Father’s Day Presents for Mustang Enthusiasts

Father’s Day Presents for Mustang Enthusiasts

Last Updated March 15, 2022 | C.J. Tragakis

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate fathers, but also all paternal bonds. Whether you’re looking for a present for your grandfather, father, husband, friend, or mentor, these are some of the best gifts for the Mustang enthusiast in your life. Check out our Mustang Father’s Day gift ideas for presents that fit any budget.

For the Dad That Needs Help Accessorizing

Keychains make for an affordable yet thoughtful gift. They’re something that can be attached to just about anything, giving your dad a nice reminder of what he drives no matter where he is.

If he’s still driving around with the dealership license plate frame, help him accessorize by swapping it out for one that suits his ride a little better.

A travel mug makes another great gift that dad can enjoy every day. Add a bag of his favorite coffee for a combination present. A thermos to take on the go is sure to be a hit, whether your dad allows beverages in his car or not!

For the Dad Who Likes to Rep Their Favorite Car Brand

Apparel is an excellent way to rep your favorite brand. Clothing with an official Mustang or Ford logo will be a great addition to his closet. T-shirts, mechanic shirts, and hats offer a variety of options to fit any man’s style. They’ll look good whether he’s in the garage, driving, or just out and about.

For the Dad That Wants the Ultimate Garage

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to work on cars, a fender cover with a Mustang logo or design is a great idea. It’ll help keep their car clean while they work under the hood, and it’ll look great while they do it. For someone who loves their car, this item is truly a must.

If they love to work under their car but don’t love laying on a cold, dirty garage floor, a mat will make them comfortable while they wrench.

There’s a good chance your dad already has a solid set of tools to cover the basics. If you think he could use some more specialized items, try a power lug wrench or weatherstrip tool.

Gifts for You and Dad to Share

If you prefer to show appreciation through actions and quality time, there are gifts you can share together. A headlight restoration kit makes a great present and is a simple project you can both work on.

Families With Classic and Modern Mustangs

Those looking for a long-term project can pick up a guide to restoring a classic Mustang. There are few things as enjoyable as working alongside someone you care about. With a restoration guide, your time together will be more enjoyable and even less stressful.

To quiz each other’s knowledge, a book full of fun Mustang facts will contain more than a few surprises and inspire conversation.

For the Dad That Wants to Make His Ride More Comfortable and Safe

A lot of car gifts can improve the practicality and comfort of the driving experience.

If they have an older Mustang with no phone charger, it's easy to add one so they can always be in touch. An electronic road flare is a handy item to keep with an emergency kit in case of a breakdown. To improve the driving experience, a clutch pedal extension makes shifting gears easier and more enjoyable

For the Dad Who Likes to Show Off His Ride

With people, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but with cars, the outside matters, too.

A car cover protects the car’s paint from sun damage and preserves a good cleaning better than anything else. For the cabin, seat covers will also help protect the upholstery while adding custom style.

Decals are something you’re more likely to see on younger people’s cars. But if your dad is still young at heart, then it’s an easy way to personalize his Mustang.

For the Dad Who’s Hard to Shop For

Whichever present you pick for your dad, we’re sure he’ll love it. But there are some guys out there who are just hard to shop for. Plus, with countless options, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. To make sure your dad gets exactly what he’s looking for, a gift card is always a great present.

Whether you’re shopping for someone else or picking up a little Father’s Day gift for yourself, we hope you enjoy this year’s Father’s Day.

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Father’s Day Presents for Mustang Enthusiasts

Father’s day is a great opportunity to appreciate not just fathers, but all paternal bonds. No matter what your budget is, there are some great Mustang-themed presents that are sure to please even the pickiest recipient.