Mustang Facts and Trivia Every Enthusiast Should Know

Mustang Facts and Trivia Every Enthusiast Should Know

Last Updated October 25, 2023 | Kevin Brent

The Ford Mustang has a long and storied history that has produced a ton of interesting Ford Mustang facts and trivia over the years. From early production models and concepts, to obscure lore and stats, there are plenty of Mustang fun facts that even the most loyal fans may not have heard of.

Check out our picks for the most interesting Ford Mustang facts and trivia you probably don't know. Then, test your Mustang trivia knowledge with our specially-designed quizzes.

Mustang Facts

  • 1: The “350” in GT 350 stands for the amount of steps it took to walk from the Ford production shop to the racing shop.
  • 2: One of the original names in the running for the Mustang was “Cougar”. Some prototype Mustangs were even produced with a Cougar logo.
  • 3: Lee Iacocca, the inventor of the Mustang, claims that the Mustang emblem runs to the left because it runs free in the opposite direction of a racehorse. However, the real reason was likely because the designer, Phil Clark, was left handed.
  • 4: One of the original designs for the horse and corral on the Mustang's front grille had only the horse head, rather than the running horse we know today.
  • Ford Mustang original horse head emblem

  • 5: The first Mustang (serial number 1) was actually sold early by mistake to a pilot in Finland. Years later, Ford was able to buy back the first Mustang. It's currently displayed in the Henry Ford museum.
  • 6: The most popular Ford Mustang color is red.
  • 7: In 1964, on the first day the Mustang was available, Ford sold over 22,000 units.
  • 8: The 1994 Mustang had 3 designs: the “Arnold Schwarzenegger”, the “Rambo”, and the “Bruce Jenner”. Ford ultimately went with the Schwarzenegger design for the 1994 model.
  • 9: The Boss 429 was almost a mid-engine car. A prototype model was even created but later destroyed.
  • 10: The 1966 Shelby was the first Mustang to offer a superchanger as an option.
  • 11: The 1975 Mustang II holds the record for the lowest horsepower in a Mustang at only 87 hp.
  • 12: The first Shelby GT convertible was actually produced in 1966 rather than 1968. Only four of them were made. They served as production prototypes for a planned 1967 convertible model.
  • 13: According to Ford, there is no real 1964.5 Mustang. Ford considers the first year production line to be '65 Mustangs. Though they do make the designation confusing by celebrating the Mustang's anniversary based on the '64 date rather than '65.
  • 14: The 2005 S197 Mustang was the first Mustang to have a dedicated chassis, rather than sharing one with other production models.
  • 15: Two weeks prior to the premier of the first Mustang, the Plymouth Barracuda debuted the classic pony car style with its short wheelbase and long hood design.
  • 16: The 1976 Mustang II was actually the first Mustang Cobra, despite being called the Cobra II.
  • 17: In 1962, Ford produced a Mustang 1 prototype that had a mid-engine V4, though this design was never actually used in a production Mustang.
  • Ford Mustang prototype

  • 18: The Mustang was not named after a horse. The Ford Mustang's name derives from a World War II fighter jet.
  • 19: The Ford Mustang made its debut at the 1964 New York World's Fair.
  • 20: Lee Iacocca was the primary designer of the Mustang.
  • 21: Larry Shinoda is credited with perfecting the design of the first Boss 302.
  • 22: The original Ford Mustang was the exact same length as the Ford Falcon.
  • 23: The first Mustang came with only three gears.
  • 24: The original Mustang sold for a base price of $2,368 (or $22,852 today). For more Mustang pricing information, check out our article on Mustang prices through the years.
  • 25: 1966 marked the year in which the most Mustangs were sold (607,500), followed by 1965 (559,500), and then 1967 (472,000).
  • Mustang sale numbers graph

  • 26: The first major Mustang redesign occurred for the 1967 model year.
  • 27: The Mustang Mach I was first introduced in 1969.
  • 26: 370,000 Mustangs were sold in the first year of the Fox Body Generation (1979), which is the fifth-most units ever in a single year for a Mustang.
  • 27: The Fox Body Generation spanned three decades and marked the Mustang's longest generation to date.
  • 28: The Mustang has won Motor Trend Magazine's coveted “Car of the Year” award twice (1974, 1994).
  • 29: The 2015 Mustang was the first Mustang to come with Independent Rear Suspension.
  • 30: Despite its macho image, the Mustang was originally marketed towards women.
  • 31: The most powerful Ford Mustang to date is the 2015 Shelby Super Snake, maxing out at over 750 HP.

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