Mustang Fourth Generation Quiz

Mustang Fourth Generation Quiz

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Launching into the new millennium, the Generation 4 Mustangs were further modernized, but never lost the style and character inherent to the overarching design. Further variants were developed, both by Ford and outside companies, as the customization scene entered a new era.

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  1. What is the year range for the Fourth Generation Mustangs?

    The year range for the Fourth Generation Mustang is 1994-2004.

  2. How much horsepower does the 2000 Cobra R have?

    The 2000 Cobra R's 5.4L DOHC Modular V8 engine was capable of producing 385 horsepower.

  3. The SN95 received a refresh which lasted until 2004. What was it nicknamed?

    The SN95's were nicknamed the New Edge.

  4. The green used in the mystic paint is the same green used to make what?

    The green developed by BASF used in the mystic paint is the same green they use to make U.S. paper currency.

  5. Prior to 2015, what were the only Mustangs to offer independent rear suspension?

    The 1999-2004 SVT Cobras offered independent rear suspensions.

  6. What was the only year you could purchase a hardtop Cobra convertible?

    The hardtop Cobra convertible was available only in 1995.

  7. Which aftermarket performance company created the Q400 Mustang in 2003?

    The Q400 was Steeda's first serious attempt to compete with Roush, Saleen and other famed Mustang customizers.

  8. Designed in 2004, Ford’s FR500 Mustang finally made it to production in 2005, and was built specifically for what?

    The FR500 was a product of Ford’s Special Vehicles Team designed for road racing.

  9. A wave of automotive nostalgia led Ford to “bring back” which special edition Mustang in 2003?

    Ford brought back the Mustang Mach 1 in 2003.

  10. What special edition Mustang was added to the nationwide lineup after being a Florida only edition in 2001 and 2002?

    The Pony Edition Mustang was added to the nationwide line up after being a Florida only edition in 2001 and 2002.

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