Mini-Starter Wiring

Installation Instructions


Factory starters only have a one wire hookup. They have a large power cable (usually 4 Gauge) that runs from the starter to the solenoid post (Post B) opposite of the post hooked to the positive battery cable (Post A). When the signal from the ignition lead is sent by turning the key forward, the starter solenoid transfers power from one of the large posts to the other thus powering the starter and cranking the engine.

A mini starter operates differently. It will have a two-wire hookup and a solenoid on it. One large wire and one small wire. It gets wired differently. The large starter cable gets put on the same post as the positive battery cable and the small signal wire goes where the large cable was. This will bypass the solenoid on the apron and use the one on the mini-starter. Mini starters were factory starting in 1992. Here is how a fox-body mini starter would be hooked up (early model is similar).

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