Wilwood Front Disc Brake Kit Tactical Extreme TX6R 6-Piston With 15-1/2" Slotted Rotors 6-Lug F-150 2010-2019

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  • Direct Bolt-On Upgrade
  • Powder Coated Calipers
  • Increased Braking Capacity
  • 6-Piston Forged Calipers
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Wilwood 6-Piston Tactical Extreme TX6R Front Disc Brake Kit with 15-1/2" Slotted Rotors for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 6-Lug F-150s.

The F-150 is a lot of mass to bring to a stop, especially if you add performance modifications like a cat back exhaust system, supercharger or tune. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have the proper stopping power needed to quickly bring your truck to a halt if needed. That’s where Wilwood comes in with their TX6R 6-Piston Front Disc Brake Kit with 15.5" Slotted Rotors designed specifically for your 2010-2019 6-Lug F-150.

Features and Benefits:
- Direct Bolt-on Upgrade
- Increased Braking Capacity and Surface Area
- Custom Big Brake Look
- High-Strength Construction Ideal for Street, Track and/or Off-Road Use
- Enhances Tire & Suspension Upgrades
- Can Be Used with a Stock Master Cylinder and Electronic Control Systems

Kit Includes:
- Tactical Extreme TX6R 6-Piston Gloss Black or Red Powder Coated Calipers (2)
- Radial Mount Caliper Brackets (2)
- 15.5" x 1.38” Spec 37 Directional Vane Slotted Alloy Rotors (2)
- Set of BP-20 Metallic Composite Compound Smart Brake Pads
- All Necessary Mounting Hardware
- Detailed Instruction Guide

This Front Brake Upgrade Kit from Wilwood is designed to give your F-150 drastically increased stopping power and overall braking performance. You will see improvement across the board from ever-noticeable brake fade to dead stop capabilities. The included TX6R 6-Piston Calipers work flawlessly paired with the 15.5” Spec 37 Slotted Rotors and BP-20 Metallic Compound Brake Pads.

The forged aluminum TX6R 6-Piston Calipers included in this kit are comprised of stainless steel pistons and high-temperature internal bore seals to be able to withstand the heat. The 15.5” x 1.38” thick Spec 37 alloy directional vane rotors and TX6R calipers are designed specifically for Ford F-150 6-Lug trucks, meaning you have a high-strength and reliable braking system bring your truck to a halt every time.

*This kit only fits 20" or larger wheels. Please check the wheel clearance diagram in the installation instructions before purchase to verify clearance for proper fitment.

Compatible F-150 Models:
- F-150 2010-2014 FX2 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2014 FX2 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2013 FX4 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2012 Harley-Davidson Edition 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2012 Harley-Davidson Edition 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 King Ranch 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 King Ranch 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 Lariat 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 Lariat 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2011 Lariat Limited 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2011 Lariat Limited 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2013-2014 Limited 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2013-2014 Limited 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 Platinum 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 Platinum 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2014 STX 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2014 STX 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 XL 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 XL 4x4 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 XLT 4x2 (6-Lug)
- F-150 2010-2017 XLT 4x4 (6-Lug)
F-150 2015-2019 XLT with Electronic Park Brake
- F-150 2015-2019 XLT with Manual Park Brake

Manufacturer Part Numbers:
- Black Powder Coat (140-13865)
- Red Powder Coat (140-13865-R)

Please Note: These brake kits are designed to fit OE factory spindles. Contact Wilwood if you are not using a factory spindle.

*2010 to 2014 F150s will need brake line kit 22012862.
*2015 to 2019 F150s will need brake line kit 22015263.

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today on CJ Off-Road, we're going to make our 2017 Raptor stop a whole lot better. The F-150 Raptor is an absolute monster right from the factory, but the braking really needs an improvement, especially if you get a larger wheel and tire. So today, we're going to be installing this Wilwood big brake kit on our 2017 Raptor. If you want to make your Raptor stop as good as it accelerates, this Wilwood big brake kit is exactly what you need.

This kit comes with everything you need to significantly upgrade the front brakes on your Raptor, including massive six piston calipers, 15 and a half inch two piece rotors, stainless steel brake lines, and upgraded brake pads. It's going to give your truck a custom look and improve pedal feel, in addition to better stopping. So today, we're going to install it on our 2017 F-150 Raptor. Tools you'll need for this installation: 12 millimeter socket, half inch ratchet, 10 millimeter socket, 3/8ths ratchet, 11 millimeter wrench, 13 millimeter wrench, 19 millimeter wrench, a set of pliers, a trim panel removal tool, and you might need a hammer to remove the rotors.

Okay. So we have the truck up in the air, and we removed the wheels. What we have to do is remove the factory brake caliper, rotor, and hose. We're going to start off by removing this 10 millimeter bolt right here. Remove the two 21 millimeter bolts holding the caliper to the spindle. Once you remove the bolts, hang the caliper off to the side. The brake rotor can now be removed, but it's probably going to be a little stuck. So we're going to give it a couple love taps with a hammer.

The dust shield's a little bit too small for the upgraded brake rotor, so it needs to come off. There's three 8 millimeter bolts holding it on. At this point, you can now install the Wilwood hat onto the rotor just like this, and then, we're going to secure it with the provided hardware. Notice the hole in the head of this bolt. This is where the safety bar is going to go through. We're going to be installing these bolts with a half inch socket. Once you get the bolts installed, you're going to torque them to 25 foot pounds in an alternating sequence. Once you get all the bolts torqued, you can safety wire them according to the instructions.

The caliper mounting bracket can now be installed. It's going to go right here on the spindle. Install the provided bolt with a washer. Install one shim over the bolt, then install it into the bracket. Then, tighten the bolts down. Initially install one shim on each stud on the caliper bracket. Now that the rotor's properly assembled and wire-tired, we can install it, and these are directional. So when you install it, make sure that this arrow up top is facing forward. Lightly lubricate the studs on the caliper bracket.

If you take note at the calipers, there's three pistons on each side. Two are smaller and one's bigger. You're going to install the caliper to where the larger piston is up top. Then, slide the caliper over the brackets and over the rotor. If you'll notice, when we slid this caliper on, it's hitting the rotor. So we need to take it back off and put more shims on the caliper bracket. I have everything removed, and we're going to leave the one shim on that we previously installed. But we're going to add two more to each bolt, so that's a total of three shims on each bolt.

After re-shimming our caliper bracket, our rotor is now nicely centered. If you're having trouble getting it centered, make sure that the hub is cleaned. You might need a wire brush to make sure it's clean. And once you get it nice and centered, you're good to go. Now, we're going to install our washers and nuts on our bracket mounting studs to make sure that the caliper clears the rotor. Tighten down the nut with a 9/16ths 12 point socket. Everything clears for the caliper. Now, the mounting bolts can be torqued to 120 foot pounds.

We're ready to install the brake pads. We have to remove that pretzel looking clip inside the caliper with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Give it a pinch and pull it out, and make sure you don't lose it. With both clips removed, you can slide these pins out. Slide your brake pads into the caliper. Once you get the pads in, reinstall your pins. The pretzel clips can then be reinstalled. Make sure they're seated in their groove properly. Note that the pads are not completely flush with the rotor, so we need to shim the caliper out just a little bit. We're going to add a shim to each stud and reinstall the caliper and check our clearance. The brake pads are looking pretty good. We can now torque these lock nuts to 65 foot pounds.

We can now install our brake line fittings. We're going to be using some high temp thread sealant just to be safe. Make sure when you install these lines that you have them facing up. Remove the vacuum hose from your brake line bracket just to give you a little bit more room to work with. Thread your braided brake line into your caliper. Tighten it with an 11 millimeter wrench. Remove your hard brake line from your brake hose with a 13 millimeter line wrench. Make sure you have a drain pan ready to catch your brake fluid. Completely disconnect your brake hose, then install your new brake line. Thread your new brake hose into the factory brake line. Get it snugged up and make sure it doesn't leak, and then you're ready for bleeding.

Okay. We have the brakes properly bled. Now, we can install the factory wheels, but these brakes are so big they actually require a 19 inch wheel or bigger to fit. Okay. We've got our Wilwood big brake kit installed on our Raptor, and the brakes are actually so big we had to install these 20 inch Rotiform wheels. They're looking a lot better than the 17s, and the truck stops a whole lot better. I feel a lot safer driving this truck now, and installation really wasn't too bad. It's probably going to take you about two to three hours, and before you know it, you'll be heading off-road.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following F-150 years:

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