What Is the Saleen Dark Horse?

What Is the Saleen Dark Horse?

Last Updated September 15, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

9/15/2022 UPDATE: Check out information on Ford's new S650 Mustang Dark Horse

A product of Saleen Automotive, the Dark Horse was a limited-edition Mustang variant that was sold in 2009 and featured a production run of only 25-30 vehicles. The Dark Horse used the S320 Extreme Saleen Mustang as its base model and added black paint and a shaker hood. The end result was a superior driving machine that ranked #46 on the Complex Ride's list of “The Best 100 Mustangs of All Time.”

Dark Horse Mustang

Power Is the Defining Characteristic of the Dark Horse Mustang

The Dark Horse Mustang was equipped with a robust 302-cubic-inch engine specially designed and built by Saleen — but that was only the beginning. With the addition of the Speedlab SuperShaker option, the Dark Horse was capable of delivering an impressive 620 hp with 600 ft.-lbs. of torque.

The SuperShaker air box provided a ram effect that increased airbox pressure by an additional 0.5 psi while holding the air charge temperature at a relatively stable level. Prominent features under the hood included a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods and forged aluminum pistons.

Unique Interior and Exterior Features

The Mustang Dark Horse also didn’t disappoint in terms of style. The vehicle featured the same body style as the Saleen Heritage Mustang and added unique Flat Black Exterior graphics that helped make this Mustang a true “dark horse."

There was also a special Saleen serialized engine plaque. Sport leather seats with Alcantara inserts highlighted the luxurious interior, adding an elegant design touch while also enhancing driver and passenger comfort.

The Dark Horse Was a Pricey Mustang Variant

All of this enhanced power, performance, and style did not come cheaply. With a price tag of around $89,000, the Mustang Dark Horse was one of the more expensive Mustang variants offered. The combination of a high asking price and a small number of models produced makes a Dark Horse sighting a rare occurrence indeed!

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What Is the Saleen Dark Horse?

Available in 2009 from Saleen Automotive, for a mere $89,000, was a limited-edition Mustang variant called the Dark Horse. The Dark Horse featured a 302 cu-in engine with a Speedlab SuperShaker option capable of producing 620 horsepower. Only 25-30 of the Dark Horse variant was produced.