What Is the Lone Star Limited Mustang?

What Is the Lone Star Limited Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Made exclusively for the Lone Star state, the Lone Star Limited is a Mustang with a Texas twist! Also known as a Bluebonnet Special, this rare 1967 Mustang was sold only through Texas dealers. Like most of the regional specials offered by Ford in the mid-to-late ‘60s, the Lone Star Limited featured mainly cosmetic upgrades, but it remains an important part of first-gen Mustang lore.

A Mustang for the Lone Star State

Lone Star Limited Mustang

The Lone Star Limited Mustang was produced as part of an initiative by Ford to boost the sales of their signature pony car in specific regional markets. Facing increased competition from Chevy and Dodge, as well as a shrinking marketplace for pony cars in general, Ford was attempting to grow their brand by offering special editions to various geographic areas. The most famous of these was the California Special, released in 1968, although the trend actually got started a few years earlier with the Colorado-exclusive High Country Mustang. Since few states have as passionate of a car culture as Texas, it only makes sense they were one of the first to receive their very own Mustang.

Lone Star Mustang Specs

The main selling point of the Lone Star Mustang was its unique paint job — Bluebonnet Blue to match the Texas state flower. In addition, the Lone Star Mustang received an upgraded interior, styled steel wheels, the sprint option package and special dealer-installed Lone Star badging on the front fenders. Only 175 Lone Star Mustangs were produced, all of them hardtops with either the 200ci inline six or 289ci V8 engine.

Identifying a Lone Star Mustang

Today, vehicles with preserved badging are rare, making its unique paint the Lone Star Mustang’s most significant identifying feature. One way to tell if a Mustang is a Lone Star Special is by checking the driver’s door VIN plate — Lone Star Specials will not have a paint code listed and will have a Texas DSO code of 61-5160. Because so few were produced, Lone Star Mustangs are rare, although a few have turned up in recent years. An important piece of pony car history, the Lone Star is one Mustang that’s as unique as the state it came from!

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