How to Install Bronco Hood Struts (2021+ Models)

How to Install Bronco Hood Struts (2021+ Models)

Last Updated April 17, 2024 | Hamilton Schutt

Hood struts are an easy upgrade over the 6th-gen Bronco's poorly-placed prop rod. They're sturdier, provide more room to work, and they make it easier to lift your hood for maintenance, installs, or just to show off. Not to mention lifting your hood with the progressive-rate gas springs looks way cooler than using the dingy prop rod.

See how you can add more style and functionality to your Bronco in just half an hour.

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Bronco Hood Strut Installation

For our Bronco, we went with Redline Tuning QuickLIFT Plus Hood Struts. These struts use the factory hardware and mounting locations and only take about 30 minutes to install. If you want to go all-out, you could opt for Redline's Elite struts, which feature higher-quality materials and an extra warranty year.

Required Tools:

  • ¼” Ratchet
  • 13 mm Deep Socket
  • 13 mm Socket
  • Panel Removal Tool

Step 1: Prep Hood Brackets

Loosen the nut on both of the included hood brackets until it's sitting at the tip of the stud.

There should be about 4-5 threads visible between the bracket and nut.

Don't loosen this nut to the point that it could fall off! It's going to be very hard to retrieve the nut if it falls off and into the hood.

Holding top hood strut ball joint

Step 2: Position Hood Brackets

Slip the nut-end of the bracket into the second hole up from the hood hinge. Position the nut to sit vertically, then lift the bracket up to the top of the hole.

Positioning top hood strut ball joint into 6th gen Bronco's hood

Step 3: Install Hood Brackets

Push the bracket all the way into the hole and tighten it.

Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Installing top hood strut ball joint into 6th gen Bronco's hood

Step 4: Remove Engine Bay Bracket Bolts

Remove the bolts securing the inner fender brackets on the passenger and driver's sides of the engine bay.

Removing engine bay bracket bolt from 6th gen Bronco

Step 5: Install Engine Bay Brackets

Line up the holes on the supplied engine bay bracket and the inner fender bracket. Then, reinstall the factory bolt, tightening it down all the way.

The supplied brackets are side-specific, so make sure you use bracket #35 for the passenger side and bracket #36 for the driver side.

It's important that the wiring harness stays under the ball joint. This will help avoid accidental unplugging when you raise the hood.

Securing lower hood strut ball joint in 6th gen Bronco's engine bay

Pro Tip: If the wiring harnesses clipped into the inner fender brackets are getting in your way, pop their clips out. After you have the hood strut bracket installed, clip the harnesses back in.

Step 6: Attach Redline Struts

Gently push the sockets on the hood struts onto the brackets' ball joints.

The body of the strut (thicker tube) connects to the hood. The thinner rod connects to the engine-bay bracket.

Repeat this step on both sides.

Attaching strut to the ball joint on the 6th gen Bronco's hood and engine bay

Note: If you try to install the struts upside down, they won't connect properly.

Step 7: Raise the Hood

It's time to put your new struts to the test. Unlatch the hood, give it a small lift, and watch it rise with the power of hydraulic pressure.

Lifting 6th gen Bronco's hood with hood struts

Pro Tip: Some at-home mechanics have reported the struts making a squeaking sound as they lift. If your struts are doing this, a small spray of silicone on the rod should take care of it.

Put Your New Struts to Work

Now that you have ample space to work, it's time to get started on some underhood mods for your Bronco. Check out our ultimate guide to cold air intakes to kickstart your next project.

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