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We’ve been waiting for months, but it’s almost here. The brand new 2015 Ford Mustang was unveiled on December 5, and we finally were able to get a glimpse into the next generation of the Mustang. While we've seen it, we have a lot to learn about what the new 2015 Mustang will and will not contain. It’s going to be a very dramatic change in most respects, as the new car looks to be new from the ground up. Check out a preview of some of the details and speculation…

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Ford Mustang 2015

By Bill Tumas

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Body & Platform

The biggest news for the new 2015 Ford Mustang is that after 50 years of using a solid rear axle, the new Mustang will have an independent rear suspension. While an independent rear suspension was available in the 1999-2004 SVT Cobra, it wasn’t mass-produced across the entire lineup, making the new independent rear suspension truly a first. It’s expected the new suspension in the 2015 Mustang will provide a much smoother ride and better performance, and it raises the new Mustang to the level of the competition, which has sported the independent rear suspension for years.

2015 Mustang The new 2015 Ford Mustang will also ride on an entirely new platform, designated the S550. This signifies only the 5th time that Ford has developed an all-new platform for the Mustang over its 50-year history. The new platform is set to host a smaller Mustang, which may be styled a bit like the Evos concept that was released a few years ago and was used as the basis for the 2013 Ford Fusion. The new 2015 Ford Mustang is also expected to move away from the retro cues to a more modern, European look.

Despite the massive amount of reports saying that Ford was expected to shrink the Mustang down by around 200 pounds, that doesn't seem to be the case. It's looking like the new V6 Mustang will be slightly heavier than the outgoing model, roughly 25 lbs., while the GT will be gaining just over 100 lbs. These are not massive weight gains, especially when considering that the engines are expected to gain some power as well, which should translate into equal or better performance.

2015 Coyote V8Engines

Some changes are happening under the hood of the new 2015 Mustang, too. First, the two engines from the previous generation, the 3.7L V6 and the 5.0L “Coyote” V8 aren’t going anywhere. Both of the existing engines are getting only get slight specification adjustments, with the 5.0L V8 getting another few horsepower and feet/pounds of torque, up to 435 horsepower and 400 ft./lb. of torque. Meanwhile, the 3.7L V6 is actually losing some power, down to 300 horsepower and 280 ft./lb. of torque.

The biggest news is the new engine being added to the lineup—a 2.3L EcoBoost inline-4. For those long time Mustang fans, this is the same displacement of the old SVO Mustang from the mid-1980s, but is a completely new, modern engine. It’s based on the EcoBoost 4-cylinder from the Ford Focus ST and will make 310 horsepower and 320 ft./lb. of torque, which will make it more powerful than the 3.7L V6. This should allow it to get greater than 32 mpg in the new 2015 Mustang.

With the addition of the 2.3L 4-cylinder, the engine line-up is changing for the 2015 Mustang. While the 3.7L V6 remains the entry-level engine, the new 2.3L 4-cylinder is expected to be a new mid-range engine. It’s also believed that this will be the most popular and sold engine in the new Mustang. The premium engine will be the 5.0L V8.


2015 Mustang The interior of the 2015 Ford Mustang is also expected to be all new and a big upgrade. While it should pick up a few of the retro styling cues from the existing model, the redesign focuses on comfort and technology. It’s expected that a heavily revised MyFord Touch system is part of the redesign, which should be much more usable than the version in previous Ford models. Ford has also included paddle shifters for automatic 2015 Mustang models, which is, again, a welcome addition. A keyless ignition system is also now standard on all Mustangs.

2015 Mustang convertibleModels

There’s still a lot of uncertainly how the model line up for the 2015 Ford Mustang will break down. The Base model and GT model will remain, with the EcoBoost trim slotting in between. However, the base model with the V6 will be relatively poorly equipped, driving buyers towards the EcoBoost and GT to get the most popular option packages. The EcoBoost and GT will be available in standard and Premium trims.

The convertible, however, will be returning for 2015 and will be available with all of the engines, a unique top system and a custom style to set itself apart from the coupe. According to Ford, the convertible has been redesigned from the ground up, so they could focus on the little details that would make it just as great as the coupe. One of those details is the top, which features a full fabric outer layer and a full inner headliner, with the five-bow structure sandwiched in between. At 10mm thick, it offers quietness that rivals that coupe when it's up. Several body panels are also unique to the convertible, giving it a distinct feel.

The fate of the GT500 has already been revealed and, unfortunately, it’s planned to disappear after the current model year ends. It’s the replacement for the GT500 that’s very much up in the air. Rumors and speculation has been all over the board, though much of the speculation has centered on the return of one or more of the Cobra, GT350, Boss 302 or Mach 1. The most common rumor is that either or both of the GT350 or Mach 1 are coming back. Very few details exist on either model, though the Shelby name has been spotted on the 2015 Mustang body code sheet, and Ford did recently get approved for a trademark for the Mach 1 moniker, which points to each model’s potential return. Beyond that, though, we don’t know much except that there are lots of rumors. 2015 Mustang


The price point for the base model of the new 2015 Mustang isn’t expected to change. Ford’s looking to target younger buyers with this redesign, so they are keeping the price low to allow those individuals to still be able to afford a new 2015 Mustang. However, from there, as buyers add options and bigger engines, the price can skyrocket. It’s not out of the question to pay nearly $50,000 for a loaded GT model of the new 2015 Ford Mustang, and the revised premium version could be even more expensive. This clearly pushes these premium models out of the hands of the same audience Ford is targeting, the new premium models make use modern materials and technology, so they’re pricier to build, but worth it to buyers.


The new 2015 Ford Mustang was unveiled on December 5, 2013--and CJ Pony Parts was there! Bill Tumas and our video team attended, bringing you photos, video, interviews and more, right from the site in Dearborn, Michigan! Follow CJ Pony Parts on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram to see the updates from that day, and as more news is released on the 2015 Ford Mustang.

The official launch will happen on April 17, 2014. As part of this, Ford will have a brand new Mustang on display on the roof of the Empire State Building, just like they did in 1964. Shortly after the official launch, in May, the new Mustang will be available to consumers for pre-order. It's expected the first orders will be for a special 50th anniversary edition, which will contain special styling and options, which was unveiled on April 16, 2014. It will be based on the 2015 GT Performance Package and contain numerous styling features to celebrate the Mustang's 50th Anniversary. Only 1,964 will be produced.

As of June 13, 2014, the Mustang configurator is live on the Ford website, allowing consumers to build and price their own 2015 Mustang. With pre-ordering now available, this allows consumers to get a good idea of how much their perfectly equipped 2015 Mustang is going to cost.

Production began in mid-July and, sometime in the 3rd Quarter of 2014, the new Mustang will arrive on dealer lots and we'll be able to get our first review. When you're ready, just choose your color, options and make your order.


2015 Mustang rendering CJ Pony Parts has been working with our vendors for months already, laying the groundwork to be the first to get aftermarket parts on the market. These include parts that can make your 2015 Mustang look completely unique, from body and styling parts to interior design. The CJ Pony Parts rendering of a 2015 Mustang is just some ideas of what our aftermarket suppliers might allow you to do to it when they release their parts. When aftermarket parts are available, this is right where they will be with plenty of videos and information. Keep checking back to see the latest news and aftermarket parts for the new 2015 Ford Mustang!

2015 Mustang infographic Last Updated: July 29, 2014