What Is the Mustang GT-R Concept?

What Is the Mustang GT-R Concept?

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Every great product begins with a concept. In 1962 Ford developed a revolutionary concept car that eventually morphed into the Mustang we all know and love today. Throughout the Mustang’s illustrious 50-year history, a number of Mustang concept cars have also been developed that, while never making it into regular production, have led to innovations that have helped the Mustang remains as one of the most popular vehicles ever to come out of Detroit.

Mustang GTR

A classic example is the Mustang GT-R concept car. Unveiled in 2005 to help commemorate the Mustang’s 40th anniversary, the GT-R signified the Mustang’s return as a road-racing machine. With a robust 5.0, 440 hp Cammer crate V-8 engine that could be modified to produce an additional 100 horsepower and a bright Valencia Orange color, this concept car attracted plenty of attention on racetracks across America. The GT-R featured innovative engineering that made it suitable for road and street courses alike.

Chassis Built for Racing

Ford engineers spent a substantial amount of time fine-tuning the chassis of the Mustang GT-R to ensure it could withstand the rigors of the racetrack. Testing included numerous 24-hour runs at the Nelson Ledges road course in Ohio and repeated ventures on Ford’s straightaway and handling courses across the United States. Ford eventually stripped down the concept car’s chassis and incorporated reinforcements and enhancements for improved driver safety.

Mustang GT-R Parts Available to Weekend Racers

While the GT-R was strictly designed to be a concept car, many GT-R parts were made available for sale to weekend racers. Buyers could acquire the complete 5.0L Cammer engine, including the wire harness kit. The harness kit itself could also be purchased separately and contained the powertrain control module and all essential electrical connectors.

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What Is the Mustang GT-R Concept?

The Mustang GT-R concept car unveiled in 2005 signaled Ford's return as a road-racing machine. The GT-R featured a 5.0, 440 horsepower Cammer crate V8 engine which could be further modified to produce an additional 100 horsepower. While the GT-R never made it into regular production, many parts were made available to weekend racers.

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