Best Mustang Vanity Plates

Best Mustang Vanity Plates

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | Andrew Boyle

Making your car stand out in a crowd can be tough. If you go to great car meetups like Mustang Week, it can be even tougher.

One way people make sure everyone can see them coming is to pick out a vanity plate. By getting a custom plate instead of the random DMV sequence of numbers, you can put a personal stamp on your Mustang. Whether you're more interested in illustrating your sense of humor, opening up a conversation on an aspect of who you are as a person, or just making sure everyone knows exactly what's under the hood, a custom plate can be a calling card.

Unfortunately, license plates only give you a certain number of characters to work with, and there are restrictions on what you can say. By getting creative, many have still managed to express themselves.

Having the right vanity plate can help you make an impression, whether you're looking at competing in shows, participating in social events or clubs, or just love being the car guy in any crowd.

It's hard to rank the "best" vanity plates just because there are such a variety. Instead, we've collected our favorite vanity plates from several categories. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own vanity plate or just enjoy quizzing yourself on Mustang trivia, there are vanity plates here that should please anyone.

Mustang Vanity Plates

Naturally, the Mustang community loves to connect through custom plates. The Mustang has been in continuous production for over fifty years, which means there's a lot of history to connect with. People include everything from their specific model, jokes that play off of being the first (and best) pony car, or engine references.

Others are just happy to be part of the community and proudly declare that their 'stang belongs to them.

SVT Power
A Bad RS3
MX Cobra
50 Yr Stang
1 Bad RS3
Laguna 13
Wikd P51
Boss 1019
Her Snake
My Lil PY
gitty Up
1 Fun Pny
Lil Pwny
Moi Stng
Swt Stng
Stang Up

Muscle Car Vanity Plates

You don't have to be a Mustang to use these great vanity plate ideas! Muscle car enthusiasts can all relate to the joy of hitting the redline or having a 5.0L V8 pounding under their hood.

These vanity plates show a true love of speed, and make you feel the adrenaline rush of driving a car with a massive amount of horsepower.

D Tuned
5. Bro
Nasty 5 Oh
Wo Horsy
Ahh Yeah
1 Bad Hab
Need 4 Speed
5 Litre

Personal Pride Vanity Plates

Some people use their vanity plate to tell the world about something they might not be able to guess from their car, whether that be their family relationships, their sports team of choice, or even an illness they're trying to raise awareness for.

It's your space on your car, so take the opportunity to thank whoever helped you buy your wheels, tell everyone how you want to be seen, even if that is a mean one.

Some people who love their cars but don't have a killer V8 can take the space to show how much they love their EcoBoost. Others use inside jokes from their favorite shows.

Blu Lion
Snd of Frdm
Tks Grmps
WFY Paid
Mrs Boom
2 Wiicked
Mean One
Half V8
Hor5 Nrd

Funniest Vanity Plates

Of course, some of our favorite license plates are the ones that give us a little laugh. Whether that be the convertible boasting "topless fun" or the numerous Mustangs taking a swipe at Camaros.

Whether you're more of a fan of mocking lesser cars on the road or pursuing the self-deprecating humor route (we can all relate to "Y Im Broke"), there are a lot of ways to make others laugh with your vanity plate.

Just be careful, we wouldn't bet on "lol cya" or "come at me" getting out of any tickets anytime soon. There are a lot of studies about what cars are pulled over more often, but all of that goes out the window depending on your license plate.

Tplss Fun
Bttl Fed
What SS
Its 4 Sale
You Mad
II Slo
Y Im Broke
1 Bad Hab
Ht Mess
Hard Nox
Ego Klr
Come at Me
DMN Chld
2 Bad I Win
Was a GT

Car Specific Vanity Plates

There are a lot of details that probably drew you to your specific car. Whether it be the unique color, the specific year, or the engine inside, all of those details can make for a killer vanity plate.

In addition to boasting about your favorite details, a car specific license plate can preempt a lot of questions. License plates like "venomuz" play off of the "Cobra" nameplate in a more subtle way and guarantee bystanders that your car's fangs are real.

76 Cobra
Is it Grn
Blue 5 0
MN GRN 5-0
5.0 KCCO
98 Steeda
15 Stang
Im So Blu
1 Bad Fox
281 4V
Dream 66
Stock 95
8 T 7
2012 GT
85 4Show
09 Mach1
My Vodo

Vanity plates are an easy way to give a car a customized feel. Hopefully, these gave you some ideas for what your ideal vanity plate would be. Do you have a joke that the whole world should see? A special color of car that makes you smile? Or do you want everyone to know what you've got going on under your hood? Customized plates can be a venue for all of the above and more.

Once you've picked out your vanity plate, make sure you've got the frame right. Nothing ruins a custom plate quite as quickly as a cheap dealership license frame. Thankfully, there are other license frame options.

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Best Mustang Vanity Plates

Before there was Instagram or other forms of social media, vanity plates provided the best, short description of your personality. We picked out some of our favorite vanity license plates, from clever references to Mustang history to custom plates that made us laugh out loud.

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