TMI Headliner With ABS Back Board 1992-1993

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TMI Cloth or Vinyl Headliner with ABS Back Board for 1992-1993 Coupe or Hatchback Mustangs.

You love your Coupe or Hatchback Fox body Mustang, but eventually the sagging, worn-out original headliner will need to be replaced. When that time comes, look no further than TMI's high quality replacement vinyl or cloth headliners.

As the base for all their headliners, TMI uses a durable vacuum-formed, pre-cut ABS plastic back board, featuring cutouts for sun-visors and the dome light.

On this base, TMI offers a variety of factory color options in either Tier Grain Vinyl or Foam Backed Cloth. Only the dome light is cutout from the cloth or vinyl.

An uncovered ABS plastic back board is available separately for purchase for those looking to create a custom headliner.

*For large dome light, without map light, sunroof or T-tops.
*Large dome light is 22" from the front.
*On February 26th, 1991 Ford changed from a small rectangular dome light to a larger dome light with integrated spot lights; see HL14-V for 1985-1991 versions.
*Silver Gray vinyl is not an original match to Opal or Titanium Gray; matching original vinyl is unavailable.
Note: Due to the premium nature of TMI products, these made-to-order parts may take up to ten weeks to ship if they are out of stock.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Bill:Today we have our good buddy Waylon here from TMI to help us fresh the interior of the Mustang LX. We have a lot of plans for the interior using some TMI products, but the first thing I'm going to replace is my headliner.

Waylon:If you own an old Fox body like this, what you're going to find more often than not that headliner adhesive is going to let go over time. You may have that cloth hitting you on the top of the head so headliner is obviously a go-to. Also, I want to point out that originally that's a cardboard headliner. We do these in a waterproof ABS plastic.

Bill:What's available as far as colors, figment? Do you have sunroof, T-tops, all that stuff's covered?

Waylon:Yeah. Sunroof, T-top, hatchback, coupe all those are covered as well as the factory original cloth and the TruGrain vinyls.

Bill:Cool. We can start with the installation. The first step in the installation, obviously you remove the old headliner. We're going to start by removing the visors, which obviously need to be replaced. Then pull it down and unplug the mirror lights. All right the visor's off. We get the map light off next. That stuff out of the way, remove the front trim. Just get a grip on it, kind of pull it down towards the glass.

Waylon:Next you're going to want to remove these side trim panels. Now, you're going to feel like you're going to break it. You're going to have to pull that hard, but there are metal clips on the back of these. They're not going to break, don't worry. See, it's a little tough, but pops right off.

Bill:The end's off, remove the dome light. Just grab the lens, pop it off and then remove the screws.

Waylon:Next you want to take this A pillar cover off. There's just two screws, one right here in the middle and the other one is just behind the speaker cover, but you should be able to get to it with that speaker cover intact. With the lower screw loosened you can go ahead and just leave this down and you got plenty of room to get the headliner out. With all the trim removed you're going to expose this little clip right here. You're just going to get a clip removal tool and pop that out of there. At the back of the car you're going to want to remove these coat hanger hooks right here, just another Phillip's. Next you've got this trim panel that goes across the back of the hatch. There are one, two, three, four screws you're going to have to remove. You're going to need to take that whole panel down. There are some clips here at the top, but you can pop that willingly, one not so willingly, and we're out.

Bill:With everything out of the way now we can pull the headliner out. When the headliner comes out it's going to probably make a mess like ours did. If you have a nice interior in the car, nice seats, I do suggest covering them before you do this. Obviously we're replacing ours, but at this point you want to clean up the roof. If you want to do any kind of sealant in the roof, or any kind of a Dynamat or deadening material now's a perfect time to do it.

Waylon:On these ABS headliners, we've already pre-cut the holes in the back for the dome light and the sun visors. You want to push through, find out where that is. I always suggest brand new sharp razor blade, but you're going to want to cut an X across this rectangle. Maybe not all the way to the edge because you might possibly see that, but darn close. You're going to go one side, feel where you're at, other side. The point of the X is simple, you're just going to want to fold these back when you install your dome light, that way you have a nice covered edge and your not going to see that headliner through. For the visor hole, you may not be able to get a full X in there, but a little slit from one corner to the other is going to be all you're going to need to get those screws through and get that visor mounted correctly.

Bill:Okay, I put the headliner in through the hatch.

Waylon:Now it's up to you what you want to use to hold this headliner up, but the map light is going to work just as good as anything else, tuck it in to the plastic panels in the back. When you're putting this in you're undoubtedly going to get some finger prints on these headliners. There is a 1/4" inch foam back behind this cloth, don't worry about that those will always release. Also, this cloth is susceptible to getting finger prints on it if your hands are dirty, so either put on a pair of gloves or just make sure you got clean hands. With the hole punched, you're just going to want to use this pin they provided, line that up screw is going to right behind it.

Bill:Next we're going to install the metal pieces that go here, so you want to make sure the openings for the clips are visible. Use a razor blade and make a little hole for the other clip that goes here.

Waylon:Next we gotta install these A pillar covers. A nice handy tool to have with you is always an awl like this, helps your sun visors, helps lining up these. Reach through until you find out where you need to go, and just insert the screw the same direction. This bottom one can be a bit tricky. If it serves you better to remove the speaker cover, go ahead. I'm a little stubborn, and I'm going to try and get it with it still installed. There we go. Next is the iconic map light here for a Fox body and again I'm a big fan of using this awl to try to help locate where we need to be. These are also your ground screws to make sure this light works.

When you have it out it might be a good idea to make sure all your connection points are clean. We're good to go. Now you're going to want to climb into the back seat probably for a better angle on this, easy to take it out from the front but to get the right angle on this, again I always encourage using the awls. Screw is going through the top one, feel through until you find the hole there for the screw to go through, help line it up. With the coat hooks in that just leaves this back finishing panel, probably best to snap the clips in first, which are always difficult to line up in the dark, but there you go.

Bill:So the last step before we install the visor is to reinstall this front trim panel. We going to put the visors up into place, now the bracket will sort of pop in when you have it in the right spot. Use this to hold it in place, then reinstall the screws and your installation is finished.

The new headliner fits great and looks a million times better obviously then the old moldy one that was in there. Now we're starting at the top, definitely need to work our way down. What other TMI products do you think we're going to put in this car while we're here?

Waylon:I'm just standing right here and looking in, I can say those seats could use-

Bill:All of them?

Waylon:All of them, but I think the seats can definitely use some TMI attention and I don't know if they can see this but we got the infamous-

Bill:The typical map pocket pockets of the Fox body Mustang.

Waylon:We got our work cut out for us, but we can do it.

Bill:As far as the headliner goes, the installation, all you're really going to need is going to be a razor blade and a Phillip's head screwdriver, figure a couple hours, be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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