2006 Mustang Parts

2006 Mustang Parts

Customize the Look, Sound, and Performance of Your 2006 Mustang with Mods and Accessories

2006 Mustang Parts

2006 Mustang Parts

Customize the Look, Sound, and Performance of Your 2006 Mustang with Mods and Accessories

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Expert Customer Service Team!
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    • Interior

    • Give your cabin a refresh by replacing old, worn-out components or adding upgrades for a personal touch.
    2006 Mustang Interior
    • Exterior

    • Repair broken or damaged body panels and upgrade your S197 Mustang to fit your vision.
    2006 Mustang Exterior
    • Wheels & Tires

    • From classic to modern, we offer a vast selection of designs for every enthusiast, no matter their style or driving type.
    2006 Mustang Wheels and tires
    • Lights

    • Stay safe and stylish with a number of options to help you better see and be seen.
    2006 Mustang Lighting
    • Engine

    • Whether you have a V6 or V8 under the hood, optimize your Mustang for performance and efficiency.
    2006 Mustang Engine
    • Transmission

    • Modernize your transmission with an upgraded flywheel, clutch, or shifter for better shift feel and performance.
    2006 Mustang Transmission
    • Convertible Top

    • Keep your convertible top weather-resistant and ensure it lasts long with our selection of parts and upgrades.
    2006 Mustang Convertible Top
    • Exhaust

    • With numerous options for sound and increased power, give your Mustang a classic muscle car rumble or aggressive roar.
    2006 Mustang Exhaust
    • Accessories

    • Find the perfect gift or upgrade to show off your love for the S197 Mustang.
    2006 Mustang Accessories
    • Heating & Cooling

    • Elevate your 2006 Mustang's comfort and engine performance with aftermarket heating and cooling components.
    2006 Mustang Heating and Cooling
    • Exterior Trim

    • Accentuate your ride's sleek style with OEM replacement gas caps, mirrors, emblems, and more.
    2006 Mustang Exterior Trim
    • Stripes & Decals

    • Personalize the outside of your pony with high-quality designs that are sure to stand out.
    2006 Mustang Stripes and Decals
    • Rear Axle

    • Whether you need an LSD for drifting or to replace a cracked differential cover, find what you need here.
    2006 Mustang Rear Axle
    • Suspension

    • Ensure that your vehicle has the best ride quality and handling possible, or lower your Mustang for improved stance.
    2006 Mustang Suspension
    • Brakes

    • Achieve superior braking performance and elevate safety and efficiency with aftermarket 2006 Mustang brake parts.
    2006 Mustang Brakes
    • Steering

    • Transform your 2006 Mustang's steering with our superior aftermarket steering components, ensuring smoother and more dependable handling.
    2006 Mustang Steering
    • Electrical & Wiring

    • Ensure your 2006 Mustang's electronics are functioning properly by upgrading and repairing components.
    2006 Mustang Wiring
    • Underhood Dress-Up

    • Elevate your 2006 Mustang's engine bay with our selection of underhood dress-up kits and accessories.
    2006 Mustang Underhood Dress-Up
    • Weatherstrip

    • Shield your 2006 Mustang against environmental factors with our top-quality aftermarket weatherstrip replacements.
    2006 Mustang Weatherstrip
    • Tools & Supplies

    • Keep up with 2006 Mustang maintenance tasks by investing in the right tools.
    2006 Mustang Tools and Supplies

2006 Mustang Parts

Coming fresh off a major redesign the year prior, the 2006 Ford Mustang didn’t change much from the ‘05 model. But the same upgrades that can make an ‘05 Mustang great still apply to the 2006 Mustang.

If you’re after more horsepower, you can’t go wrong with a cold air intake and a tune. Pair them with a cat-back kit or a custom-built exhaust for some impressive power gains (and a better exhaust note). If you’re comfortable with engine mods and want to add lots of horsepower, we carry superchargers for both the V6 and V8 engines.

Adding more horsepower usually requires an equal addition of stopping power. Be sure to upgrade your brakes as mod your engine to stay safe on the road or track. You might also want to give your Mustang’s suspension some upgrades. New shocks and springs or coilover kits can help you lower your ride height and tighten up your steering. Rear lower control arms can limit rear axle movement, improving your launches and reducing wheel hop.

If you want to update the look of your 2006 Mustang or make it uniquely yours, there are plenty of style upgrades and accessories. A new set of wheels or switching all your lights to LEDs is a quick way to make a big difference. You can also drastically alter the look of your Mustang with spoilers, new hoods, splitters, grilles, and more. The cabin provides plenty of room for upgrades including new steering wheels, seats, shifters, trim kits, and floor mats.

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