Mustang.

Best for GT

Borla’s “Stinger” S-Type axle-back is a popular choice with enthusiasts for 2015-2022 GTs. The straight-through design produces a deep, sporty sound without the annoying exhaust drone.

The Ford Performance by Borla axle-back can give the S550 GT a lower, more throaty muscle car sound. The chrome-plated exhaust tips are embossed with the Ford Racing logo for a high-performance look.

Best for EcoBoost & V6

ACCELATEC axle-back exhaust for 2015-2022 EcoBoost Mustang or 2015-2017 V6 Mustang

Whether you have a ‘15-‘17 V6 or a ‘15-‘22 EcoBoost, an axle-back can help you achieve the exhaust note you’re looking for.

The Flowmaster Outlaw axle-back is known for being aggressively loud. It’s dyno-tested to achieve max performance and a race-inspired sound.

A more budget-friendly option is the ACCELATEC stainless steel axle-back exhaust. It has a sleek look with polished tips and superior sound.

The ATAK axle-back exhaust for the EcoBoost or V6 S550 is Borla’s most aggressive system. It’s built using Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics that produces a high volume exhaust note without distortion.

Top Picks by S550 Owners

With so many exhaust options out there, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Here are some axle-back exhausts that are popular with other S550 owners.

Bill’s Picks

MBRP axle-back exhaust for 2018-2022 GT Mustang with quad exhaust tips

Curious what Bill, our resident Mustang expert, would recommend for the S550 Mustang? Here are his top axle-backs for 2015-2022 Mustangs.

Bill recommends the JBA Performance axle-back for ‘15-‘22 Fastback EcoBoosts without the factory Active Exhaust. This stainless steel system delivers one of the best and most powerful sounds as well as quality performance.

For ‘18-‘22 GTs without Active Exhaust, Bill’s pick is the MBRP Pro Series axle-back. It maximizes exhaust flow while minimizing temperatures.

Bill’s choice for ‘15-’17 GTs is the AWE Touring Edition axle-back exhaust. With sound cancellation technology, there’s no drone - only pure muscle car sound.

Best Value

Although axle-backs are typically less expensive than cat-backs, some options are on the pricier side. No need to worry if you have a smaller budget, though. Here are some of the best S550 axle-backs that won’t break the bank.

Upgrades to Go with Your New Axle-Back Exhaust

Even though axle-backs aren’t as performance-oriented as cat-backs, they’re still a great option for stock builds and make a great first mod. Pairing an axle-back with a cold air intake can open up both sides of the engine for better efficiency and performance. If you’re really looking to up the ante, check out our best cat-back exhausts for 2015-2022 Mustangs. They replace more of the factory exhaust system to open up the airflow even more.

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