Mustang Second Generation Quiz

Mustang Second Generation Quiz

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It’s understandable why the 2nd Generation Mustangs are the most maligned of any time period. But looking at the context of that era, it’s easy to see that Gen 2 Stangs are just a product of their time. And while they strayed from the pony car roots that made the Gen 1 so well-received, it would be foolhardy to say that that the Gen 2 cars are without their merits.

Test your knowledge on this lesser known Mustang Generation with some classic trivia questions!

  1. V8 power has long been a Mustang hallmark. What was the one year that a V8 was not offered or available on the Mustang?

    1974 was the first year a V8 wasn't offered or available on a Mustang.

  2. The Mustang II was developed in response to what?

    The Mustang II was developed in response to the rising fuel prices around the globe, the added emission laws in the United States, and the trend towards smaller, less extravagant cars.

  3. Which Mustang II variant, produced in 1978, was Ford’s attempt to reclaim its performance car roots?

    The King Cobra featured a 302 cu-in two-barrel carburetor engine, front-air dam, power-front disc brakes and power steering.

  4. Created in 1974, the Mustang Ghia was a collaboration between Ford and a design house from which country?

    The Mustang Ghia was the first collaboration between Ford and legendary Italian design house Carrozzeria Ghia.

  5. Which appearance package was available from 1976-1978, and designed to bring the Mustang back to its glory days by evoking a classic sporty style?

    The Cobra II sported a classic look reminiscent of the Shelbys of the '60s and early '70s.

  6. What year did the Mustang II win Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award?

    The 1974 Mustang II won Motor Trend's Car of the Year.

  7. Which Mustang variant was the very first Mustang to wear the “5.0” branding?

    The King Cobra was the very first Mustang to wear the "5.0" branding.

  8. The 1977 model year was the first time that the Mustang did which of the following?

    The 1977 model year marked the first time in the Mustang’s history in which it failed to outsell the Camaro.

  9. Ford decided to use some parts from this Ford vehicle as the basis for the Mustang II:

    Lee Iacocca and Ford decided to use some of the parts from the new-for-1971 subcompact Ford Pinto as the basis for the Mustang.

  10. How many Mustang II’s were sold in 1974?

    Around 386,000 Mustangs were sold in 1974.

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