X-Lume Running Pony Grille Emblem Chrome With White Illumination Mustang 2010-2022

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  • Ford Officially Licensed
  • Direct-Fit Replacement
  • Chrome Finish
  • White Illumination

X-Lume Chrome Running Pony Grille Emblem with White Illumination for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Mustangs.

If you are looking for a way to add a truly unique look to your 2010-2022 Mustang, then you definitely need to have a look at this X-Lume Chrome Running Pony Grille Emblem with White Illumination from CJ Pony Parts!

Features and Benefits:
- Comes in Chrome Finish
- White, Illumination
- Constructed Using a Waterproof Housing
- Looks Like Stock Pony Emblem When Not Illuminated
- Includes Mounting Plate, Wiring and Posi Taps for Easy Installation

This Chrome Running Pony Grille Emblem with White Illumination from X-Lume comes in a chrome finish that looks just like a stock pony emblem when not illuminated. But once the emblem is lit up, it has a crisp white illumination that will give your Mustang a unique new style to set it apart from all the other cars. The emblem has been constructed with a waterproof housing and will include a mounting plate, wiring, and posi taps to ensure an easy installation.

Please Note: Installation of this emblem on 2018+ Mustangs will be best accomplished by making your way to the emblem from under the vehicle and will require removal of the factory grille shutter system if present to gain access to the larger harness that will need to be tapped for proper install, NOT the harness going directly into the headlight.

*Not intended for Shelby GT500 and GT350 grilles as they do not come from the factory with a running pony emblem.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We're going to add a unique custom touch to the grill on our 2015 Mustang with help from X-Lume. This is the X-Lume Running Pony Grill Emblem fitting your 2010-2017 Mustang. This is going to be a direct replacement for your factory grill emblem. Looks just like the chrome emblem when it's turned off.

When you add power, it's going to light up either a white or a red or even a custom color. This is going to come with wiretaps that tap into your factory marker lights or you can run it off of a switch. Again, it's a direct replacement. I'm going to show you how to install it on our 2015 Mustang.

For this installation need a 1/4-inch ratchet, 6-millimeter socket, 10-millimeter deep socket, and a small plastic pry bar. To install the new grill emblem we have to get access behind the grill. So the first thing we're going to do is remove our radiator cover by removing all these little pushpin clips. If you want to you can honestly probably get your hand down underneath this. But to make it easier, just remove these two nuts here and then we’re gonna remove the latch.

Unplug that and you put it up here out of the way. Since it's going to be hard to see we're going to show you this process with an emblem we previously removed from another car. These emblems are held on by these little washers. They're basically like a push on metal retainer. What you want to do, these are honestly kind of hard to get off the plastic tabs.

The easiest way to remove your factory horse, small screwdriver, little plastic pry bar, whatever, and simply just break off all the tabs and the horse will pop right off. The new emblem has its own studs and its own retainers. They're all included with the installation so you do not need any of the factory hardware. So again, just breaking these off is the easiest way to remove it.

Once you get the tabs free, just give it a little bump and it'll come right off. You can see a comparison of the old emblem and the new emblem. As you can see, when it's turned off it looks just like the factory one. On the back here, you got three new mounting studs. The fourth stud, actually you use that hole to fish the wire harness through. On your car unless you have an aftermarket emblem you won't have this double stick tape but you still want to make sure this hole here just is opened up. Use a small…whatever, and grab the wire, you're going to fish it through that opening.

Come out the holes and push it into place. Okay, so we’re ready to install these retainers to run our running pony emblem in place. The easiest way I found to do that is to basically start this without finger, kind of push it onto the plastic. Then grab a small socket, 5-millimeter, 6-millimeter somewhere in that neighborhood. You can push against this from the back by holding this from the front. That's one of the easiest ways I found to put these on. Be careful and make sure you don't drop them.

This wire harness is going to tap into the headlight harness. The easiest one to get to is over here on the driver side. This is actually the only way you can get to it without having to go underneath the car. What you do is reach your hand down here; you actually see the harness sticking out. All back behind the headlight there's a little push button clip. You push the clip and pop off the harness. Pop the clip off the frame rail, and pull the harness up here making it really easy to get to.

The harness up here, the two wires we're tapping into are going to be this purple wire. It's basically in the top of the harness where the release is. It's purple with the white stripe. That's going to be our power. The black wire right next to it is going to be our ground. Just grab the provided tap. Put that through the wire. You thread it back on, it'll pierce it. The same for the purple. Now fish the harness over. We're going to follow this wire harness here. We'll come back and we'll zip tie to that later. Just make sure you got a clear line of sight so that can plug back in. you can make the connections over here.

I'm going to take the cap off of the purple wire here. This is where our red wire's going to connect. Push the wire down in place. Thread the cap back on. Should be nice and snug in there. At this point before we put it back together, we're going to test it out and make sure everything works properly.

All you want to do here either open your door, turn your lights on or hit the disarm button on your keys. Okay, we know it works. Then go back and plug our headlight back in. We're going to zip tie the harness. We're working now, we can reinstall the hood latch and the radiator cover. You can tell by the markings in the paint right where that was. Put it back in the original location. Install your radiator cover. You're installation's finished.

The X-Lume Illuminated Running Pony really adds a nice custom touch to the front of our 2015 Mustang GT. But like I said, it's available in white shown here. We also offer it red or also multicolor, which is Bluetooth compatible, allow you to change the color on the front horse to match whatever light you have along the car. As far as the installation goes, you saw it, it's pretty straightforward. I would say this is less than an hour; you'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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