Starkey Fog Light Kit V6 2013-2014/Boss 302 2013

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  • OEM Style Fog Light Kit
  • No Cutting Or Splicing
  • Includes OEM Fog Light Switch
  • Includes Everything Needed
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Starkey Fog Light Kit for 2013-2014 V6 and 2013 Boss 302 Mustangs.

This kit includes EVERYTHING you need to equip your V6 or Boss 302 Mustang with fog lights. These fog lights are the same style used on the 2013-2014 Mustang V6 Pony Package and GT California Special.

The included OEM switch replaces your factory switch and gives your vehicle the Auto Headlamps feature if your car was not already equipped. Auto Headlamps use a sensor already installed in the car to automatically turn your head lights ON and OFF based on the light conditions outside (when enabled with switch). The fog lights won't shut off when the high beams are activated. No cutting or splicing is required.

-Fog lights and bulbs
-Fog light brackets
-Bezels for vehicles with fog lights
-OEM headlight/fog light switch with Auto Headlamps feature
-High quality wiring harness with relay and fuses
-Mounting hardware
-Detailed step-by-step installation manual

*This kit is specifically designed to fit any 2013-2014 Mustang that did not come from the factory with fog lamps.

Order this Starkey Fog Light Kit for your 2013-2014 V6 or 2013 Boss 302 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today, we're going to be installing this California special style fog light conversion kit from Starkey Products. The kit includes everything you need for installation, your fog light assemblies, brackets, wiring, hardware, as well as detailed instructions. This kit is an excellent upgrade for your 2013 V6 or Boss 302 as well as any GT with an aftermarket grill, such as the Roush grill in our Gotta Have It Street car. The installation's going to require removal of these panels, so I have to have access under the bumper. Let's get started.

For this installation, you'll need a jack and jack stands or a lift, a quarter-inch ratchet, seven millimeter socket, eight millimeter socket, flat head screwdriver, small pick, wire strippers, electrical tape, and safety glasses.

One you're under the car, you want to remove the splash shield first. There are 17 screws that hold it in. Bumper cover doesn't have to be removed. Once we get the splash shield off, we'll do the access from underneath. The factory bezels are held in place by these five body colored tabs. We want to start at the top. The tabs you're going to have to pull them down slightly while putting some force on the bezel from the outside to remove them. This will a take a little bit of force to get off. Now we're going to install the fog light bezel. It's going to mount to the five body tabs that we just used. In addition, these four tabs here are going to get screws through them due to the additional weight of the fog lights. Make sure all five tabs are tight. Now we're going to install four screws in each of these corners. Make you do not over tighten these screws. Just get them snug.

Now we're ready to install the fog light itself. The bottom two holes line up with these two alignment pins are held in place by four screws. Put all the screws in loosely to hold it in place before you tighten anything down. You might find it easier to use a quarter-inch socket for some of the more difficult screws. Now we're ready to wire up our fog lights. You have to go the engine bay to remove this cover. Once you get the cover out of the way, we're going to modify the wiring harnesses. The cover's held in place by these push-pins. Simply pull up on the center and then remove the entire push-pin. Now that you've removed all eight tabs, you can pull the cover off and set it aside. These two wires here go down to your fog lights. You want to tap into the wires closer to the fog light plug to make sure you have enough extension. By the way, the wires are held on the pinch by these metal tabs. Just pop the tabs off, you should be able to fish the wire. You might have two tabs on there, and then you can pull the harness up through.

The factory plus is going to have four wires going to them. We're only going to need two for our fog light. Starkey provides us with wire taps. What you'll do is just pull back the insulation. You want to separate out your wires. The only two wires you need are the black and green and the tan and yellow here. Both all black wires are not used. You're going to carefully strip a small section for the wire tap. Slide the tap right over the bare wire and clamp it down. Now you want to grab the supplied fog light harness and plug it into your taps. It doesn't matter which end plugs in here. Make sure they're nice and tight. We're going to put electrical tape around them just to insulate them a little bit. I'm just going to drop the harness right back into the bottom here. Then, we'll go under the car to plug it in.

Once you finish the wiring you put your radiator cover back on. Now you want to finish your harness over the side of this radiator shroud here. Bring it down, then you can plug in your light. The plug's only going to fit one way. You'll probably have some excess slack. You want to zip tie it safely out of the way. Once you've safely tied all the wires out of the way, you're ready to reinstall our splash shield. Now we're going to test our lights. There's no power going to your fog light harness unless your ignition switch is turned forward, so you want to do that first. First, we'll check them with our parking lights, and now we'll check them with our headlights as well.

The installation of our driving lights is a nice addition to the front of our car. Installation should take you roughly about two hours. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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