What Is the Mustang Sherrod?

What Is the Mustang Sherrod?

Last Updated August 4, 2019

The Sherrod is a special Mustang package first introduced by Ford in 2008. In that first model year, two Mustang Sherrod versions were available. The GT 500S included a premium Mustang GT as the base and was equipped with features such as a Billet-type upper and lower grille, side dual exhaust, rear side quarter panel air scoops and a rear ducktail spoiler. Special Sherrod graphics were also incorporated into the design.

Sherrod Mustang

Ford also released a V6 300S Mustang Sherrod in 2008, a deluxe Mustang V6 that included a Billet-type lower grille, a Sherrod custom body kit, rear dual exhaust, front lower chin spoiler, rear ducktail spoiler and louvered C pillar window scoops. Additionally, Ford created special badging for the Sherrod V6 300S. The 2008 Mustang Sherrod was sold in a variety of colors, some of the more distinctive of which included Grabber Orange, Silver, and White with blue stripes on the hood, roof and trunk.

The Latest Mustang Sherrod Edition

Ford continued to produce the Mustang Sherrod in the years following the 2008 release. The 2014 version is known as the Sherrod SSVT, a rear-wheel drive vehicle equipped with the legendary 5.0L V8 engine, along with a wide range of features such as four-wheel disc brakes, aluminum wheels and a leather steering wheel.

Where to Find Parts for Your Mustang Sherrod or Other Mustang Models

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What Is the Mustang Sherrod?

A special Mustang package known as the Sherrod was first introduced by Ford in 2008. Some features of the package included a billet-type upper and lower grille, side dual exhaust and a rear ducktail spoiler. The 2008 Mustang Sherrod came in a variety of colors such as Grabber Orange, Silver and White.