Mustang General Knowledge Quiz

Mustang General Knowledge Quiz

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The Mustang has a long and colorful history full of twists, turns, wins, and losses. Test your knowledge with these 12 history questions.

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  1. On what date did the Ford Mustang debut to the public?

    The Mustang debuted on April 17th, for the low price of $2,368.

  2. How many of Ford’s “rules” did Gale Halderman say the first Mustang broke?

    The Mustang broke about 77 of Ford's design rules, and it paid off.

  3. What color was the Mustang used in its first film debut, Goldfinger?

    Goldfinger (1964) featured a white 1964.5 Mustang.

  4. When did the first Shelby-made Mustang come out?

    The GT350 was the first Shelby-made Mustang, released in 1965.

  5. What was one of the reasons for the creation of the Mustang II?

    The oil crisis inspired a lighter, more fuel efficient Mustang.

  6. What wasn't an option for the Cobra II package?

    The Cobra II came in white with blue stripes, blue with white stripes, and black with gold stripes.

  7. What car almost had the Mustang name?

    The public convinced Ford that the Probe should not be called Mustang.

  8. What does SVT stand for?

    The Special Vehicle Team designed high performance cars at Ford.

  9. What does the R in GT350R mean?

    The GTs were originally designed to meet racing specifications.

  10. What is the fastest production Mustang in history?

    The GT500 is the fastest, with 760 hp and an engine called “The Predator”.

  11. What was the mustang named after?

    The name was inspired by the P-51 Mustang fighter jet, but later tied to the horse as well.

  12. Which of the following is considered by some reports to be true of Mustang symbolism?

    It is commonly believed that the horse faces West to symbolize America's expansion.

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Mustang General Knowledge Quiz

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