CPC NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit V6/GT 2005-2010

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CPC NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit V6/GT 2005-2010
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Product Description

California Pony Cars NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit for all 2005-2010 V6 and GT Mustangs.

This hood strut kit will eliminate your factory prop rod and dress up the engine bay. This kit is a simple bolt-on that requires no drilling! This is a high quality product that sets the "Industry Standard" for quality, fit, form and function.

Kit Includes:
- Pair of Two Gas Struts
- Pair of Upper Brackets
- Pair of Lower Brackets
- Installation Instructions

Available unpainted, with a hydrocarbon look, or pre-painted in many of the factory Ford colors. The two digit code after each color in the drop down menu is the Ford paint code. Please verify your Mustang's paint code prior to ordering.

*This kit will fit 2010 Mustangs, however the engine sound tube running to the firewall on the driver side must be unbolted and relocated to the underside of the original mounting location for clearance. There is no drilling required and this does not affect operation in any way.

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Product Reviews

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Parts are easy to install and close an obvious gap in the regular Ford equipment. Aftwer installation, the handling of the hood is totally different than before. Very good accessory!
Gottfried June 29, 2014
Hood strut kit
Great product and takes 20 minutes to install thanks to CJ Pony video for installation and looks great since it matches factory colors.
Greg June 27, 2014
This is what Ford should have given us!
Fantastic addition to my '07 GT/CS convertible. Now I don't have to deal with that awful prop rod anymore. Easy effort to open hood and it opens wider so mods and cleaning are a breeze. Although I bought mine used, I could easily justify this little bit of cash for the incredible convenience it brings. The Vista Blue factory color matches perfectly and looks like it belongs.
Nunja Business February 8, 2013
Nice, but not perfect...
These Hood struts are nice, they were pre painted my Red Candy Apple Metallic and it matched perfectly. The issue i had with these were that they don't clearly tell you where to relocate the intake sound tube that comes on the 2010 and up mustangs, so i relocated them underneath the original place. Also the big issue was that it has an indented part and it doesn't match up at all, the bolts were perfect but that part was not on mark as they intended it to be. If that indentation was correct then 5 stars no doubt. I also drilled two holes to relocate the windshield wiper hose to run along the new install piece. Looks better than just zip tying it or even letting it hang because it might sag as well. Those who buy this as product, I didn't mark mine, i just unbolted the bottom screw and put the new piece on the hood and replaced the bolt so that it would stay in place so it saved me some time as well.
Travis June 12, 2012
Eliminate that cheap prop rod!
Ordered my CPC NXT GENERATION HOOD LIFT SUPPORT KIT in performance white & couldn't be happier. Very easy to install, paint matched perfect. Do recommend an extra set of hands but can be done by yourself. Say goodbye to bumping prop rod & have hood falling on you when working under it! Money well spent!
Aj March 12, 2012
2007 mustang
fit was perfect. install was easy. great product and shipped quick. Great dealing with cj pony parts.
Ryan S. March 9, 2012
CPC Hood Struts on 2011 GTCS
Purchased the bare aluminum struts for my Ingot Silver GTCS. Not a perfect match, but still look almost like an OEM part. Struts like these are a MUST if you plan on doing mods under the hood. Gets that prop rod out of the way and lifts the hood higher. Installation was easy. I did just one hinge bolt at a time (as Luke from FL did) and hood/hinge alignment stayed true. For the washer line, I zip-tied it to the the barrel of the strut after the install. As for the IST tube, after unbolting it, I put the bolt back in the fender and just lined up the IST mounting hole on the underside. It's not bolted in, but the tube is stiff enough that it won't go anywhere, and by not shaving off any of the factory plastic to get it bolted in, it can be put back to stock. That's what I think are great about the CPC struts, no drilling holes or other permanent mods so you can always put it back to stock! Highly recommended.
Bender351 in Austin December 28, 2011
Quick easy installation.
I ordered The Hood Lift Support on a Sunday,received it on Thursday noon, (free shipping),WOW this is service. The installation takes 10 minutes on each side, is best to remove one bolt at a time, remove it and plase the bracket and bolt it, remove the other bolt, slide the bracket to the hole and tight the bolt. There is no move of the hood so everything is in line. The hood lift works great and is a good addittion to the 2011 Mustang V6. I strongly recommend it.
Bob from San Antonio Texas September 29, 2011
CPC hood struts for a 2010 Mustang V6
Got these in Grabber Blue to match the color of my Mustang. Very simple to install, color matches up very well and looks great installed. Now it's so nice to just pop the hood and not have to fuss with the old prop. Just follow the instructions and should have no problem. Don't do like the goober in this video and install the struts barrel side down. The barrel should attach to the hood mount and the shaft to the fender mount. I found it helpful to just take out one hood screw,attach the hood mount with this screw and finger tighten and then take out the other screw and swing hood mount into place over hole and put the second screw in. This way there will always be a screw holding the hood. I didn't have any alignment problems this way. Also place a piece of masking tape on fender and hood near the hood hinge on both sides and mark with a pencil or pen using a straight edge. Lines should match up after install, if not adjust hood till they do. Piece of cake. :)
Luke June 30, 2011
@011 Mustang 5.0
These hood support kits are the best I have seen in a very long time !They are well made and color coded perfect to my car.Went to a car show and everyone that looked at them thought they had came on the car from the factory .Great price ,ordered them on a Sun. and received them on Fri. Not too bad for free shipping .
Wyatt April 30, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Today we're going to install this CPC No-Drill Hood Strut Kit on this 2006 Legend Lime Mustang GT. The hood struts are an excellent modification for any late model Mustang, and as we're going to show you, even an amateur installer should have no problem installing them. The kit's going to include side-specific brackets, as well as a pair of struts. We're going to be installing their natural finish, but they're also available to match your Mustang's paint job.

The owner of this particular GT got rid of the hood prop rod years ago and put a generic set of hood struts on. While they used to do the job, now you lightly touch the hood and they fall down. We're going to replace them with our CPC Kit. We're going to show you the passenger side since there is one additional step necessary. This hose is going to be in the way so you have to remove just the top clip. The bottom one can stay, but the top has to be removed.

We're going to remove the most rearward fender bolt. The only tool needed for the installation is going to be a 10 mm socket. Now we're going to install the fender bracket. Both the fender bracket and the hood bracket are labeled driver and passenger so make sure you have the correct one because they are side-specific. Now we're going to remove the lower bolt on the hood. We'll install the bracket off to the side. You want to get this hand tight only so we can slide our hood bracket up. It'll go over that clip, around the hose, and into place. Since the clip is no longer needed we're just going to remove it. Now you'll want to install the strut with the body of the strut facing towards the top, slide it over the stud, lock it in place, hold the hood up as high as you can, and lock that one in as well.

Now that we have both sides installed, we're going to check the operation. Down and come right back up. Our hood struts work exactly like they're supposed to. If we pull down our hood it goes right back up like it should unlike the ones that were on here when we started. Installation should take you no more than about a half an hour. You'll be back on the road in no time.