2018 Mustang Intake Manifolds At CJ Pony Parts

2018 Mustang Intake Manifolds

2018 Mustang Intake Manifolds At CJ Pony Parts

Are you looking to increase your 2018 Ford Mustang’s power and performance? Could your muscle car’s engine compartment use a more aggressive appearance? If you can relate to either scenario above, it would be wise to browse through CJ Pony Parts’ assortment of aftermarket 2018 Mustang Intake Manifolds. CJ’s is dedicated to helping you find not only the perfect 2018 Mustang intake manifold but everything that you need to help your ‘Stang gallop like never before! If you are searching for the best intake manifolds for 2018 Mustangs, look no further than CJ Pony Parts!

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2018 Intake Manifolds

There is nothing like going for a cruise down the highway or a sprint down the quarter mile in your 2018 Ford Mustang! In order for your pony car to move, however, you will need an adequate amount of gasoline. The gasoline is fed into the Mustang cylinder heads, where a series of small explosions move the cylinders, which powers your Mustang. While gas is the most essential outside element that provides power to your 2018 Mustang, the vehicle is not going anywhere without a healthy dose of clean air from the outside as well.

The 2018 Mustang’s engine compartment is loaded with all sorts of parts and mechanisms that both attract and filter the air once it reaches the underhood area. The cold air intake enables the engine to bring in cool air, and the throttle body regulates how much air can go into the engine at any given time. While both aforementioned components are essential, your car will not move unless the newfound cold air reaches the cylinders. That is where the 2018 Mustang intake manifolds earn their keep!

2018 Mustang intake manifolds are responsible for driving air from the cold air intake and funneling it down into the cylinder. Once the air derived from 2018 Mustang intake manifold mixes with gasoline, the necessary explosions inside the chamber are permitted to take place. 2018 Mustang intake manifolds play a crucial role in the four-stroke engine system by ensuring that the cylinders have the correct amount of air for your engine to run at maximum efficiency.

The 2018 Mustang GT features a monstrous 5.0L Gen 3 Coyote engine that can put down 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. In addition to the high-powered engine, the 2018 Mustang features an innovative upper intake manifold to accommodate port and direct-injection, as well as a higher redline.

Additionally, the 2018 Mustang intake manifold features change motion control valves (CMCV) which partially closes off port flow at lower engine speeds in order to increase air charge tumble and swirl for enhanced air-fuel mixing. Thanks to the all-new CMCV capabilities, your 2018 Mustang intake manifold enhances idle stability and emissions, as well as overall operational efficiencies. If you are looking for even more from your already-powerful S550, it might be a good idea to start shopping around for an aftermarket 2018 Mustang intake manifold.

Find the Best 2018 Mustang Intake Manifolds at CJ Pony Parts

With the exception of possibly a new cold air intake, installing an aftermarket intake manifold is one of the most popular performance-oriented upgrades that muscle car aficionados make. Many aftermarket 2018 Mustang intake manifolds are comprised of a cast aluminum material that is significantly lighter than most stock alternatives. A cast aluminum 2018 Mustang intake manifold will drop some serious weight and make your pony car leaner than ever. Additionally, aftermarket 2018 Mustang intake manifolds contain smoother contours and larger ports, which will provide more oxygen to your engine.

Whether you are looking to engage in any type of performance driving or if you simply wish to help your engine breathe better, CJ Pony Parts would love to help you find the perfect 2018 Mustang intake manifold! CJ’s carries a great selection of intake manifolds for aftermarket Mustangs that can help give your engine bay some attitude and take your driving experience to the next level!

In order to ensure optimum engine performance, CJ Pony Parts only sells aftermarket 2018 Mustang intake manifolds from the most respected names in the industry. Because you know that your new 2018 Mustang intake manifold will be top-notch, you are free to customize and upgrade your engine to your liking! Be sure to note whether your engine requires a tune or not as well as additional engine enhancements that you have planned before you purchase a new 2018 Ford Mustang intake manifold from CJ’s. What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ Pony Parts to find the best 2018 Mustang intake manifolds today!