Roush Coilover Suspension Kit Single Adjustable Mustang 2015-2024

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  • Race-Inspired/Track Proven
  • Improved Handling
  • Maintains Ride Quality
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Roush Single Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 Mustangs.

The factory suspension setup that comes on your 2015-2024 Mustang off the lot is an impressive design and superior to most designs in the Mustang’s past. However, if you plan on pushing your S550 to the limit on a regular basis and want full confidence in every turn your Pony conquers, then look no further than this Single Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit from Roush! Made specifically for all 2015-2024 Mustangs, this Coilover Suspension Kit will make your S550 one awesome corner-carving machine.

Features and Benefits:
- Race-Inspired and Track Proven
- Dramatically Improved Handling
- Provides Additional Stability in Both Turns and Braking
- Produces Over 1.0g Lateral Skid Pad Acceleration
- Maintains Stellar Ride Quality On Street While Increasing Performance On Track
- Additional Ride Height Adjustment With Included Tools

Ride Height Adjustment Specs:
- Approximate 1.5” Drop in Front (As Delivered)
- Approximate 1.0” Drop in Rear (As Delivered)
- Maximum 1.5” Drop in Front (Without Modification)
- Maximum 2.0” Drop in Rear (Without Modification)

Please Note: This kit will NOT fit vehicles that are equipped with the factory MagneRide suspension.

Improve your Mustang’s handling and overall appearance with this new Coilover Suspension Kit from Roush! Combining a set of performance struts and shocks complimented with height adjustable performance springs, this kit from Roush gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to appearance and performance. Engineered with the perfect balance of both control and comfort, with plenty of room for additional adjustment, you can easily tailor the stance of your S550 or even adjust corner weights for optimum balance on all four corners. This Coilover Suspension Kit from Roush is engineered and tested to achieve proper balance with whole vehicle as an integrated system and will take your Mustang to the next level.

Kit Includes:
- Front Zinc Plated Steel Coilovers With Red Powder Coated Springs
- Rear Roush Tuned Shocks
- Rear Adjustable Spring Mounts With Red Powder Coated Springs
- Front and Rear Height Adjustment Spanners

Tech Tip: Dropping the front more than 1.5” from stock ride height is possible with modification. Roush states that cutting the locking rings off will allow you to lower the car more than 1.5” in the front.

*To adjust the rear drop, make sure to loosen the set screw to turn the spring adjuster. You will be able to lower the rear a maximum of 2.0” from stock ride height.
*All measurements are measured from the wheel center cap to the fender lip.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Ricky and Tommy from our marketing department recently competed with our 2015 Mustang GT in a Raleigh North America even that included open track time at Roving Road raceway outside of Savannah, Georgia. Everybody in attendance was amazed at how well the 2015 Mustang did out on the road course, even though this car only has springs, it's very neutral and balanced. It did great job with the twistys. That got us thinking about how good the suspension could be on the 15 if we took it up another notch.

Right around that time, Roush contacted us and told us about their single adjustable coil over conversion kit that's just about ready for the 2015 Mustang. Well, today we got our hands on one and we're going to install them on our black 2015 GT.

The Roush single adjustable coil over kit's the perfect twist for this car because it's going to give us ride head adjust-ability also improve dampening as well. It's going to include a front strut set up with the adjustable coil overs on it as well as rear shocks, rear springs, and adjustable perches. It's going to give us a 1 and half inch drop in the front and a 1 inch drop in the back out of the box. It's actually going to be adjusted down further as we'll show you.

The rear spring is going to mount on these seats. Like I said, out of the box, is going to give you an inch drop in the back but you can actually use the provided tool and turn this down and get it a full another inch for 2 inches of total rear drop. The front out of the box is going to give us an inch and a half drop but it also has an adjustable collar on it. You want to go further than an inch and a half, you can, but you just have to cut this locking ring off and you can see you've got a lot more adjustment to go well over 2 inches in the front.

For our purposes, we're going to install the kit exactly as it comes from Roush because we're looking more for the performance than the overall stance. You do want to slam it though, like I said, you can remove these collars and lower it much further down.

For this installation, you need a jack in jack stands or a lifted full jack, half inch ratchet, half inch impact gun or breaker bar, 13 millimeter socket, 15 millimeter socket, 18 millimeter socket, 21 millimeter socket, 22 millimeter socket, 24 millimeter socket, 17 millimeter wrench, handle remover tool, hammer, and a spring compressor.

Our 2015 GT already has a set of Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates that we previously installed within the springs. We're going to be using these with the Roush coil over conversion as well. If you pick up one of these Roush kits, I do suggest grabbing a set of these caster camber plates as well. It's going to really dial your front suspension.

We're going to start off in the engine bear by looping 2 of the 3 strut nuts. The third one we're going to loosen up, we're going to leave the nut on for now. Especially you just get it loose. If you do take it all the way off, the suspension's going to drop. Now we'll move down to the strut itself and start by removing the sway bar end link. We're going to hold it with a wrench from the back and take the nut off.

We'll move the EVS lens, pop the clip off. We're going to remove the 2 bolts from the back of the caliper. We have to put that aside to get the nuts, to remove them, to remove the spindle from the strut. Let me set that out of the way back to the frame. We're going to remove the rotor to give us a little more room to work. Now we're going to loosen up these 2 nuts and hold the spindle to the actual strut itself. Don't take them all the way off. Just get them loose for now. These bolts are splined so you're actually going to have to hit them out with a hammer to get them off the strut and the spindle assembly.

You leave the nut on, now you're hitting the nut and not going to hit the end of the bolt and push it out. Getting these out, it's going to depend on the car, how many miles are on it. Sometimes a couple light hits with a hammer, they pop out. Other times, you have to give a pretty good swing.

Once it's loose, now we can go back up top. Loosen up that last nut, holding the strut to the strut tower and remove the factory strut assembly. Now we're going to disassemble our factory strut assembly. The only part you're going to need is the strut mount itself. On our case, it's half factory strut mount and half Maximum Motorsports caster camber plate. Again, I would suggest picking up a set of these plates if you're installing this coil over conversion on your Mustang. The first step is to compress the springs when you take it apart.

Now we'll install the plate we removed on to our new springs. More that likely you actually we won't even need a compressor. You can pull down this pretty easily and put the bolt on. We'll tighten it down. Our assembly's ready to re-install on our 15.

We're ready to put the assembly back in our car. If you are using the Maximum Motorsports plates like we recommended, make sure this ring and this is pointing outward. We're going to install everything hand tight up here for now. We'll reinstall the spindle. Let's give them a couple taps to get them started. When you tighten the nuts down, that will draw them through.

Be sure before you put the caliber on, I'm going to grab the sway bar end link and get it above the brake lines. If you put the caliber on without it up there, you won't be able to get it back. We'll put it up where it goes and then I'll put on our caliber. Don't forget to re-attach the ABS lines.

Move up top at the engine bay and tighten up the strut nuts. We're going to repeat the process on the other side and move on to the rear. We'll start with the installation in the rear by removing the 2 bolts that hold the shock to the body as well as the bolt that holds our brake line to the body itself. Now we'll move on to the car. To install the coil is just like doing rear lowering springs, you're going to have to lower down the rear sub-frame. We're going to start by loosening these 2 bolts here and then we're going to support it and remove the sub-frame bolts. These don't have to come all the way out. Just get them loose.

With the sub-frame supported, now we're going to remove the bolts. Before we lower the sub-frame, while we're here, we're going to pop these 2 bolts off here. We do have to remove the shocks since we are replacing it. The shock out of the way makes the spring removal a little easier as well. Now we can lower the sub-frame and once we do, the shock will come right out.

You're not going to keep the upper isolator but you are going to keep the lower one so put that back into place. Then we can install our new spring. Install the adjuster on the top of the spring. It's easy to tell. It's the flat part. Put the spring into place. Make sure the bottom of the spring is seated like it's supposed to be. Make sure this is straight. We just lift it up just a little bit. Make sure everything's lined up.

Before we put your stock shock away, you'll pop the nut off to seal the bracket and move it over to our Roush. Move it over to our Roush shock. It's ready to go back on our car. Going to put our Roush shock right where the factory one came out then we're going to re-install with the original hardware. We're going to raise the sub-frame back into place. Make sure your coil over's all lined up properly. We'll re-install the bolts and tighten them down.

We're going to re-install the shock mount. You may have to lift up on the sub-frame to get it to line up. We're going to re-install our brake hose. We'll going to repeat the process on the other side and your installation's finished.

The Roush coil over looks great on our 2015 Mustang GT. The ride height is about how it was if you go to CJ springs but that's what we expected given that with the box, the lowering specs are about the same. The big difference is going to be in the performance so can't wait to get to get this car back out onto the track and really see what it's going to do. As far as the installation goes, basically the exact same process as the lowering springs and aren't too bad to do. Plus, Roush is an OEM distributor for Ford so the quality [inaudible 00:12:33] going to be spot on. Figure about 2 to 3 hours for installation and you'll be back on the road in no time.

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