Classic Truck Gift Guide

Classic Truck Gift Guide

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | Meghan Drummond

It’s nearly impossible to own a classic truck without being a little bit in love with it. To put in the wrench time it takes to keep these trucks on the road year after year, it needs to be more than just a means to an end. Anyone can go out and buy a new F-150, but keeping an F-100 on the road for more than fifty years requires something else.

For people who love classic pickups, a present that helps them enjoy time spent in their C10, F-100, or Bronco is sure to be appreciated and shows that you care about the things they enjoy.

No matter what your personal knowledge is of classic trucks, we’ve got gift options for every knowledge level and price range.

older photo shows father under truck with son nearby

Modernize a Classic

Just because they appreciate classic pickups doesn’t mean that they don’t also appreciate modern conveniences like GPS, hands-free calling, or backup cameras. Though the creators of our favorite classics couldn’t anticipate what devices we’d want to use now, the aftermarket has created an exciting variety of options that can give a classic the modern features the person you’re shopping for wants or needs.

Whether that’s an easy way to charge a cell phone on the go or a way to keep their phone where they can see it while keeping their hands on the wheel, adding new tech doesn't have to be a struggle. There are multiple types of mounts that won’t damage their period-correct truck but will offer the kind of hands-free convenience that they’ll want for making a call or using GPS to make it to the next car show.

Even though you might be daunted by the prospect of giving their truck access to a backup camera, it’s incredibly easy to install one that can be used and removed as needed. This also allows them to keep their truck period correct while making sure that they don’t warp the bumper.

A new license plate frame contrasts an antique license plate perfectly, adhering to the restomod aesthetic that makes these classic trucks so unique.

Help Them Keep It Running

Classic pickups need a little extra care and the people that love them tend to prefer to do the maintenance themselves rather than trust the nearest Jiffy Lube. The best thing about maintenance parts is that even if you don’t know exactly what they already have or need, eventually they’ll need another, so it’ll be useful.

Air cleaners are a necessity for carbureted engines, which all classic trucks are. By sneaking a peek at their owner’s manual, you’ll know exactly what type of air cleaner element they’ll need for their next change. Getting an upgraded or reusable one can help them not only maintain but even improve their truck’s performance.

Spark plugs and oil caps are equally useful, and with oil caps there are a number of great options that can help them show off their engine bay with pride at the next local meetup.

An easy maintenance step that anyone can accomplish is to quickly restore headlights, which is possible, and easy, with this kit from 3M which includes everything you need to take your classic's headlights from foggy and gross to shiny and new.

Get an Old Truck Going

Unfortunately, as some of these classic trucks put on the miles, some of them run into more serious issues and need help to get up and running again. Restoring a classic truck is a great project, and it’s even better when the whole family gets involved. Cast your vote on what engine they should swap in with this guide to LS swaps, or if you’re less comfortable with the engine, there are also ways to renovate the interior of an old car, breathing new life into it.

You can even help preserve the “old” look without allowing a truck to succumb to rust with a classic patina finish, a look that’s sure to “wow” anyone who loves old trucks.

A dark red F-100 pickup

Of course, period-correct isn’t always correct, and if you’re worried about safety, you can add safety belts easily. Whether you just need two for the front seats or whether they need four so that passengers in a Crew Cab are also safe, there are ways to make the trucks of old a little bit safer.

Showing Off Truck Love

People with classic trucks tend to really love them. They have to! It’s a lot of work keeping them on the road. Help them show off their truck love with a thoughtful keychain. A cooler that looks authentic to the same era as their truck will be sure to keep their food cool at the next meet and will be something they can show off with pride.

If they prefer to keep their brand loyalty at home, a fender cover lets them work under the hood without scratching up their paint. Or you can get them a shirt or hoodie that features their vehicle of choice so that even when it’s off the road, they can still show it off.

If you’re still feeling stuck, then a gift card is always a great present and lets them pick out exactly the right part that they need. If you’re feeling extra helpful, you can always volunteer to help them install whatever part they choose.

Whether you’re getting something for someone you care about or even picking out a little present for yourself, we hope that you have a few ideas for classic truck inspired gifts.

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Classic Truck Gift Guide

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