Father's Day Presents For Car Enthusiasts

Father's Day Presents For Car Enthusiasts

Last Updated August 4, 2019 | Meghan Drummond

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate fathers, but also all paternal bonds. Whether you’re looking for a present for your grandfather, father, husband, friend, or mentor, these are some of the best presents to fit any budget.

Classic Gifts With a Car Twist

Coffee cups are classics for a reason. Even if the person you’re buying for already has a few, they can always use a few more. There are few things as literally heartwarming as a mug of hot joe in a cup that reminds you of a loved one and that has a design that you love. Whether you’re looking at traditional coffee mugs or a thermos they can take on the go, it’s sure to be a hit.

Man holds cup of coffee
Coffee always says love

Phone cases are a great item for the person who’s always on the go, and with a shockproof design you’ll be helping to protect their phone as well. If you know someone with a phone case that’s seen better days, a holiday is a great opportunity to surprise them with a new one.

T-shirts are another classic gift choice, because no matter how many someone has they can always use another, especially if it’s sporting the logo of their favorite car.

For The Dad Who Loves Wrenching

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to work on cars, a fender cover with a design that you think they’ll love is a great idea. It will help them keep their car immaculate while they work under the hood, and it’ll look great while they do it. For someone who loves their car, this item is truly a must.

On the other hand, if they love to work under their car but don’t love laying on a dirty or cold garage floor, this mat will make sure that they’re comfortable while they wrench.

A Mustang mechanic shirt looks sharp, is sure to be appreciated by both mechanics and those who just appreciate a good looking shirt that is sure to look good for years to come. Make sure they’re safe with a fire extinguisher for the garage. That way they won’t need to run into the house the next time an experiment gets a little out of hand.

Gifts For You and Dad to Share

If you’re the type of person who prefers to show your appreciation and love through action and spending time together rather than gifts alone, this headlight restoration kit makes a great present, but it’s even better if you take the time to use it to carefully restore their headlights.

A puzzle that you can work on together makes for a great present that is sure to equal some great quality time as well. The fact that it has a few Mustangs on it is sure to add to everyone's enjoyment.

A photo held next to a classic Mustang
Cars are best when shared with family

Those looking for some serious quality time can pick up a guide to restoring a classic Mustang, a time-honored bonding ritual. There are few things as enjoyable as working alongside someone you care about, and with this guide, you can make sure that time is stress-free. As a bonus, a book full of fun Mustang facts is sure to include more than a few to surprise you both and inspire conversation.

Gifts He’ll Keep In the Car

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make any car fan’s day is simply to find a part that helps to take care of their car and them. A steering wheel cover is not only sleek looking, but it also protects the steering wheel from UV rays, and as an added bonus you won’t burn your hands after leaving it in the sun. If you’re worried about their entire front seat rather than just their steering wheel, a sun blocker ensures that their seats won’t get blindingly hot.

A lockbox that can fit under a seat is a great way to give their car a safe space for valuables, a must if you’re driving around in a convertible. And even if they have a classic Mustang that doesn’t have a way to charge their phone, you can add one easily so that they can always be in touch. Even better, by including a cell phone mount, you give him the freedom to use his phone without glancing away from the wheel.

Help Dad Show Off His Ride

It might be the inside that matters with people, but for cars the outside is pretty important as well. If your dad’s been driving around with the dealership license plate, it’s time to swap that out for one that suits his ride a little better.

A man and woman stand on either side of a classic Mustang
Some cars come with memories

A car cover makes sure that the sun doesn’t damage his car’s paint, and preserves a good cleaning better than anything else.

Decals are admittedly something you see on younger people’s cars, but if your dad is still young at heart then it’s an easy way to personalize a vehicle.

Whichever present you pick for your dad, we’ll sure he’ll love it. There are countless options, so if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, a gift card is always a great present.

Whether you’re shopping for someone else, or picking up a little Father’s Day present for yourself, we hope you enjoy this year’s Father’s Day.

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Father's Day Presents For Car Enthusiasts

Father’s day is a great opportunity to appreciate not just fathers, but all paternal bonds. No matter what your budget is, there are some great car-themed presents that are sure to please even the pickiest recipient.