Mustang Legends Quiz

Mustang Legends Quiz

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A long list of incredible designers, business people, and visionaries helped create and evolve the Ford Mustang. This quiz focuses on five of those legends: Larry Shinoda, Ken Miles, Lee Iacocca, Caroll Shelby, and Gale Halderman.

Test your knowledge below on facts about Mustang legends including Carroll Shelby facts and facts about the Mustang's creation. learn more about each of these legendary figures by checking out the related resources below!

Test Your Knowledge with This Mustang Legends Quiz

  1. What was Ken Miles' nickname?

    Miles often drove so fast that all four wheels would leave the ground. 'Limey' is a slang term used to describe a British person. Put that together and you get "Flyin' Limey!"

  2. What key feature became standard after Ken Miles' tragic death?

    Miles was killed in a terrible accident in 1966. The car he was driving flipped, and he was launched from the vehicle. Steel roll cages aim to protect passengers from injury in similar situations.

  3. Which of these was NOT a job that Carroll Shelby had?

    Carrol Shelby joined the Air Force in 1941. After WWII, he started a dump truck business and a chicken ranch. He finally turned his love for cars into a career in 1952, when he began racing.

  4. Carrol Shelby moved to ______ in 1974.

    A few years after Shelby's partnership with Ford ended in 1969, he moved to South Africa. While he was there, he launched a line of chili mix. He was quite the entrepreneur!

  5. Larry Shinoda named the 'Boss' 302 after ______.

    Shinoda moved from GM to Ford for Bunkie Knudsen. When he was working on the 302, he often called it “the Boss' Car” in reference to Knudsen. Over time, this was shortened to Boss.

  6. Which of these cars did Larry Shinoda NOT design?

    Shinoda designed the Stingray, the Super Spyder, the Mako, and many more. The Aston Martin Vanquish was introduced in 2001, a few years after Shinoda died. He had no ties to the British company.

  7. How old was Lee Iacocca when he started at Ford?

    Iacocca joined Ford as an engineer in 1946.

  8. What was Lee Iacocca's full first name?

    Iacocca was the son of Italian immigrants. His full name was Lido Anthony Iacocca.

  9. The Halderman Museum, dedicated to Gale Halderman, is in which state?

    The Halderman Museum is located in Tipp City, Ohio, where Halderman was born.

  10. Based on Halderman and others' designs, what was the first Mustang model made out of?

    The first model was made of clay, while the second was fiberglass and painted Candyapple Red.

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