Best Gifts for Classic Truck Owners

Best Gifts for Classic Truck Owners

Last Updated October 25, 2023 | Kevin Brent

It's nearly impossible to own a classic truck without having a ton of passion for it. It takes a lot of dedication to put in the wrench time needed to keep these trucks on the road year after year.

A gift that helps a classic truck lover enjoy time spent in their C10 or F-100 is a sure way to show that you care about them. Truck enthusiasts will appreciate even entry level classic truck gifts for years to come.

No matter your personal knowledge of classic trucks, we've got you covered with gift suggestions for every knowledge level and price range. Check out our options below for Classic truck gifts from maintenance tools, to restomod parts, to apparel.

Classic Truck Maintenance Gift Ideas

Classic pickups need a little extra care, and the people that love them tend to prefer doing the maintenance themselves. Equipping enthusiasts with the right maintenance parts and tools can help them keep their project trucks going by addressing problems before they happen.

Air cleaners are a necessity for carbureted engines. The owner's manual explains exactly what type of air cleaner element they'll need for their next change. Getting an upgraded or reusable filter can help them not only maintain a clean engine, but can even improve their truck's performance.

An easy maintenance step that anyone can accomplish is restoring their classic truck's headlights. Using a headlight restoration kit will take your classic's headlights from foggy and gross to shiny and new in a matter of hours.

Garage tools and supplies are a great option to give to any enthusiast looking to prepare for any maintenance task that comes their way.

Restore Old Factory Truck Parts

Unfortunately, as these classic trucks put on the miles, some of them run into more serious issues and need help to get up and running again. Restoring a classic truck can be a very fulfilling project for the right person, and having the right parts is crucial to a positive restoration experience.

We have the parts experienced classic truck enthusiasts need to repair and refresh a rusted or damaged F-100 or C10 exterior. Aftermarket body and sheet metal as well as mechanical parts like door handles and latches make great gifts for those looking to use their project truck as a daily driver. We can even help preserve the “old” look without allowing a truck to succumb to rust with a classic patina finish.

Of course, not everything that comes standard on a classic truck is desirable on modern roadways. If you're worried about safety, seat belts or a gas tank relocation kit are great ways to show someone you care about their well being.

Modernize a Classic

The enthusiast in your life may love their classic truck, but that doesn't mean that they don't also appreciate modern conveniences. The classic C10 and F-100 aftermarket has created an exciting variety of options that can give a classic truck the modern features we come to expect.

Whether that's an easy way to charge a cell phone on the go or a wireless backup camera for safer parking, adding new convenience features doesn't have to be a struggle.

A new steering wheel or instrument cluster can transform the look of a classic truck's cab. Additionally, a new license plate frame can contrast an antique license plate perfectly and adhere to the restomod aesthetic that makes these classic trucks so unique.

Classic Truck Apparel Gifts

Apparel is an excellent gift for those looking to show off their classic truck pride. Clothing with an official Ford or Chevy logo is a great addition to the closet of any enthusiast. T-shirts, mechanic shirts, and hats offer a variety of options to fit any style and size.

These items are an easy and cost effective way to give something to the enthusiast in your life that you know they'll be able to use. If you don't know much about truck parts or restoration, C10 or F-100 apparel is a safe bet for a thoughtful and practical gift.

For the Classic Truck Enthusiast That's Difficult to Buy For

If you're still feeling stuck, then a gift card is a great present that lets the classic truck owner in your life pick out exactly the right part that they need. You can always volunteer to help them install whatever part they choose. Check out the link below to grab a gift card today!

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

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