Scott Drake Turn Signal Switch 1965-1966

Scott Drake: C5OZ-13341-BR

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Scott Drake Turn Signal Switch 1965-1966
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Product Description

Scott Drake Turn Signal Switch for 1965-1966 Mustangs.

Replace your faulty turn signal switch and keep your turn signals working properly. This Scott Drake turn signal switch has the same quality and look as the OEM quality switch(TSW20) but at a new lower price!

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Worked perfectly
I replaced my old switch, which was a poor quality part from elsewhere. This one fit and worked exactly like OEM. No problem installing, feed each wire individually down the steering column and they easily slide out properly. That's because the coating on the wires is slick and the copper has sufficient material to stay stiff. Would like to see a wiring diagram included because my old wiring was poor condition and hard to determine colors. pretty easy to find online though.

Cant go wrong with Scott Drake products.
Fwayne November 13, 2014
Great product
I watched the video and followed instructions . Easy toval and installation and signals and horn work grea! I highly recommend this product.
David Strom Sr September 18, 2014
Great product
I installed it easily watching videos off the internet. The one thing that helped me feed the wires through the steering column was to take a wire clothes hanger and straighten it out. Then I used a small piece of electrical tape and taped one wire to the end of the clothes hanger. I fed one wire through at a time and with a flashlight to peer down the column It was not a bad job. The product itself is quality. My turn signals would just quit working and this fixed them up.
Ashley August 19, 2014
the best one
this is far by the best one on the market today,installed so easy ,works great, if you want a part to fit right and WORK, then scott drake is the only way too buy.
steve gill June 27, 2014
Couldn't be easier
Before I installed this wiring set, my horn wouldn't work, and one of my turn signals wouldn't cancel. The original wiring was beyond repair, so I just decided to replace all of it. This wiring set was perfect! At first I was hesitant about doing it myself. I don't have any wiring experience, and this switch has a LOT of wires. I watched the provided video, and set off to change my faulty wiring. I was surprised at how easy everything was. All of the colors match the originals, and since it is a Scott Drake part, this is of the same quality as the original. The video said installation would take 2 hours, all total I had everything done in half an hour. Now my horn works, and so do my turn signals.
Nicholas May 23, 2014
Part arrived when promised. Everything looked and worked just fine. I tried pulling them through together by electrical taping the new wire ends together and connecting them to an old wire I left in the column, but I couldn't get it started down the column. If you shine a light down where you are supposed to thread the wires you'll see a small square hole they have to go through. I then did the installation video method and threaded them down 1 at a time with no problem. I put a slight upturn in the wires which helped them find that square hole.
Watching the video prior to installation was a help.
BWP May 22, 2014
Easy and works great
I tried just replacing the cam first, but that piece was a questionable fit and combined with the age of the original parts that just wasn't going to work. This piece goes right in and works great. It's also a bit easier than what the video shows. Rather than fishing each wire down the steering column, just cut the old wires from both ends, pull a bunch out and just leave 2 or 3 of them, and tape the new wires to them. Then pull the whole thing down the column in one shot. Just wrap it nice and tight with electrical tape and it'll just barely fit down.
Ron February 25, 2014
horn contact not so good
I found the wire colors correct, and the pins to be correct size. The pins were nicely crimped.
The blinker lever assembly was nicely greased. The one problem I had that was visible was that one of the horn contacts had machining grooves on it, the other was clearly smooth. I took some fine sand paper and sanded it lightly as I was concerned that the original rough surface would tear up the horn circle contact area on my steering wheel hub. After assembly everything worked fine, only time will tell if the contact will last because even after sanding the surface was not as smooth as it should have been, but you can only sand and smooth so much without wearing down the surface too much.
Nick February 16, 2014
8 Results

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: The turn signal switch is a part that commonly wears out in your classic Mustang. Not only does it power your turn signals, it also powers your horn and your brake lights. If any of these systems aren't working, many times the turn signal switch is going to be the culprit. Today we're going to show you how to replace your turn signal switch using our Weekend Wrench project car.

We'll be installing this Scott Drake turn signal switch which is designed for your '65 or '66 Mustang. The switch has mechanical and electrical parts to it, and when you turn this is actually what works when you hit the turn signal stock then it centers back again when you turn the wheel straight. These two contacts here are actually what works your horn and again your brake lights are also run through this, so it does control quite a few systems in your Mustang.

For this installation you'll need a 3/8 ratchet, 1/2 inch socket, steering wheel puller, 1/2 inch impact gun or 1/2 inch ratchet, short extension, 24mm socket, Phillips head screwdriver, wire cutters, pick, flashlight, razor blade, and tape.

Since the turn signal switch is an electrical component, the first step is to disconnect the battery. The turn signal switch is located on the steering column behind the steering wheel, so the first step is to remove our horn ring and then remove the wheel so we can access it. Start by pushing in, turn counterclockwise to remove your horn ring. Before you remove the retaining nut to remove your wheel, you'll want to make sure it's perfectly straight. It's not a bad idea to put a piece of tape across the top here to make sure it lines back up when you reinstall it.

Now we're going to remove the retaining nut. At this point, you have two options for removing the wheel. Sometimes you can actually get it off by hand. If not, you'll have to put a steering wheel puller on the stud here and use these two bolts to pull it out. I'm going to try to remove it by hand. Thread the nut on just a couple turns so the wheel doesn't fly off at you.

Here you can see the turn signal switch assembly. These are our horn contacts and this is the turn signals over here. You can see that we can move the stock up and down and how it goes left to right and sends power to the proper turn signal. First step to removing it is now to remove these three screws, and get this spring out of the way to make it easier. Then we'll remove the screws.

Once the screws are out we can remove this little plate. Now that that's loose we'll remove our turn signal lever and then slide that out. Now we're going to remove the harness from below the dashboard. The harness is going to go down your steering column and you'll see it come out the bottom at the side here. There'll be two plugs. They're usually on the other side of the brake handle. You'll want to follow the wire over. Then, we're going to pull it down a little bit, and there's our two harnesses we need to unplug.

Once you have them unplugged, you'll want to fish them back over to the column. Here you can see the original wiring and the wiring for our Scott Drake turn signal switch. The colors are the same, which makes it a lot easier to install. You might be wondering why the Scott Drake does not come with a plug. This plug will actually not fit through the column when assembled, so we've got to remove the wires down here and then remove the wires through the column and fish our Scott Drake down into place.

When you cut these plugs off, you'll want to leave enough wire so you can see what color it is. Since Drake uses the same wiring, we can replace them one wire at a time, and know we have the right connections. Now we can pull the sleeve off the wiring. Now we'll fish the wiring up through our column and remove our old switch.

Now we're ready to fish the wires down through our steering column. It's pretty narrow where the wires are going through. You can try taping them as a group but more than likely you won't get them without damaging the ends. The best thing I've found is put them down one wire at a time.

Now we can install the turn signal switch and the retaining plate. Line up the holes. Make sure it sits flush and reinstall the plate and the hardware. Our old turn signal lever was looking pretty beat so we're going to install a new one while we're here. It simply threads in. There's a flat spot here if you want to put a wrench on it, but usually you can get it plenty tight by hand. Everything moves like it's supposed to. We're going to move on to the plug.

You'll want to install this cover. Then we're going to show you how to install the plug. Once you have the wires fished down through your column, you're ready to remove the wires to the original plugs and put the Scott Drake wires in. To do that, there are little barbs that have to be released in the wire to allow it to pop out.

Here's a closer look at the wire on the Scott Drake so you can see the little barbs that have to be pushed in to pull it out of the harness. They do make a specific tool for doing this that most of you won't have in your toolbox. A small pick will actually suffice. Push the barb in. What you'll want to do is kind of pull on the wire while you're pushing on the barb and it will pop right through. You don't have to worry about damaging the barbs in the original wires since you're not going to be reusing them.

Now you want to grab the matching wire from the Scott Drake harness to put in the exact same slot. Slide it up and pop it into place. You'll want to repeat that for the other seven wires. Once your connections are done you're going to fish the harness over the fresh air vent and over your e-brake and we're going to plug it back in.

Once you plug in the harnesses before you put the steering wheel back in, it's a good idea to test everything just to make sure it works. We're going to start by checking our horn. Make sure you reattach your battery first. Using a test light or a test lead we'll touch the two of these together. Our horn's working fine. Now we'll turn to accessory and we'll check our turn signals. We'll start by checking our left turn signal. All looks good. Now we'll try our right, which is also working well. Double check the brake lights; everything's good. And we're ready to reinstall our steering wheel.

We'll start by reinstalling our steering shaft spring. Now we'll line the wheel up with our tape and reinstall it. Push that down and install the nut. Install the spring on the horn ring. Line that up and our installation is finished.

Like we mentioned before, your turn signal switch can cause a lot of problems with your Mustang. The installation can be a little tedious due to the wiring, but overall it's not too bad. Expect it to take around two hours. You'll be back on the road in no time. For more videos on our Weekend Wrench please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.